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Thank You Lord

About a week ago, we had a project to do for our scripture class.  We were to go for about a half an hour to meditate and reflect on one of the psalms.  From there, we had to compose our own and put it to a video.  I was not sure at first about whether I was going to post mine, but I decided to do so.  Keep in mind it is an original, my own.  The pictures all came from me too.  The song is called “Sometimes When it Rains” by Sercret Garden.  If you want to use it, please ask!  I hope you enjoy it! 

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Psalm 23

This video was shown to us in scripture class today.

It really struck something deep in me when I was watching and listening.  I am not really sure that I could put words to what I was feeling, but I love this so much.  The pictures of nature, the words pf prayer, the music…it is all so very beautiful.

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He Will Get You Home

Hello world!  So I know that in many posts I talk about the frustrations of life and forget to share with you the joys and little surprises God places about.  In this post there may be much of the same with some talk of frustrations, but it ends with a surprise that occurred in the last moments of my waking hour.  Let me bring you back to this past Friday, yesterday if you read this on the current day of Saturday.

This week had surely brought me many trials.  Personalities run wild and all over the board.  Learning to know each other and how they work is something to take time doing.  I find that much of the things that happen that are not of a joyful nature strike at my core being, seeing as I am a very deep feeler.  Things of the past as well as things of the present are being used against me.  Others, as well as me, attribute this to Satan trying to pull me away from what God wants of me at this moment in time.  It was said of a friend from TEC that the closer we are to what God wants of us, the harder Satan pulls to get us.  Satan will take every means he can to get to us, using past bad experiences or those things/people around you to get you down. 

Basically, I have need to have a meltdown, just to stop worrying about it all so I may pick myself back up again.  Thank goodness for the friends I have back home as well as the friends I am starting to make here. 

It the morning during prayer, there were two things that popped up in the prayer time that stuck out to me.  The first was some lyrics to a song we sang.

For to live with the Lord, we must die with the Lord.

We must die with the Lord.  What a powerful thing that we forget all the time.  There are going to be hardships in life.  I personally just need to figure out how to deal with them appropriately.  The second quote came from a psalm that we read in the psalter of the office.

Rescue me, O God.

That is my prayer, for God to rescue me from all those things in my life that hold me back from what God truly wants.  With this all day, I was left to figure out how to live these things in my life and overcome what I need to get over.  Of course, the struggles piled up as I have not found a way to solve them.

So the end of the day comes and I am all a mess.  I stop by another aspirant’s room because her light was on and door open.  While talking with her, I noticed that there was a book on her desk.  It is a compilation of things that have been written by Max Lucado into a book called “Everyday Blessings.”  It gives a thought for each day.  Here is what I read when I when back to my room on September the 24th.

Satan falls in the presence of Christ….  Satan is powerless against the protection of Christ.  When Jesus says he will keep you safe, he means it.  Hell will have to get through him to get to you.  Jesus is able to protect you.  When he says he will get you home, he will get you home.

Oh my holy buckets of humor that God must have.  The way things happen like this, how else can one explain it but God?  I still do not get it, but it is what I needed to hear and still need to hear.  Just a little reminder that Jesus will bring us through.

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Pleasing to You

“May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord my Rock and my Redeemer.” Psalm 19:14

Each and everyday, this is what we should be aware of.  Is everything that comes out of your mouth pleasing to God?  Is everything you do pleasing to God?  Is everything in your heart pleasing to God?  These are questions I think about everyday, only at the end of the day when I realized where I went wrong.  It can get one real down on themselves.

This should not be how it is!  We need to be praying about our day the moment we wake in the morning.  The prayer should be for what we say and do, so that it all is pleasing to God.  Many times, we groan when the alarm goes off, drag our feet to the shower, eat breakfast, realize we are late, and run out the door.  All prayer needs is just a quick moment as we lay, waking up, in our bed.  That simple prayer you have in the morning has so much power to change your day and your outlook on the things that happen.

Each day as I wait for my letter, hopefully follow by waiting to enter, I try to remember where I am in the here and now.  Sometimes getting caught up too much in the stresses of now sends me completely astray and I am not saying and doing things pleasing to God.  Many times I think that the lack of prayer in my mornings sometimes, is what aids the straying from what God wants.  Dedication, that is so huge!

My train of thought (and there are many of them actually,  but one of them) is by getting myself to pray each morning, I will do more things pleasing to God; those things that I do that aren’t pleasing will slowly, but surely, drift away.  When it gets to the point that I God-willing enter formation, I want to be able to put at least most of the things that haunt me to rest.  Sure, it will never permanently leave, but it can be laid to rest.  Prayer and doing things pleasing to God is so important and vital, I can not stress more.  This is what our whole life should be for!

Sigh, oh the day when I can hopefully be so focused on just God and his will.  I just pray that I have it right and then take me in to be a part of them.  Ha, them being the Salesians of course.  Whatever is meant to be, will be.

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You Call For Me

This is the first of two writings that came from my hands a night or two (do not recall exactly) after my visit the the Salesian Sisters/FMA over Thanksgiving.  It is a psalm entitled “You Call For Me.”

Lord, you call for me. Help me to listen and to follow You.

Lord, whatever You want.
However You want.
Whenever You want.
Wherever You want.
However much You want.

Lord, you call for me. Help me to listen and to follow You.

My heart is racing
My soul leaps for joy
Your love is in me
In Your arms I belong

Lord, you call for me. Help me to listen and to follow You.

To be Your hands and feet
A beacon of light for the world
To walk hand in hand with You
Filled with such passion and love

Lord, you call for me. Help me to listen and to follow You.

Never has a joy like this entered me
Like a streaming rush of water
A chance to fill an empty hole
To be Your servant, Your bride

Lord, you call for me. Help me to listen and to follow You.

Lord, whatever You want.
However You want.
Whenever You want.
Wherever You want.
However much You want.

Lord, you call for me. Help me to listen and to follow You.

I look at it again and again wondering where it came from.  It is beautiful, which is hard for an artist to say of their own work.  I wish I could fill myself again with whatever feelings of greatness were in me at that moment.  I hope you enjoy!

Fact: In the USA, this religious order I am looking at is commonly known as the Salesian Sisters of Saint John Bosco.  More formally, they are called the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, FMA.


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