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Love Through Giving and Receiving

*This in a reflection I completed about a month ago and findly got typed up.  I know there may be flaws in my logic and that this is not the final end all be all.  It is just some thoughts I had for a couple of days jotted down on paper.  Take them as you will, reflect on them, disagree if you so choose, but by all means please comment if you have anything to say!*

Do you know that you are deeply and profoundly loved by God?  Do you know that He has great and marvelous plans for you?  So many people go through life not knowing that they are loved.  Even deeper, they do not feel this love in their entire being.  Why do you not know and feel this deep profound love?  We need to know from others that we are blessed, that we are loved, and that we mean something to someone.  There are, of course, many aspects to whether or not we feel loved deeply and profoundly.

Let’s take this example.  I once heard a story about a man who was coming back from hunting.  He had succeeded in coming back with two wild turkeys.  On the way home he happened across a boy who was struck with hunger.  The man sees this and sets both turkeys on the ground, backing away, so that the boy can come and take them.  The boy refuses to take them and stands there waiting.  After some time, the man goes and gives the turkeys to the boy.

What do you see in this story?  Is there anything that strikes you?  The boy did not want to take, but rather was waiting to receive from another.  I find in my observations on the world, that so many are not giving love, are not giving blessings, are not giving thanks, and such things to people around them.  This forces people to search for love, as well as acceptance, in places that will not fulfill them.  The take what they can, leaving no interaction with anyone and no interaction with God.  Love can not come from taking and not being given the particular something.

So then, what is the foundation of how we feel deep profound love?  When we give or receive genuinely, there is an act of love occurring.  This comes in many forms that vary from the tangible things that become a sacramental (This is different from a Sacrament.  I speak of a sacramental as something tangible that leads to the transcendent, that which is a reminder of something greater and reaches to the heart and soul.) to us for the reason of love, all the way to something unseen but felt in the process of giving and receiving.  In both giving and receiving with a genuine spirit, we see the result as love. 

How does receiving and from another lead for people to feel deep profound love?  When we receive a gift given with genuineness, then we know that someone cares enough to think of us.  When we receive a compliment, we know that someone is aware that we are there, existing in the world.  When we receive thanks, we feel that we are useful in some way.  With that though, it must be noted that we may not always receive thanks how we could expect it to come.  (This is a tope for another day.)  When we receive a hug, a smile, a greeting, an acknowledgement, and so on…we receive love.  The list could go one forever.  It all seems simply common so much that we should know we are loved by God and others always.  Why then, do we not feel deep profound love?

Giving, just as much as receiving, is a source of cultivating genuine love.  Another perception I have come across in my observations is that many expect to receive such things that give them deep profound love, but people are not will to give to others as well as being on that receiving end.  When we give, we are contributing to the greater good.  Being a part of giving love allows us to share in that love as well.  This giving comes in the same forms as the receiving, only we then move to the flip side of things.  The result of the feeling of love is the same, if not greater.

The acts of giving and receiving gifts, compliments, thanks, hugs, smiles, greetings, acknowledgement, and such related things creates a community of deep profound love.  Now really, how can that love be deep and profound?  We have to do and be aware of these things within the realm of the love of God who created us.  God lives in each of us.  Therefore, we need to give to everyone as if is God’s love.  We need to receive as if God is giving to us.  Every moment of each day God is with us and in our surroundings and in the people around us as well.

There are great and marvelous plans for each of us!  We are deeply and profoundly love by God!  Sure, there are other ways to for love to come to us than what I have spoken about.  This is just the beginning.  There days people so not give or receive as they should.  A certain respect level has dropped.  I find this an increasing reason people don’t feel loved.  Even when we are met with hostile responses, the love must still be spread.  Act with the love of God; someone’s life will be changed, quite possibly your own.

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