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78 Days

There are 78 days to go until I am to arrive for my first step in the convent as an aspirant.  I can not tell you the amount of feelings and emotions that I have in me about this part of my life to come.  It is a huge joy.  It is something I have never imagined actually doing.

One of the things I have had the most difficulty with in the simplest way is about wearing the habit and veil.  For the longest time the habit (for as long as I really knew what it was) has always intrigued me quite a bit.  The thing is, I have not always been so sure I can see myself wearing it.  To me, there is a great sense of peace to feeling the breeze run through my hair and on my bare skin.  There are things like swimming at the lake at my grandparents cabin with my family, possibilities of others around.  Of course, that time being a ways away, who know what ministry I will be doing and where things will take me.  Yet still the habit does thoroughly intrigue me.

That being said, here is my point.  I have had interactions with sisters, or see sisters often enough, that do not wear the habit.  Watching them and thinking about where my life is headed, I try to decipher where I think I am in the thought of wearing a habit.  My realization is that I am not sure I could live as a sister not wearing a habit.  There nothing that separates them from everyone else as a wedding ring separates a married person.  They do have a distinctive medal, but anyone can wear a medal.  It is not that I am unappreciative of them in the choice their order has made, it just is not for me.  Through trying to picture myself as a sister without a habit and veil, I have come to realize that maybe the habit and veil of the Salesians could be something I could wear.

78 days left to go!


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Laugh and Smile

It was beautiful the way she laughed and smiled

With the beams shinning from her war-torn face

The pain that was once all there was to be seen

Has now shrunken back to a much smaller place


This retreat she took has brought life back to her

Some visits to see the grandparents were grand

They talked and played games and caught up with life

She wishes to take them on her journey hand in hand


There is a friend she met at church one fun summer

A brief moment had to recap life is with happiness

Happenings of the youth of her parish going on

And the excitement in each life that is the very best


At a coffee shop more life excitement to be shared

She into formation and her dear friend to be married

Oh the joy those two felt as stories are exchanged

The friendship and bond there will be forever carried


Off to a concert by Casting Crowns she did surely go

A band that she does love and seen three times before

Yet a message reached her in a very surprising way

She sang and praised and only could wish for more


Traveling to school after the concert was her next stop

A place of many joys as well as some deep pain too

Finally she had wished to go back to be in special retreat

She decided to ride with the flow to see where she’d go


Friends were surely surprised by her random arrival

They laughed and they talked and shared many a story

She was so joyful to be in the presence of community

With people who could share her joy and God’s glory


A talk she did give at praise and worship night to some

Nervous she was as speaking publicly is a huge fear

But when she sat in front of curious and interested faces

She spoke from her heart and God was made very clear


There is a friend that she admires greatly his uniqueness

To the woods they traveled while in valuable conversation

Swinging over a creek brought needed laughter to her soul

Climbing ten feet of wall gave smiles to aid retreat conversion


Leaving that place she was sadden in such glorious ways

People touched her in rejuvenating energy that was given

Giving a talk and praising song that changed her deeply

Playing in the bluffs with bonding put her in heaven


Back to home town then on her way to the east coast

She cannot believe how God worked in her those days

He knew what would put her back on her feet to go

It could only leave her in a position of thanks and praise


On a retreat that brought life back to her weary face

From the Spirit was given to her strength to go the miles

God looked down on her through friends supporting

They got to see the beautiful she happily laughs and smiles

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Religious Life vs Marriage vs Single Life

There is something that I have realized through out my discernment for religious life, and even before then.  There is something that comes off as more complicated, more radical, more difficult to decided up, and what have you about looking into a religious life.  I am wondering if I could get your thoughts.

1 – What do you think sets apart each of these broader vocations?

2 – How come discerning religious life comes across a bigger deal than marriage or single life?

3 – What do you think of this train of though that can be commonly had?


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