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All Soul’s Day Reflection

With All Soul’s Day here, I am once again drawn to wondering many of the questions I have had in my heart for a very long time.  We were reminded tonight during the good night at dinner to keep in mind those who have passed away, especially our family we were born into and our Salesian family.  For me, I was instantly drawn to one I tend to call Baby Kleist.  I don’t know if anyone else in the family thinks of this family member much, but I know I do all the time.  God called this little soul back to Himself long before the chance of being born (miscarriage if you want to be technical).  There are many times I pray that Baby Kleist is watching over me and keeping me safe in all I do.  I wonder often what life would have been like with this child of God.  What would have been his or her name?  Would there still have been two more little siblings in the mix?  The conclusion I had come to in Baby Kleist going back to God is that there has to be a purpose in that happening.  Like I had mentioned before, I always pray and hope that Baby Kleist is watching me from heaven with my guardian angel.  There is a connection in my heart somewhere, so with that I strive to find peace.

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