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God Loves You

Hello to all of you who read my blog!  I know I have been missing in action a lot more between my posts than I used to be.  Given my path of life and the intensity of my reflections, there has been more cause for reflection before I post here for all to see.  No worries, I still write my poetry and lyrics, you just don’t find them as often.  There are a couple in line to be posted now, but I have been letting them go through a bit of processing before I let them loose.  I am really excited about what is coming out in my writing these days, but also it make me think too.  There are also the days where my writing may not be as exciting, but it is equally important a time for me to reflect.  So to all you wondering where I went, I am still here as always, but maybe not a visible.  Keep your eyes peeled.  I did not come empty-handed today though.  The following is a quote from a reflection I read on the readings from the 5th of January.

“At some point in the day, God is going to show you how much he loves you.  Somehow, he is going to send you a personalized ‘love note’ meant only for you.  So keep your eyes and ears open.  God loves you immensely!”

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