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God is Wiser, God is Stronger

Yesterday I posted a song that appeared in my Facebook ads and really struck me.  It was not too long after that roaming around on Facebook through statuses and photos that I found something else that struck me just as much as that video.  What made it more interesting is who I found it from, but that I shall keep to my own.  Let’s just say it made me smile.  Anyways, I came across this and just all of a sudden stopped.  I could not stop reading it over and over.

“For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength.”  1 Corinthians 1:25

Something just really strikes me, hits me inside, about that phrase.  We can be as wise as ever and are strong as ever, but even then does God’s foolishness and weakness amount to more than our wisdom and strength.  It sure puts a spin on things, doesn’t it?  It doesn’t matter how on top of our game we are and how well off we are, God still is above us in His lowest point (not that God has many of those I would imagine).

So why does this strike me?  I can think I have things handled and sometimes even feel like I know what is best.  At times, I am doing really well and maybe I lose track of who is keeping me there.  This is a reminder of how important God should be in my life.  Sure, it reminds me of even more than that, but simply put…I can never outdo God or live without Him.  Why then, do I constantly try to do things without Him or think that doing what He would want me to do is not the best option?  Why do I try to run the show?  I have been learning the hard way that it only causes more pain and trouble than I may already have in my life.  Sometimes that is not enough to push me either, so then you bring in the friends who reinforce the point.

This bible passage is something I need to keep meditating on to put me back in check with what my life should really be about.  How about you?

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Paradise Forever

Coraggio, dunque; dopo pochi giorni di combattimento, avremo il Paradiso sempre.

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Soul of Dark and Light

Boom! Bang!

lost, afraid, running

which way to go, where to turn?

darkness, cold, not a single star

it is empty, completely empty

how did I get here?

someone get me out!

wait, a light over there

where did it come from?

bright, oh so very bright

it is warm too

closer, not feel so lost

what?  follow you?

you want me to give up my life?

No Way!  light, darkness

alone again, scared again

no, not doing it

who is that there, more light

happiness again, even joy

follow me it says.  why?

I gave my life, give yours

NO Way!  light, darkness

it is so cold.  chill.

lost, afraid, falling

whoosh —– light fast moving

inspiring goodness blowing

just follow and let go

let go of your life and follow

NO WAY!  gone light

all darkness, cold

oh it is so cold, lonely

crash, pain, dark

come back!  overcoming dark

swallowing me whole

Come Back!  lead me

take me with.  faded dark

light, warmth, joy

outstretched hand, whoosh —–

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Why are you Smiling?

Having arrived back to New Jersey, I find that I am overwhelmed with so many things.  Yet in my appearance, not many would even know so.  Maybe this could be due to the way I am dealing with those things that do overwhelm me in some way, shape, or form.  I am certainly most excited to be back here, there is no doubt about that.  One of the girls asked me today, ” why are you smiling all the time?”  Of course I responded with, “Why not?”  It was not enough of an answer and I knew it, but I wanted to see what she would come up with next for me.  “But really?”  To that I did respond, “Because I am where I am supposed to be and I am happy.”  It rolled right off my tonge and it felt good to say that. 

That statement is such a relief in many ways, even though I am not sure how long before I will need another relief.  Many things are sitting in me.  There is tension, worry, fear, frustration.  The thing to remember and work on is handing it all over.  I may not see eye to eye with those I live with.  I may be fighting a losing battle trying to make amends.  I may do things in a different way and not always be understood.  I may have a lot of other things like that in my life as well, but who is to say that I should let it get in my way.  I see a lot of walls, hurdles, fences, pools, trees, wild animals, and so much more in my path that I travel.  That cannot stop me from what I am striving to do, which is whatever God has willed for me in this life on earth.  Yes, I am scared out of my mind sometimes and so very unsure when something gets in my way.  What is key is placing it before the Father, the Son, the Spirit, Mary, and all the saints to whom I may implore.

I thought this year was tough, but next year may be just as tough for me.  Formation is not supposed to be easy, it challenges a person and pushes them to fulfill something greater in them.  The feeling of that greatness is in me, I can feel it.  Getting there is so hard and there are many doubts along the way.  Is this the right path?  If so, why all these unneeded difficulties?  I am here to discern through God’s will for me.  Friends are good to make along the way, but sisters are what we really gain.  This is a lesson I have learned a lot this past year.  Friendships that blossom and friendships that fade away.  Sisters though, are there no matter what.  Whether they are the best friends of sisters or the ones that never talk, they are sisters and they are there just the same.  Have I learned more?  Yes, sure I have.  Do I see myself very different from the rest?  Yes, of course so.  This is tough, this life is not easy but it is joyful.  By golly, it makes me smile all the time even amidst the struggles.

So yes, I am excited to be back.  It is not without its pains and fear, frustrations and trials.  Even so, you will find that I am often joyful at this call though it all.  You can’t hesitate at what you know is God’s will for you, even if you don’t think you can handle it.

So why then, in the end of it all, am I smiling all the time like an idiot?  God must have me right where He wants me in life and I am enjoying as much of it as I can!

Mary, help me.  Father, protect me.  Jesus, transform me.  Spirit, move me.


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Mary Mazzarello Quote 2

Corragio, dunque; dopo pochi giorni di combattimento, avremo il Paradiso per sempre.

…and in the english again because I am nice…

Be of good heart, then; after a few days of struggle we shall possess paradise forever.


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