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Your Little Lamb’s Tears

For what reason do these hot tears fall

I took my broken soul, answered the call

In this place there is found so much peace

Yet frustrating troubles do not yield or cease

In this all that my being truly weeps for

Or is it so much deeper, so much more

Explain all this in me, yes, I have tried

No one knows  fully all the reasons I cried

Surprised in me is something so great

But Satan tries to block it with such hate

Not able to fulfill all God wants me to be

I am left to discover even more, patiently

Misunderstood and disregarded, I then cry

For me and all else who struggle, but why

You see, a gift to be is given my heart

At times a curse if I cannot sometimes part

Here is how it goes, if you can get it

Within other people’s ups and downs I sit

Absorbing all that happens all around

There is really many things to be found

A lack of awareness and consideration

Leaves me hurt with unneeded frustration

How can I not move on from my nightmare

And see the other hurts lingering there

I am stuck in feeling it all, everything

Thus making it hard for me to sing

Let my hot tears fall, take what came

Pain and sorrow that leaves not the same

Help me to learn from this precious gift

So that my faith in you does not shift

I answered the call with all that I am

Keep me in your peace, your little lamb

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My Retreat Taken Away and a Song Recieved

Today brought the emotion of two very different sorts.  One that leaves me a bit confused, hurt, lost, and frustrated.  The other bringing me such joy.  Here goes the stories.

The best way of me taking a step back (other than going to Jesus) has been taken away from what I am understanding.  I understand the reasons I am being given, but all the same the alternates that were mentioned were just as hazardous as what I do already.  Do I inquire the thoughts of another, or is that overstepping by bounds?  I was told by someone who has a say that I should do what I need in order to be reflective and sane, namely what I am doing.  Now, are there more limits than I thought to this?

A really dear friend of mine has taken a set of poems that I wrote during shared meditation into a song.  It is a conversation between me and the Lord.  As I was listening to it, I started to cry in the best way possible.  She could have not picked something better for timing.  The last line that was added/altered from another was perfect.  God is wonderful the people He puts in our life.  Thank you my friend for the song!

I just got a hug…I needed that.  Thank you to the one who just hugged me (although you may never read this)!

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Stand in the Rain

I want to share with you all once again the power of music, especially Christian music, in my life.

Stand up when it is all crashing down.  I can not say that I have always done that in my life, but someone has always been there to pick me up and stand in the rain with me.  We have all had moments of the fear to cry, to let that one tear come down that would open the flood gates.  My world has crashed down, I stood in the rain, and I was refreshed.  This song is just powerful, and I am glad to share it.

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Short Poems on a Visit

While I was visiting the Salesian Sister’s this past weekend (just got home 30-40 minutes ago), I created three short poems at various times.  Thus, I am going to share them with you.  Stay tuned until next time to hear about the amazing packed filled weekend that I had!


Oh the woe in the world

Filled with shiny green

Passing by missing beauty

Love of God to you unseen

If but you were free

Love of the Lord surround

The failing world be gone

Only then to love be bound


Yet still there are tears

Even so among the joy

Where do they come from

These emotions of sort

Could it be a deep love

Or else being worn down

How do I turn to the Lord

In what way do I pray

Friends never near me

Distance tears the heart

But in God we find trust

So with the tears I live

I must lay it down now

Living for Jesus my mission

Breath and let things unfold


Love is many things

Hugs from a friend

The sun beaming down

A letter in the mail

Music reaching the soul

Receiving some good news

Tears falling down the face

A breeze blowing by

Laughter that carries far

Healing tough of a hand

Blessings received each day

Yes the list is countless

Just as stars in the sky

Where is your love

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In the Arms of Angels

In the arms of angels

I wish to shed all my tears

To be held so tightly

That I never leave embrace

Only that I am set free

Able to show everything

Express out loud myself

Be allowed to cry pain and joy

And be held in embrace

Tightly bound by true love

Able to free all the emotions

In the arms of angels

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There are those very special moments

The ones that connect people together

They are the times of friendship

Then the bond that lasts forever and ever

What is it that draws people as one

Where in time does that connection start

Why does it hurt to be so far away

When will the day come and not be apart

It is in everything seen that reminds me

Is this how life is always going to be

If the tears do not stop rolling down my face

In all these years can them I not see

My friends are a part of who I am

It is friends that have guided me all my life

Part of me is missing when friends are not near

Friends need to be near for the joy and the strife

So what do I do when I need them here

And my heart sinks in one swift sigh

Not being able to share in person my soul

Makes the times plainly go right on by

Never in the world this I have felt

To be so connected to friends in this way

That the tears run down my face

When I can not be near with words to say

Hear this plea for comfort and hugs

Wishing I could feel their endless love

Give me strength for making it through

And prayers to come down from above

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