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Consecration and Promise

Tonight it adoration with the sisters, I was inspired again to write.  This time it was in the form of poems.  There are two of them.  Enjoy!

Consecration to Jesus

Pierce my heart penetrate my soul

Come to me Jesus and make me whole

Take from this little one all fear and sin

Enter my being to forever dwell within

For to you alone do I completely belong

And my heart doth sing a unique song

Jesus my big brother and dear friend

My life is all yours until the very end


Jesus’ Promise

Love of my life dear sister

I’ve called you to me

Be not afraid dear sister

I’m always there

I will carry you

I will hold you close to my heart

Dear sister my friend

We will always be together

Because I love you

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Praise God for Joyful Noise!

Praise God for the wonderful day Saturday!  I spent my whole day surrounded by God, not that I don’t usually, but in a different not as common way.  Starting the day with mass as always, it was a great beginning to my day.  I have been a little shaken the couple of days prior.  This time while at mass, I was able to be more at peace.  My routine for daily mass involves praying the prayers as we normally do in the morning with the sisters. From there, I went home and got ready leave the house.  Where did I go next?  To spend all day at the Joyful Noise Family Fest with my parents and little sisters!

How did this come about, well let me tell you.  Angie (youth minister at my parish) had pointed it out to me when I went to go visit her.  She said she was thinking about going and knew I liked some of the bands that were going to be there.  I asked if I could go with her, so all we had to do then is make sure we could both go.  When I brought it up at first to my parents, they were not sure for whatever reason.  It might have been price.  Mom, on one of her websites the gives discounts to lots of things, came across by chance a 50% off price to the tickets to go.  I call and let Angie know.  Dad later says that we can all go; my brother opts to stay home.  The day following that, I went to see Angie after mass to tell her.  I find out that she is not going.  It is now me and most my family.  I find it weird how that worked out, since I would have not even thought of it if not for her.

So, when I got back from mass on Saturday, I got changed and ready to go.  We left the house around 10:00am and arrived around 10:30am.  There were tons of kids stuff going on; it was all the blow-up bouncing things you could care to ever play in, including a rock wall and a bungy thing.  The girls (just out of 2nd and 5th grade) were in heaven.  Music started when the gates opened at 10:00am.  I did the bungy thing, it was a blast (even though at first I did not want to for some odd reason).  Throughout the morning and afternoon we would go back to our “base camp” that we set up on the field where we would sit for all the artists and bands playing all day (we got a decent spot) to sit for a bit and eat something or just rest.  They girls definitely had a blast with all the stuff they had set up there.

On the flip side, the concert.  That was the part I wanted to be there for the most.  All the artists were really good and led beautiful praise and worship in their unique ways.  Go Fish was there; they are more of kids band.  The girls seemed to like them, though it was pulling teeth to get them to dance.  We ended up getting three of their CDs for them.  I hope they will listen to them often.  When it came time for the last three artists/bands, they did participate a bit more in dancing with the music.  It was amazing and beautiful.  I stood through much of those last three, definitely standing through all of Casting Crowns (closers).  It that, I dance with both of the girls.  I even stood with one in front of me, my arms around her, swaying during one of the slower songs.  There is also a picture with dad and the girls raising their arms in praise as the artist who was up there told everyone to do.  One of the girls told me on the way out that she liked Casting Crowns.  That made me smile big since they are my favorite!

Now at home, looking back on that day.  It was something I never would have expected for some reason.  Between the games and the music, especially the music, the day was great.  Being able to enjoy the music I love while dancing and swaying and fooling around with my little sisters was a blessing that came from nowhere.  Then again, it must have come from God.  I thank Him for that time there.  It also happened to come at a time when I really needed to be energized by a large group of people praising and worshiping with some of the best leaders of it around.  It inspired me again and brought me some new life.  Praise God!

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78 Days

There are 78 days to go until I am to arrive for my first step in the convent as an aspirant.  I can not tell you the amount of feelings and emotions that I have in me about this part of my life to come.  It is a huge joy.  It is something I have never imagined actually doing.

One of the things I have had the most difficulty with in the simplest way is about wearing the habit and veil.  For the longest time the habit (for as long as I really knew what it was) has always intrigued me quite a bit.  The thing is, I have not always been so sure I can see myself wearing it.  To me, there is a great sense of peace to feeling the breeze run through my hair and on my bare skin.  There are things like swimming at the lake at my grandparents cabin with my family, possibilities of others around.  Of course, that time being a ways away, who know what ministry I will be doing and where things will take me.  Yet still the habit does thoroughly intrigue me.

That being said, here is my point.  I have had interactions with sisters, or see sisters often enough, that do not wear the habit.  Watching them and thinking about where my life is headed, I try to decipher where I think I am in the thought of wearing a habit.  My realization is that I am not sure I could live as a sister not wearing a habit.  There nothing that separates them from everyone else as a wedding ring separates a married person.  They do have a distinctive medal, but anyone can wear a medal.  It is not that I am unappreciative of them in the choice their order has made, it just is not for me.  Through trying to picture myself as a sister without a habit and veil, I have come to realize that maybe the habit and veil of the Salesians could be something I could wear.

78 days left to go!


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Article on Discernment

As I was reading a blog post from a blog that I am following an article really caught my interest.  It was written by a vowed religious sister from the order of the woman who keeps the blog.  I found it to be very interesting.  Below I have copied the article  Yes it is quoted word for word.  All of the section in italics is straight from the article and I take no credit for it.  For those who want to see the original article, you can find it here.  If you use bits and pieces of this for your own, please cite the website this article is posted on.

Discernment includes God in your decisions

Life can interrupt destroy a carefully crafted career path


Many decisions we make in our lives are made quickly. They may be highly influenced by others, based upon circumstances around us, or made without a lot of reflection. We can often let life happen.

When it comes to making important decisions in our lives, “letting life happen” can mean that the decisions may not come out of our deeper beliefs and desires.

I have often met people who say, “Did you become a sister because you couldn’t find a man?” or to a young woman who was questioning religious life, but then met a man and got married; “Looks like he came along just in time!”

These comments seem to come from the idea that circumstances caused these major decisions rather than the decisions coming from a secure place within us.

We need to look at all aspects of our life, including our relationship with God, when making important decisions. When we include God in our decision-making process, we discern.

To discern is to consider all the factors both within us and beyond us and hear what God is saying in and through them. Prayer is an important part of this process. What is God saying to us in the depths of our being? What is God revealing to us through the power of prayer?

God also speaks in our day-to-day life, through the events of our lives, our talents, inclinations and desires. Discernment includes keeping in mind the people, circumstances and environment that are part of our life. What is God saying in and through them?

Some people can experience a call, a deep conviction beyond their own desires that seems to be leading them in a particular direction. This can be a strong movement of the Spirit, as if God is knocking on our door and we need to answer.

For others, a choice may not be as clear or evident and discernment can help clarify where God may be leading us.

Discerning life decisions takes time. It often helps to share our discernment process with someone, preferably someone objective that cares but does not necessarily have something to win or lose in the process.

A spiritual director is someone who can often be that objective sounding board. Speaking our story out loud and having someone, like a spiritual director, truly listen in truth and prayer can help us hear even more deeply what God may be saying.

Many people I have met often think that discerning God’s will is discovering a will that is outside of us. God’s will is actually planted deep within us and is not in opposition to our deepest desires. We can often cover up these desires with superficial wants or satisfactions or with whatever may mask our true selves. When we discern, we are invited to take off the masks and stand honestly in front of a God that loves us infinitely.

When we have completed our discernment process, the confirmation of this decision comes with a sense of deep peace. Peace is a sign that our decision is in keeping with who we are. It is not a momentary approval of a decision but leaves us with a lasting sense of at oneness with the decision.


Life evolves and is not static. Therefore, not all that we discern may come to be. Some things can happen that are out of our control. What we have discerned may not be possible with the people in our lives or the structures or circumstances that surround us.

The person that we believe we are to marry may never come into our lives. We may be diagnosed with a terminal illness and never be able complete the law degree that we believed would enable us to help the poor and disadvantaged. The religious order we wish to join may not say yes.

Life does happen. But as God worked through us in the discernment process, God does not abandon us at this point. Rather we are invited into a deeper trust where we need to once again listen deeply to what God may be asking of us now and respond with the same integrity that led us to this place.

(Sr. Pat Desnoyers, a sister with the Faithful Companions of Jesus, is co-chair of the Edmonton Archdiocese Vocation Committee.)

This article completely struck me and I am brought to look at discernment a little differently.  The things talked about I have all heard before but having it laid out in an easy to read format is great.  As I continue to discern, as we all will our entire lives, I find that life can really take you in many different directions.  I need to figure out what God has planned for me and where I am lead to go.  Like Sr. Pat says, some things that happen are out of our control.  We can not plan everything out, even the things we feel called by the Spirit to do in Jesus’ name.  Things happen and we must take them as they are.  Discernment is an ongoing process.  I recommend you read and re-read this article.  There are many good things said in there.

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Mail Fake Out

Today the realization came to me about how excited I am to get my letter from the Salesians stating the response to my application.  I asked if Fr. Ted had picked up the mail, and he told me I had something.  I then hurried over to check my box in the office, only to find a magazine for World Vision.  As good as getting that is, I was bummed that the letter was not there.  Does that say something about how I feel about entering formation so that I can God-willing become a sister?  Oh yeah, it does!

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