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Hanging In

As the director of the retreat center that I was a volunteer intern at tends to say sometimes…

Hang in there kid!

I am not sure he knows that what he says is something I am grasping onto as I learn more and more to lean on Jesus in EVERYTHING of my life.

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NJ to MN: Day 1

Day One in my travels back home.  Leaving, as I just posted previously, was really hard to do.  Saying goodbye to those you have spent a lot of time with is not easy.  Anyways, we are on the road.  Mom showed up yesterday via plane and train then me picking her up via car.

Today I got up at 7:20am in order to say goodbye to some people who were leaving from this past week’s staff group.  Considering that I was up until 1:30am in the morning, it felt like there was not much sleep, therefore I was tired.  A bunch of people left around that time, then I was able to lay back down for some time.  The morning then was made of me packing things and my car, followed by eating some egg bake (yum! as always).  When that was done, the bike rack and bike had to be attached to my car.  That was an adventure for sure.  Finally though, it was attached thoroughly as I could get it to with the means that were given to me.  Next came saying goodbyes…the saying and hugging was easy, but the element of doing it was not.

Leaving the retreat center gave me this odd feeling that I am not sure I could define, but off we were none-the-less.  We got some gas and headed for Lancaster, PA.  Being the time it was when we got into town and the day it is, many “attractions” were closed.  It took some searching to find the location of our hotel, but once we found it we settled in and went to eat at a local diner.  Coming back from that, we got hooked to the internet and were looking around for things to do tomorrow.  Now, it is just surfing, posting, and talking to friends.  I have to keep in mind I need an outline of a talk done for a meeting on Sunday which means doing it as I go along, or at least getting it in my mind.  Scary!

Well, for tonight, that will be all.  Talk to you all tomorrow!

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Some Moments of Mary’s House

My ten months is completed.  They were some of the best months of my life that I have ever had.  The people are ones that I will never forget.  In packing up the last of my things there was a sadness from parting.   Mary’s House is not something very special to me.  I have noticed that when I do something of this type of time and/or nature, I put my whole self into its being.  This basically means that a part of me will be left behind at Mary’s House.  Sitting in the small Blessed Sacrament chapel this past Friday I cried.  What about?  I was not sure at first what it could be.  It then had dawned on me that I will miss that place very much and am leaving that part of me behind.  I never thought I would connect myself there as strongly as I have.  There have been the ups and the downs.  There greats and the definatly not so greats.

Program, oh my the program that we put out of there.  It is crazy and wonderful what happens at Mary’s house.  People come back again and again!  If I have not mentioned before, the theme this summer is “Everyday Families…Everyday Heroes.”  It was a wonderful theme!  Every year for the summer program, there is a Pecos Mime Dance as well as a Commitment dance that is done by the teens or young adults during two different prayer services.  Before leaving, I got myself a copy of the music so I can remember the dances.  It is so powerful and amazing.  I am hoping that next year, I can get some of the girls to do the dances for something.

Mary’s House is amazing and if you want to know more or check it out, please let me know.  It changed me in great ways and it could do that for you too.

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Affirming the Discerning

It has been a while since I have posted, as things have been staying quite busy.  Right now I have just one week left at the Marianist Family Retreat Center in Cape May Point, NJ (look it up!).  It is sad that my time is nearly to an end.  My last retreat is coming up and it may be a little emotional being I am hitting the road the day after it ends back to Minnesota.  God has done, is doing, and will do great things.

There are themed days on the week: welcoming, communication, forgiveness, affirmation, commitment, and commissioning.  On Commitment day, something really hit me.  During a part of the service, the families share their commitments to each other and to the world in front of all of us on the retreat.  The parents go first and share their commitments to each other, renewing what they had at marriage.  They they invite the kids up and continue.  While the couples were sharing, each time a couple came up, I thought it so beautiful their love for each other.  How wonderful to have that!  I was thinking how that is something I really want in my life and how wonderful it would be to have it like them.  Then, I also had this feeling of it is not for me as much as I could ever want it.  It was truly an affirmation that taking the step to go into formation with the Salesians is the right thing to do even if it does not work out that way. 

There is so much on my heart and in my mind right now, but I don’t want to overload with a long post, nor do I really have the words to express.  These next days, maybe weeks, and even possibly months, are going to be emotional ones and very energy draining.  I just pray for strength and wisdom through it all.  Peace.


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