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Thanksgiving Joy with the Salesians!

These past few days have been such a blessing.  All the sisters in the province were here for Thanksgiving and an assembly to discern a new provincial.  I absolutely loved talking to all the sisters and wish I could keep them here with me.  I was supposed to get (and I am sure someone here has it) the e-mail of one sister to share in retreat ideas/files.  Then there is another I talked with about backpacking and camping and canoeing.  If ever possible, we are going to do it some day (you know…in that far off distant time).  I had so many wonderful conversations and shared my story as well as hearing theirs.  It was beautiful. 

While I was in adoration today, this poem came to my heart and filtered through my hands. 

Thank You Salesians, I’ll Be There!

Sitting down in silence to pray

Jesus ever present on the altar

I scan my eyes across the people

Grey and white fills near and far

Women who devout their whole life

To doing the will of God all around

Serving the youth of our growing world

Sharing joy where none is found

The unsurity that tries to creep in

Now is chased out and kept away

Inspiration and hope now fills me full

With such love to last many a day

These women with much experience

Are here with us to help and guide

I long to be like them if God wants

This to you I need now to confide

My heart beats so fast each time

And a huge smile shines on my face

Every time I talk of being Salesian

And my longing to be in this place

So thank you Sisters now and forever

Your wisdom is beyond any compare

Keep that light shinning so bright

And you can bet I’ll be there!

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A Simple Glorious Day

Yesterday was a wonderful day of ease and rest and amazing-ness.  Here is how it was.

The day started with a natural rising.  Basically it never happens and it means we wake as our bodies allow us.  I did set my alarm for 11 because I wanted to get up for lunch.  Needless to say, being used to getting up at an earlier time, I wole many times finally arising from the bed around 9:45am.  It was great and I was well rested.

The morning consisted of some organizing and reading, allowing for time to relax or get moving on work that needs to be done.  I personally did a little reading and organizing.  Slow paced and quiet was the morning for us. 

The afternoon was a easy lunch and a meeting to discuss the weekend.  Very simple, which I liked.  We pack up our sack lunches to go for the evening on the road.  When the meeting was done, I headed up to take a shower so that I felt a little more alive for the mass and seeing Don Bosco.

We boarded the bus, sisters and novices and us, to head out around 4pm.  Eating dinner on the bus, we were preparing for the viewing of Don Bosco.  Once we got there, the bus parked, bathroom stops made, and into the Cathedral…you will never guess where we were sitting!  Two rows from the relic of Don Bosco, right there in front of us for the whole mass.  Megan and I were next to each other and just beaming smiles the entire time.  She had Ana’s camera and took a few pictures, which I loved!  We touched our medals to the glass and it was wonderful.

On the way out, we had to be creative in our exits.  The provincial had to climb over soemthing in order to get out, as did I.  It was priceless! 

Leaving the mass and heading out full of energy, I ran into someone on the corner.  Britany/Polka, who I worked with at camp in 2008!  She spotted me, and I was like, no way!  🙂  It was so amazing, esspecially since I was talking about and thinking about camp the whole bus ride there.  I loved seeing here, even if only for a short while.

On the ride home, many of us were singing songs, nearly the whole ride.  Loved it.  Let me tell you, it is a day we will never forget!

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