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Many Short Thoughts

Missing people is rough sometimes.

Life is grand if you rely on God.  Grand doesn’t mean easy.  Life is hard too.

Just because you can feel deeply doesn’t mean others can too.

They really do like you even if you tell them to get to class every morning and other like things.

Rain is an amazing thing.  I wish I could stand in it, but I am supposed to be prudent.

Silence is good.  Sometimes it provides a chance to be noisy.

Don’t take for granted all that is around you.

Clean up after yourselves, it makes the world much more happy.

Don’t eat the noodle soup, it comes from a can and is salty, but I like it anyways.

There is goodness in everyone, even if it is impossible to see.

Sometimes they are right, sometimes they are wrong.  Act as if they are right no matter and deal with it later.

Swimming in the rain is so amazing.

Walk to New York often if a Sister will go, it is refreshing.

Tricky Tray is not a game, be ready to work.

If the internet is down, deal with it.  It will come back eventually.

Sleep when you can.  Don’t stay up till ten unless you have to for something important.

Call home every now and then.  While you may not mind the distance, someone else might.

Simplify everything.  Some people don’t here, it gets stressful.

Ask God for forgiveness the forgive yourself because He already has.

If it is windy and chilly, recess is outside.  If it is nice and warm, recess is inside.

If you want to cry, watch a movie with the sisters.  If you want to laugh, with the aspirants.

When you give up sweets as a house, you might have to sacrifice and eat cake.

If you are bored, you won’t be for long.

Friends are valuable, never give up on them.

Where is the snow?  Oh, right, weather changes and so do people.

Don’t think too hard while posting on a blog…things go on and on.

Even if you are sincere and honest, people may not believe you.  Stand up for yourself.

Be careful.  Know yourself.  Keep aware. 

Trust in God, our Creator and Father.

Give all to Jesus, our Savior and Brother.

Let the Holy Spirit move you, the Love that lives within.

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No Words, Many Feelings

The words are gone

The feelings are there

My mouth is silent

My heart is chaotic

Help me to portray

Help peace to reign

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Divine Silence in a Torn Heart

There once was silence in my heart

Long ago as a small child care-free

Love was all I knew, life was so full

Then the years pass, war is waged

The silence dwindles, chaos builds

Oh how my heart has broken much

Consumed by lots, such uncertainty

Calm is hard to find admist it all

Once place I must go, before the Lord

For even when torn apart, He loves me

Will I ever find that silence again

Could it be here in this place secure

Then why chaos in my heart to dwell

Peace, pray peace to my heart so lost

Make it simple, make it full of love

Then maybe once more I will feel

The divine silence in my torn heart

It is amazing that even in a place where things seem to be coming together, I can be fighting a torn heart filled with chaos.  There is much to be healed and much to still set free.  All the same, I love it here and it is teaching me so much.  Lord, enter my heart please. 

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Jesus is all Over

So as I go to start this post, I heard something just said now in the hallway.  Jesus is all over.  Not like the it is over and done with kind of over, but rather the everywhere type of all over.  That really struck me.  It is something I have said in the few talks I have given before, but hearing it plain and simple like that was a great reminder.  While the time we have with Jesus at the mass or in adoration is most vital to our lives as Catholics, that is not the only place that Jesus is in those lives of ours.  Think about that.  In every breath we take, Jesus is there.  We are living, walking tabernacles for Jesus. 

That being said, back to my original thoughts.  While at Mass this morning, which was down at the provincial, I had some thoughts.  When they do Mass, there is not a communion song to be sung.  One of my fellow aspirants asked me if we should sing “Lord Prepare Me.”  My immediate response was that we should not because it is not planned as so, so we really should just start singing.  After this little conversation had taken place, I was thinking about silence and how we tend to fill everything up with music, noise. 

We don’t exactly need to always have something playing in the background.  The simple act of going up to communion in silence was nice.  Sure, you could hear the rustling of feet and the people on them moving around, but there was silence elsewise.  From the back I could hear the priest present over and over “the Body of Christ.”  It was cause for great reflection.  I may love my music and want to hear it at every point of every day, but every now and then there is need for that silence.

In the silence, Jesus is always around, everywhere.  Yes in the sounds and noise too, but Jesus is a silent presence when we tend to think that He not there.  In every moment just remember, Jesus is all over.


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Beautiful World

It’s a beautiful world

Why don’t we honor it

The sun is shining

Sit and feel its warmth

The wind blows by

Feel the Spirit within

Stars shine twinkling bright

See the faith deep within

Clouds shift in the sky

Move them imaginative

Rain falls form the sky

Let is cleanse the soul

Trees stand strong

Root yourself like them

Animals fill the silence

Take in the simplicity

Live your life to the fullest

Down to earth inspiration

Don’t hide what was here

A God inspired beautiful world

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Recovering Life

thu-thump, thu-thump, thu-thump

deathly silence, heart beat stops

was it enough, was there the love

approval maybe, but that one time

why did that happen, answer

purposefully made pain happened

recovered, sure, but does it repair

attempt at the best, is it enough

ran again, did wrong, turned away

but came back, tried hard to redeem

too far away gone, never enough

what to do, where to go, give up

no, can’t be, help is coming, wait

heart beat stops, deathly silence

thu-thump, thu-thump, thu-thump


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There is something magical and special about a fire, one in the form of a “campfire.”  I don’t have much to say about it, but I know that I always long to be back at camp.  One of the big things in that is the longing to be around the campfire.  Since the lessons and stories of fire are on my mind, I have decided to share that all with you.  Below is a poem I just constructed on the whim of my mind.  I hope you find something that draws to you in it! Peace

Oh fire that crackles in the silence of the night

Speak to me even when I am in blinded sight

There are lessons a plenty to be taught

The wisdom that comes through the ages sought

Stories dance in the air around us lingering

Song that will go on forever in our hearts singing

As the past fades away in the dust of eternity

Present pushes on and it closes engulfs me

In the flames the future flickers with hope

Unsure of where flame will leap I pray I cope

Wherever you may be, whoever you will become

There is space for fire, it will still teach you some

Evermore the silence of the night draws my soul

Hearing the glow intrigues me and fills me full

In the moments to come where life finds its way

My vocation religious could maybe be here to stay

When the world crashes and falls around my face

To the fire I will go to be in that special place

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