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Good Better Best

“Good better best never let it rest, until the good becomes better and the better becomes best. WHY? Because the human mind and the human heart are made for the best and will never truly be at rest until the good becomes better and the better becomes best. THEREFORE! Hitch your wagon to a star and aim high because if you aim low, you just might end up below the below.” Fr. Fabian

The above was a quote by a teacher in the philosophy department at my college.  He is in his mid 80’s now.  This is something that generations of people taught by him have heard him say.  I am pretty sure that he went immediately after his schooling to start teaching there, if I remember correctly.  You should enjoy this one.  It really gives you something to think about.

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Stage Fright

It is simply amazing how I really have a lot to share with people and can imagine the perfect talks, but when I get up to do them I completely freak out and lose everything that I wanted to say. 

Tonight, in about 4 hours, I will be standing (maybe sitting…) in front of a group (20 or 30 or 40 or 15 or who knows) of college people from the school I graduated from last year, to give a talk.  There is no particular theme that I need to stick to.  It is me getting up there and letting all out that I want to share and pray that it reaches to someone somewhere in the pews.  It is not a huge formal deal, but rather at Power Hour.  No, not drinking, a praise and worship club that meets on Mondays to life all up to the Lord. 

I know I have things to say, I have now talked them out with some people and know the base idea of what I want to say, but really, me standing in front of people, oy.  As the time gets closer, and despites my succeeding efforts to try to remain calm, my stomach is all in a twist, unsure of what is really to come.  How bad can it be?  I sang a song in front of everyone last year, and that was terrifying enough the way it was!

The plan is this.  I am going to start out telling people who I am, and what I graduated with, just in perspective, you know?  I was given the idea to start with most recent news, then go back to the beginning.  How far back is still up in the air.  The base theme is how God meets up where we are and will work in our lives how he wants, no matter how things are doing in our lives.  Even when we feel set up to fail, he is there.  There is also going ot be the reminder that we need to look past everything, even the usual go to mass, to see that God may appear in random location and times to us. 

I will give what I talked about in my next post, as if I say here, it is bound to change in the next four hours.  Pray…I need it! Peace!

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I have to pick a major, really?

Environmental biology, what in the world was running through my head!?  Did I not recall that in high school my favorite science was pyhsics, followed by chemistry, and lastly was biology?  Nevermind that, my first semester I was in Botony and Zoology, botzo as we would call it.  My grade in botzo started good, and then kind of took a dive.  When the failign grade was all I was getting, I took that into consideration that maybe this was not my calling.  Withdrawn from the class, I began to search out my next attempt at life.

As I went in and out of that book of majors and the requirements for each of them, about nothing stood out to me.  Mind you, that is not much of an exaggeration.  I thought about that pyhsics I loved, but what in the world am I going to do with that.  Music was a fine idea, until I realized I am terrified of performing in from of people…alone.  I worked at a camp, what about teaching?  Oh yeah, boxed in spaces plus pent up camp energy, no way.  Now theatre, what a way to be creative!  Wait, acting…desgining…managing…remember that fear of performing, scratch that.  I love helping people out, human services would be great except one thing; there are too many things I am dealing with, how can I be sane for others?  Business, no; marketing, no; chemistry, no; sports stuff, no; there was nothing I thought I could fesibly do, and get decent grades.

Hold on, I am forgeting something aren’t I?  There was that theology minor I was goign to do, out of pure interest only.  I did not get much out of my youth group growing up and all I wanted to do was find out what was behind this faith I believed in.  I thought for a while, maybe my failing botzo was God smacking me over the head with a few huge large F‘s so that I would change my path.  It hurt, sure, but maybe something had to be done.

It took many more looks through the book of majors before I decided that maybe, just maybe this was the major for me.  Not to mention how easy the switch would be.  My at the time advisor was the head of the Theology department, so all the signatures for switching around declaring my major were found in one office.  Second semester sophmore year, my degree goal was set.  I was to be a Pastoral and Youth Ministry Major, a PYM for my college career, but why?  Well…the decision was made easier when I made this very special retreat November 2005, first semester freshman year.  My eyes were opened further and I gained a new love.

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What College Should I Attend!?

Let me tell you how they waited and asked and poked and prodded, it went on and on!  St. Bens, no wait…Saint Mary’s, but hold on, what about this and what about that…one second, then there is, oh dear.  One day in math class, a friend of mine just gave up on listening to me ramble about this and that having everything to do with what college to attend.

“Ashley,” she exclaimed, “listen to yourself already, you know where you are going!”  “I do?” I responded quite puzzled.  “Yes, you spend most the time talking about Saint Mary’s University, you are going there.  Now stop talking about it!”

Of course, some variation of that conversation might be more true.  My friend was right, I needed to listen to myself just a little more and there in me was the answer.  If only the world had such wisdom, but i digress slightly.  Saint Mary’s it was and in went my confirmation that yes, I was going to be attending my undergraduate with them.  Oh was I excited, as long as I could be back for that confirmation that was happening at the end of freshman year, all was sealed and set.  Off to school I went to study that Environmental Biology, work in the state/national parks systems, be outside, and oh it was to be grand!  Wait a moment, environmental biology, right?  There must be a mistake in that logic somewhere…


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