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Our Lady of Guadalupe

Happy Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe! Today we celebrated by waking up really early (I mean early…really) and heading off to the church for a huge celebration.  It was good, but needless to say it has left me tired.  I loved seeing the devotion to Mary under this title.  It is one that I have never really heard of much until the past few years.

 There was a modern-day picture of our Lady of Guadalupe in my archdiocesian newspaper, so I played around with it and here it is.  I find it really beautiful.

It is really beautiful and colorful.  It portrays such a different perspective.  Here is a quote from Our Lady of Guadalupe

“Do not be troubled or weighed down with grief. Do not fear any illness or vexation, anxiety or pain. Am I not here who am your mother? Are you not under my shadow and protection? Am I not the Fountain of Life? Are you not in the folds of my mantle, in the crossing of my arms? Is there anything else you need?” -Our Lady of Guadalupe to St. Juan Diego on December 12, 1531

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Jesus is all Over

So as I go to start this post, I heard something just said now in the hallway.  Jesus is all over.  Not like the it is over and done with kind of over, but rather the everywhere type of all over.  That really struck me.  It is something I have said in the few talks I have given before, but hearing it plain and simple like that was a great reminder.  While the time we have with Jesus at the mass or in adoration is most vital to our lives as Catholics, that is not the only place that Jesus is in those lives of ours.  Think about that.  In every breath we take, Jesus is there.  We are living, walking tabernacles for Jesus. 

That being said, back to my original thoughts.  While at Mass this morning, which was down at the provincial, I had some thoughts.  When they do Mass, there is not a communion song to be sung.  One of my fellow aspirants asked me if we should sing “Lord Prepare Me.”  My immediate response was that we should not because it is not planned as so, so we really should just start singing.  After this little conversation had taken place, I was thinking about silence and how we tend to fill everything up with music, noise. 

We don’t exactly need to always have something playing in the background.  The simple act of going up to communion in silence was nice.  Sure, you could hear the rustling of feet and the people on them moving around, but there was silence elsewise.  From the back I could hear the priest present over and over “the Body of Christ.”  It was cause for great reflection.  I may love my music and want to hear it at every point of every day, but every now and then there is need for that silence.

In the silence, Jesus is always around, everywhere.  Yes in the sounds and noise too, but Jesus is a silent presence when we tend to think that He not there.  In every moment just remember, Jesus is all over.


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Thoughts of the Evening

Good evening you to all.  I just want to share some thoughts on my mind.  They consist of a few frustrations, and some joys.

Meeting with the provincial was great in the sense we sang as a group 30 minutes before she showed up while waiting, we spoke up and voiced our opinions, crying happened (which means there was openess and a wall starting to fall), and we just generally had some funny moments. 

I was just told to be mindful of how long I am on the computer and not to hog it, minding you I have been on it for no more that 5-10 minutes and others are on here longer. 

The outside world of nature is a beautiful place and reminds me of who I am and who made me.  It is a constant drilling in my head that we shall not make things more complicated than they already are. 

Working together is still hard as a group, but it will happen eventually.  It was said to us that if things are hard now, they will get better. 

As soon as we think we have recovered from one thing, we get hit with something else.

I got to help people learn the dance we are doing for the rally.  I drilled them over and over…they both were exhausted physically and mentally from it. 

The kids at the school have mixed up views on who we are as aspirants.  We take their phones and kick them out to class, but we want them to trust us and have fun with us. 

I have to keep praying that God will bring me through all this and that I may be a good example to others in the way of thinking that works for them, staying positive and optimistic as possible, making sure that we take the best out of every situation.

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There is something magical and special about a fire, one in the form of a “campfire.”  I don’t have much to say about it, but I know that I always long to be back at camp.  One of the big things in that is the longing to be around the campfire.  Since the lessons and stories of fire are on my mind, I have decided to share that all with you.  Below is a poem I just constructed on the whim of my mind.  I hope you find something that draws to you in it! Peace

Oh fire that crackles in the silence of the night

Speak to me even when I am in blinded sight

There are lessons a plenty to be taught

The wisdom that comes through the ages sought

Stories dance in the air around us lingering

Song that will go on forever in our hearts singing

As the past fades away in the dust of eternity

Present pushes on and it closes engulfs me

In the flames the future flickers with hope

Unsure of where flame will leap I pray I cope

Wherever you may be, whoever you will become

There is space for fire, it will still teach you some

Evermore the silence of the night draws my soul

Hearing the glow intrigues me and fills me full

In the moments to come where life finds its way

My vocation religious could maybe be here to stay

When the world crashes and falls around my face

To the fire I will go to be in that special place

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Let Myself Loose

Oh how I wish I could only describe

Feelings that run through my whole being

Longing, singing, dancing, wanting

The burning deep within trying to get out

If only I could be in a place to let it go

This fire that seems extremely mysterious

Unknown in me is much yet to discover

Why oh why can this I not explain

Turmoils run wildly all over good and bad

The past haunting, tiring it is to try to fix

Future, what is my future to bring me

Is religious life the journey I am to trod

Letting go of many things in this little life

Will I hold on to all that makes me

Love, oh to love and be loved forever

The desire to do so much always there

Blast that christian music out so very loud

Sing and dance like I have never done before

The want for more calls me constantly

How is it that I can not ignore all of this

This, what is this, this thing to calls me

It pains me to have to hold parts of me back

Ready to burst, full of passion and longing

On and on I could go until that moment comes

All will be as it should according to God above

But what am I to do now with this little life

I make myself little, hoping for big things

Nerves and questions run around my mind

Can great things really be planned for me

Am I going to be able to handle it all

The things that God has for me, is it true

Oh when will I be free once more

To live a life that is suited for just me

These words can not even begin to describe

All the feelings that live in my whole being

I am just waiting and waiting for the moment

The time will come when I can let myself loose


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