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Gratitude to Jesus

Sweet Jesus, Son of Mary

Our burdens you do carry

The world’s weight, your death

Redeemed our every breath

Let all that I ever do

Be in gratitude for you

As I lay all at your feet

Son of Mary, Jesus so sweet


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Entering into Communion with Christ Through Mary

Tonight was our medal ceremony, it was amazing!  We sang and it was great.  Here are some poems to express what is in me.


The butterflies were fluttering everywhere

Pacing were our feet this way and that

Preperations of last minute to be done

Prayers that prayer is to go smooth sailing

Time finally arrived that which was here

A moment of which we have waited for

Before we know it all became a blur of time

Songs were sung with such great gusto

Readings read with passion deep within

Symbol of our devotion blessed indeed

Hang now around our necks proudly

Moment passes by and hugs are passed

Smiles now shine brightly from our faces

And the butterflies fly free once again


In all those moments past

Move on I have now done

Mary hangs around my neck

Blessed that she always is

Joy runs through my blood

Smile beams across my face

Heart pounds out of my chest

I want to dance for the Lord

Sing out with all my being

Oh what love could beat this

That which God has given

Shared passion with the world

Tears of happiness fall

Feelings of greatness fill me

Stay is will I pray it so

This life to live all the days

With a future that is bright

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Mary’s Way of the Cross

This past Triduum Retreat at the MFRC, I put together a Way of the Cross that was from Mary’s point of view.  It was very interesting to read reflections that could very well be what Mary was thinking.  Instead of putting the whole stations right into the post, I have attached the document I put together.  This is a great meditation to do, please take a look!

Mary’s Way of the Cross

Feel free to comment, I love to hear what people think of it or if they have any ideas on what could be improved.  I did do a leaders guide with what props we set out, but it is more specific to our location.  Enjoy!

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Triduum Retreat

To preface, this was my first Triduum not at home.  First are my thoughts on the Holy Thursday experience I had.

When people arrived, it was a bit overwhelming.  My family left in the morning, so it was a bit weird having them go back home for Easter and me staying here away for the first time.  That being said, I was really excited for the retreat.

The thing that drew to me the most on Thursday was during the washing of the feet.  There were two boys on the retreat (age 11 and 13), and when it came around, one of them had to wash the feet of the other.  Whether or not they realized it, it seemed very meaningful to see them so that.

On Good Friday, I was particularly drawn to the Stations of the Cross that we did.  It was done from the point of view of Mary and her journey with Jesus.  I really loved doing them and being able read the part of Mary in my group.  There were some elements of the Passion reading and veneration that I missed about being in a parish, but the intimate setting was great too.

Holy Saturday was so relaxed with a lot of time of prep and also free time, as there is the whole retreat.  The Vigil service was great, again I missed the usual that I had done in all my years, but the intimate setting was great.  I am not sure I could explain how much it was a great service.

I loved the breakfast we had this morning!  It was really good, and I am stuffed.  Everyone left between 10:30 and 11:30.  This evening I went out to eat with the brothers.  It was a good experience.  Those guys are wonderful, that is for sure.  Now, I am off to play some cribbage!

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