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Live the Dream

Here is a video that I think all of you should see!  It puts such hope and yearning in one’s soul, among other things as well!

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NCYC 2011

Back in mid-November, many of the Salesian Family gathered at NCYC to reach out to the thousands of youth celebrated the faith and their call to glory.  One of the aspirants in the East compiled this video for us!  I hope you enjoy it!

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Evangelical Simplicity

The flow of grace into a soul is often hindered and postponed indefinitely by that unwillingness to become as “little children.”

Simplicity orientates the soul in the right direction, to an encounter with Christ.

 Simplicity captures the light of God.

Holiness is Union.  Unity through simplicity.

Perfection and sanctity consist in union with God through charity which urges the will to fulfill God’s commands promptly and with constancy.

Thought from a class I take, Salesianity.  The book with use is “A Soul Led by the Holy Spirit” by Sr. Lina Dalcerri, FMA.

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Some Thoughts on Community

Community is the greatest joy and the greatest challenge.

People are healed and saved in the context of community (most of the time).

We don’t have to do everything, the Lord is already there.

Not everyone has the capacity of community.

A community can never become life-giving without solving conflict.

Communication can cause miracles.

To be successful in faith-sharing, there has to be enough faith and trust.

Community is a carefully orchestrated dance.

We cannot have people substituting what belongs to Jesus Christ.

When each person working on growing, the whole community grows.

You can’t say hello until you learn to say goodbye.


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Thought of this Morning

“Vows are voluntary nails I drive into my own flesh.” – Mother Angela Vespa

This is just somehting I have heard a few times in the past month and have been reflecting upon a little as I move forward in formation.  This life is not without its suffering, but it is also not without its joys. 


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Into Our Lives!

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Video Created from Postulant Ceremony

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