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Light the Fire of Love Flowing Within our Blood

Today was a day of many lessons, or more so the same couple of lessons, tossed my way.  With the situation of the sprained ankle, I have had to step back quite a bit to take care of it, against my own will of wanting to be a part of everything in the usual way that I am. 

Side note: I just got back from being outside for the second time because of fire alarms with no fire.  I must say…it is annoying and gives one a headache.  I had a profound thought to give you all, and it is gone. End side note.

During the afternoon, it was our once a month half day retreat.  Being as I was restricted to what I should do with a bum ankle, I spent it all in the community room with it elevated, icing on and off.

The first thing I did was sort through saint cards in this box (for those of you from RB TEC, the ones you put on the TECite tables for them to sift through).  They were all out of order, so I put them in the right order so it would be easier to find the ones you would want to look at.  As I was doing this little task, it dawned on me once again how that there are so many people that we as Catholics have to look up too and who are interceding for us.  I said a simple prayer that all the saints may intercede for me these days, one special intention for the healing of my ankle, as well as one for my vocation.

After some readjusting and changing of ice packs, I settled down to some paper, crayons, and a pencil.  This is what happened with that.  I will explain the picture after I show it.  Please make you own interpretations of it before reading on.  Because I took a photo of the picture, you may not see all aspects.  Following is the poem I wrote after having drawn the picture.

This is what I was thinking of this as I was drawing it, take is for what it is worth given the artist who has done it (that would be me).

The above images are the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Below are the different people of the world, different represented by the different colors.  The red of the cross is shown in every other image.  You can not see it so much in the people being as they are so small in the image.  There is indeed the red color, blood, in each of the symbols there. 

Blood is the Color of Love

Blood is the color of love

It dwells withing us each

Beating in the dark depths

It shows itself the same

For we are all love as one

Agape, source of being

Gift of love in our hearts

Flowing blood visibly seen

Freely given from ultimate love

That happy gloomy day

Upon the cross did love die

So that we might always live

Rush of blood to keep alive

Sacrifice of life to love

For in the Trinity blest

Blood is the color of love

With this as my closing, I hope that you have taken something from me that can lead you into prayer and reflection in your own way on what love truly is.  Sometimes we do not see it when it is even right in front of us clear as day.  Peace and prayers to you all.


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Spraining Ankles for the Good of God’s Love

Yes, my titles as so.  It is amazing what can happen when one is doing something to further the love of God.  A few of us aspirants were practicing the liturgical dance thing we are doing for when Don Bosco’s relic comes our way.  It is mostly students in the dance, but three of us are doing it too.  Anyways, we were practicing in the gym and then when we were doing the routine up through what we know, I was doing little dance things that I do each day to keep my self with it.  Then it happened, a sound resonated throughout the gym.  At first as I went to walk it off, I thought nothing more than the usual little things that happens where it hurts for no more than 5 minutes.  Much to my dismay, as I was “walking it off” per usual, I notice a swell begin to occur.  Thus, the third sprain of my left ankle.  Life stinks sometimes and it is hard to find the freshener.  When the moment came when I made it back to our community room with an ice pack and got situated, the floods came running.  When one has a bad day, the last thing they would need is something like a sprain. 

Today when I got up, I put on a bracelet that says TYG, Thank You God.  The hope was that I remember to thank God and not worry about the ankle.  It kind of worked, but not so much.  God please help me to do what is right to heal my ankle so I can dance in honor of one of your greatest servants.  Peace

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