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Camp Auxilium’s 50th Anniversary!

Today I got to spend time at Camp Auxilium.  Granted it was to set up for their 50th anniversary tomorrow, but it was still there.  Sr. Mary asked me this morning if I would come with them to help set up and instantly I said yes.  The two other of my companions who were back were both out or going out, so it was just me joining Sr. Mary and her staff.  What a blessing it was indeed!  Her niece and niece’s daughter were there too, she is so adorable. 

Working with the sisters and the development staff was wonderful.  I am pretty sure that most of the time there, I had a smile on my face.  I did catch myself in a few tears as I talked about Camp Greenwood with a couple of people.  Nothing with compare to that camp, yet many new adventures are surely coming my way.

Just the same as I had been thinking and smiling about my days at the camp I grew up with and worked at for many years, those of Camp Auxilium’s history will be gather tomorrow to celebrate and remember together the memories and the laughter.  No, I am not able to go.  It was enough to see some of the camp in action today and her some of the stories told as we set up.  As I was talking about Camp Greenwood, one of the development staff or one of the sisters said, “so you would love to be assigned here someday.”  I smiled because in my heart, I think there was a yes to that question.  Whether or not God hears me, only time will tell.  It is a beautiful place indeed.

Be sure as you go through life, no matter the choices that you make, you remember those good things in life.  Don’t hold to them with a grip that never lets you see and do greater things.  Just hold onto them because I am sure they shaped you in some way or form.  It is the same for more situations than just camp life, like life in general.  This especially when make such huge decisions in your life. 

For me, in having chosen to enter formation for the religious life, I am not forgetting my past experiences.  I am building on them and continuing my story here on earth.  It is such a beautiful thing.  This day was beautiful. 

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Missing the Magic of Music

Tonight was the concert for the Middle School and High School choirs.  Of course I had it in my mind to be attending even if we did not have to.  Then, of course, I was helping out with it as well.  How, might one ask.  Did I play an instrument?  No.  I turned pages for a companion of mine, who is a musical wonder (in my mind at least), who has been teaching eighth grade music.  She served as the pianist for the concert.  It was beautiful concert and many people left proud of their daughters. 

As the concert ended and people stood to clap and to go greet their daughters, I had this feeling rush over me.  I miss the magic of  music that was always in my life, for most of it at least.  It is not that it is not here now, but I am not in a band or of the like.  Being a part of a concert, even if it was the odd runs I did a few times or being support to the teachers (my companion and the paid teacher) or turning pages or feeding my companion with all the rehearsing, was amazing and wonderful.  No one needs to really know I was a part of it, but I know that I made a difference somewhere.

When all this set in, I felt a multitude of tears inside of me for all the memories that I have.  This of course was aided by all the other things I miss as well.  It is amazing the impression and good we can do for the people we come across, especially youth given the vocation I am discerning now. 

I do not have to always be missing the magic of music.  There are plenty of chances still for it.  Yes, there will be the memories and the things I will always miss and never forget.  There also can be new endeavors and challenges.  The magic of music is all around, I just have to know where to find it and create it and be a part of it.


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The Genius Music Teacher of Wonder vs The Music Teacher’s Worst Nightmare

I had a moment.  Okay, those who really know me or even you who have been following my blog, are most like thinking that I have a lot of those.  Well, I do.  Here is the moment I just had though.

Another one of the aspirants, the one who taught music for seven years before entering and is pretty much a musical genius, got her flute in the mail today.  She grabbed right before our visit to Jesus.  When we walked out, she looked at me and told me to go get my oboe out, we are playing.  Now keep in mind this little fact:  I have not played my oboe since the end of April…2009.  My checks and tongue after 15 minutes is a little weird and sore feeling.  Does this mean I need to practice?  I swear that I can be a music teachers worst nightmare.  I can sightread, don’t practice, yeah.  Maybe I am not horrible, but I wish I would have tried a tad harder back then.  I did try hard, but the practicing was another realm.  Tuning…that could use some work too.

Anyways, there was a moment in the playing.  It was so nice to be with one other aspirant playing music and just being together.  Memories came back to me, laughs and tears, joys and frustrations.  Music was an out and a great thing for most in the band. 

So, that is my moment.  It was good to play.  Let me tell ya though…I am very rusty.  Maybe I will have to practice….later.  😛

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We Have To Pray (a spur of the moment poem)

I am sitting at my desk and all of a sudden this poem came out of me.  Please Enjoy!

The days start to get long

My mind is a jumbled song

As summer retreat does come

Soon I go to where I came from

With many memories had

Leaving this place will be sad

But my future ahead is planned

Any expectations are canned

What I wish to come true

Is what I shall come to do

But in time I must wait

Which at times I can hate

Patience I must truly aquire

In my heart is an unique fire

It burns in my heart and soul

Leaves me with joy feeling full

So as long days may be

Or even short you see

With either I must this say

In everything we have to pray

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