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NJ to MN: Day 1

Day One in my travels back home.  Leaving, as I just posted previously, was really hard to do.  Saying goodbye to those you have spent a lot of time with is not easy.  Anyways, we are on the road.  Mom showed up yesterday via plane and train then me picking her up via car.

Today I got up at 7:20am in order to say goodbye to some people who were leaving from this past week’s staff group.  Considering that I was up until 1:30am in the morning, it felt like there was not much sleep, therefore I was tired.  A bunch of people left around that time, then I was able to lay back down for some time.  The morning then was made of me packing things and my car, followed by eating some egg bake (yum! as always).  When that was done, the bike rack and bike had to be attached to my car.  That was an adventure for sure.  Finally though, it was attached thoroughly as I could get it to with the means that were given to me.  Next came saying goodbyes…the saying and hugging was easy, but the element of doing it was not.

Leaving the retreat center gave me this odd feeling that I am not sure I could define, but off we were none-the-less.  We got some gas and headed for Lancaster, PA.  Being the time it was when we got into town and the day it is, many “attractions” were closed.  It took some searching to find the location of our hotel, but once we found it we settled in and went to eat at a local diner.  Coming back from that, we got hooked to the internet and were looking around for things to do tomorrow.  Now, it is just surfing, posting, and talking to friends.  I have to keep in mind I need an outline of a talk done for a meeting on Sunday which means doing it as I go along, or at least getting it in my mind.  Scary!

Well, for tonight, that will be all.  Talk to you all tomorrow!

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Laugh and Smile

It was beautiful the way she laughed and smiled

With the beams shinning from her war-torn face

The pain that was once all there was to be seen

Has now shrunken back to a much smaller place


This retreat she took has brought life back to her

Some visits to see the grandparents were grand

They talked and played games and caught up with life

She wishes to take them on her journey hand in hand


There is a friend she met at church one fun summer

A brief moment had to recap life is with happiness

Happenings of the youth of her parish going on

And the excitement in each life that is the very best


At a coffee shop more life excitement to be shared

She into formation and her dear friend to be married

Oh the joy those two felt as stories are exchanged

The friendship and bond there will be forever carried


Off to a concert by Casting Crowns she did surely go

A band that she does love and seen three times before

Yet a message reached her in a very surprising way

She sang and praised and only could wish for more


Traveling to school after the concert was her next stop

A place of many joys as well as some deep pain too

Finally she had wished to go back to be in special retreat

She decided to ride with the flow to see where she’d go


Friends were surely surprised by her random arrival

They laughed and they talked and shared many a story

She was so joyful to be in the presence of community

With people who could share her joy and God’s glory


A talk she did give at praise and worship night to some

Nervous she was as speaking publicly is a huge fear

But when she sat in front of curious and interested faces

She spoke from her heart and God was made very clear


There is a friend that she admires greatly his uniqueness

To the woods they traveled while in valuable conversation

Swinging over a creek brought needed laughter to her soul

Climbing ten feet of wall gave smiles to aid retreat conversion


Leaving that place she was sadden in such glorious ways

People touched her in rejuvenating energy that was given

Giving a talk and praising song that changed her deeply

Playing in the bluffs with bonding put her in heaven


Back to home town then on her way to the east coast

She cannot believe how God worked in her those days

He knew what would put her back on her feet to go

It could only leave her in a position of thanks and praise


On a retreat that brought life back to her weary face

From the Spirit was given to her strength to go the miles

God looked down on her through friends supporting

They got to see the beautiful she happily laughs and smiles

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One Amazing Night

Tonight at Power Hour (praise and worship night with a talk in the middle) was simply amazing.  I can not believe the confidence and calm that I ended with after the talk that I gave.  Sure, I stumbled a couple of times (especially with the hard things), but it was amazing!  The music was completely with my all night; I felt so present to everything.  When I talked, Elizabeth said an amazing prayer over me and it was grand.  I spoke straight from the heart, told the truth, made them laugh a little, and reached out the best that I could with the story that is mine.  After, I ran over to Elizabeth for the sign of peace, and hugged her about three times!   I was beaming.  I was dancing.  I am was talking amazing-ness of how I felt during the night.  I was telling people “this is it” because I could feel this great thing in me.  I don’t know what God has in store for me down the line, but where I am now and where He is sending me now is it, do that full heartedly.  Sure, I may not become a vowed sister, but I also might me.  God is Good!  He is out there in places we don’t even know or realize.  Will you find Him everyday in everything?  I will!  Peace!

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Stage Fright

It is simply amazing how I really have a lot to share with people and can imagine the perfect talks, but when I get up to do them I completely freak out and lose everything that I wanted to say. 

Tonight, in about 4 hours, I will be standing (maybe sitting…) in front of a group (20 or 30 or 40 or 15 or who knows) of college people from the school I graduated from last year, to give a talk.  There is no particular theme that I need to stick to.  It is me getting up there and letting all out that I want to share and pray that it reaches to someone somewhere in the pews.  It is not a huge formal deal, but rather at Power Hour.  No, not drinking, a praise and worship club that meets on Mondays to life all up to the Lord. 

I know I have things to say, I have now talked them out with some people and know the base idea of what I want to say, but really, me standing in front of people, oy.  As the time gets closer, and despites my succeeding efforts to try to remain calm, my stomach is all in a twist, unsure of what is really to come.  How bad can it be?  I sang a song in front of everyone last year, and that was terrifying enough the way it was!

The plan is this.  I am going to start out telling people who I am, and what I graduated with, just in perspective, you know?  I was given the idea to start with most recent news, then go back to the beginning.  How far back is still up in the air.  The base theme is how God meets up where we are and will work in our lives how he wants, no matter how things are doing in our lives.  Even when we feel set up to fail, he is there.  There is also going ot be the reminder that we need to look past everything, even the usual go to mass, to see that God may appear in random location and times to us. 

I will give what I talked about in my next post, as if I say here, it is bound to change in the next four hours.  Pray…I need it! Peace!

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