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The Mind Wanders

God Jesus

Jesus pierced

pierced blood

blood red

red and green

green grass

grass stain

stain glass

glass bowl

bowl of soup

soup special

special education

education bill

bill of rights

right turn

turn around

around the world

world war

war head

head of lettuce

lettuce salad

salad sandwich

sandwich bar

bar hopping

hop scotch

scotch tape

tape cassette

cassette player

play ball

ball game

game boy

boy scout

scout’s honor

honor and glory

glory to God

This is a little example of how the mind is made to wander.  When we start focusing on God and the great marvels He does, we get all excited and feel at peace.  The world today provides us with many distractions, not to mention the devil dancing on our backs.  In the end of it all though, we find ourselves in our hardest and greatest times, needing to lean back on God.  Through it all we need to hold on to our faith.  Yes, there are going to be distractions.  I know this from the way my mind wanders and loses focus of the path I am going to try to tread.  It takes prayer and discernment to shorten, and eventually eliminate, the distractions that keep us from God.

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