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Many Short Thoughts

Missing people is rough sometimes.

Life is grand if you rely on God.  Grand doesn’t mean easy.  Life is hard too.

Just because you can feel deeply doesn’t mean others can too.

They really do like you even if you tell them to get to class every morning and other like things.

Rain is an amazing thing.  I wish I could stand in it, but I am supposed to be prudent.

Silence is good.  Sometimes it provides a chance to be noisy.

Don’t take for granted all that is around you.

Clean up after yourselves, it makes the world much more happy.

Don’t eat the noodle soup, it comes from a can and is salty, but I like it anyways.

There is goodness in everyone, even if it is impossible to see.

Sometimes they are right, sometimes they are wrong.  Act as if they are right no matter and deal with it later.

Swimming in the rain is so amazing.

Walk to New York often if a Sister will go, it is refreshing.

Tricky Tray is not a game, be ready to work.

If the internet is down, deal with it.  It will come back eventually.

Sleep when you can.  Don’t stay up till ten unless you have to for something important.

Call home every now and then.  While you may not mind the distance, someone else might.

Simplify everything.  Some people don’t here, it gets stressful.

Ask God for forgiveness the forgive yourself because He already has.

If it is windy and chilly, recess is outside.  If it is nice and warm, recess is inside.

If you want to cry, watch a movie with the sisters.  If you want to laugh, with the aspirants.

When you give up sweets as a house, you might have to sacrifice and eat cake.

If you are bored, you won’t be for long.

Friends are valuable, never give up on them.

Where is the snow?  Oh, right, weather changes and so do people.

Don’t think too hard while posting on a blog…things go on and on.

Even if you are sincere and honest, people may not believe you.  Stand up for yourself.

Be careful.  Know yourself.  Keep aware. 

Trust in God, our Creator and Father.

Give all to Jesus, our Savior and Brother.

Let the Holy Spirit move you, the Love that lives within.

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Stand in the Rain

I want to share with you all once again the power of music, especially Christian music, in my life.

Stand up when it is all crashing down.  I can not say that I have always done that in my life, but someone has always been there to pick me up and stand in the rain with me.  We have all had moments of the fear to cry, to let that one tear come down that would open the flood gates.  My world has crashed down, I stood in the rain, and I was refreshed.  This song is just powerful, and I am glad to share it.

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Beautiful World

It’s a beautiful world

Why don’t we honor it

The sun is shining

Sit and feel its warmth

The wind blows by

Feel the Spirit within

Stars shine twinkling bright

See the faith deep within

Clouds shift in the sky

Move them imaginative

Rain falls form the sky

Let is cleanse the soul

Trees stand strong

Root yourself like them

Animals fill the silence

Take in the simplicity

Live your life to the fullest

Down to earth inspiration

Don’t hide what was here

A God inspired beautiful world

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Let The Rain Fall

The rain falls steadily showering down in splendor

A beauty to behold calming the heart and soul

Something so complicated yet so simply elegant

It washes over everything on the earth

When others run and hide feeling such a gloom

I find that there is a rush of excitement

A change of many sorts yet unchanging beauty

The rain must be seen and felt deep down inside

Let the rain fall and become a part of you

Showering down in splendor in your heart and soul

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Days 1-3

First of all, I am so tired.  If things do not make sense, that is why.

So, my family showed up on Saturday.  We did not kill each other, which is good.  I did feel  of the usual tensions that I usually feel.  We went to eat lunch at Dry Dock, went to Sunset Beach, mom and I did some shopping, we made and ate pizza, and we played scrabble as well as spades.  Nothing too exciting.

Sunday, we went to 11am mass.  Let me tell you, the singing actually makes me miss the adult choir back home.  Strange, huh?  We went back to the house for lunch and to figure out what we were going to do for the day.  Since the we knew this was to be one of our nicer days, we went up the lighthouse and the WWII memorial.  After that we went into town and walked the Washington St. Mall, as well as walking on the beach in town.  Dad wanted to go see the bunker that was by the lighthouse, so we went there and then back to the house to decide dinner.  We went to the lobster house for dinner.  Of course, I had chicken instead, but it was good.  Back at the house, we watched Amazing Race and played cards, then hit the sack.

Monday we slept in some and did not really do much in the morning.  For lunch we went to Uncle Bill’s Pancake House and ate very good breakfast food.  After that, it was back to the  house to play Scrabble and many forms of cards.  There was some crabbiness, but we survived the day together in the house.  I got to see Dancing with the Stars, so that made me happy.

Today, there might be a change of plans, or tomorrow there is a change of plans.  I have to figure out what is best for Sister Colleen coming to visit.  It could possibly work for the same time as we planned, but a little different.  We will see what comes!

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Guitar in the Rain

What is it about the rain that draws us to so many emotions?  I hear the patter of rain mixed with the guitar and singing.  Putting them together, I find such a great match it my heart.  It leaves me breathless with but a million of feelings filling my soul.  The desire to do more and be more is once again, or still, living in all my being.

Breathless I am for you

Reaching to be more for you

Like the rain that falls to the earth

So too does my heart fall in your love

Time stands in my way it seems

Work with it you tell me

I can do so much with what I have

For you I will use me in all time

Why is it that when we find what we are supposed to do for the Lord, that we start to run and turn away?  It hard and many times the tears want to run through me.  Then I see the rain and know that Jesus feels what I feel, that God is there to guide me.  Even when life seems so lonely and my friends so far away, He is there to comfort me.

Dear friends of mine, so far away

My heart longs to be close to you

When missing you puts me astray

It is to the Lord that I must then go

God gave me my friends to cherish

To Him is owed many a gratitude

So with the rain on my face this I wish

That I persevere with grace-filled fortitude

There is a song in my heart that wants to cry out and be heard.  I long for understanding of what is to come in my life.  Never have I thought that pondering religious life would come my way.  I don’t know what to expect, what trials may come, or what joys that will fill me up.  All I can do it trust.  All I can do is pray.  All I can do is my very best to follow in the footsteps of Christ with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, so that what I do may be pleasing to God.

Listening to the guitar strum more chords

I sigh a breathless sigh of longing

Praying that my feet stay beneath me

Hoping that I stay on God’s track

Love and be loved one of my mottos

Live in the moment of all time

Take in all there is to take in

Never stray and if you do, come back

I close here with you filled with guitar sounds in the rain that I hear.  Find your place of reflection and just be.  This is as I must do to put myself back on track.  Times will get hard no matter the road God gives you, so persevere with the support of all those around you.  I say that giving support to those who need it from me and asking you for that same passion.  Peace to you.

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