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Psalm 23

This video was shown to us in scripture class today.

It really struck something deep in me when I was watching and listening.  I am not really sure that I could put words to what I was feeling, but I love this so much.  The pictures of nature, the words pf prayer, the music…it is all so very beautiful.

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Musical Prayer

I love when the random times of prayer pop up in your life.  I know that everything we should do is a prayer, but I mean the one inspired that you write down and can sit with.  The other night I went to the small chapel to play guitar.  It was not possible to play in the aspirant room, so I went for something close and peaceful.  While playing through the songs, I stopped randomly to write down the prayer thoughts in my mind.  May after or as you read this prayer of mine, you may be able to pick out the songs.  One of them is tricky, you have to really know about something to know what one of the songs are.  Anyways, this was the prayer that came from the songs that I was playing.

Lord, please give me your eyes, your love, your arms, your heart.  I don’t want to miss anything and you know everything there is to know.  Blessed be your name, you who knows the most shining moments of my life as well as the sufferings that must be endured.  You give and take away, and I will bless you still.  In those sufferings and the times I fall away, I ask to be purified.  Not just purification in the body, but in the heart deep within.  My only desire is for you, Lord.  I want to be holy and thus I pray and want to give all to you so that I may be purified.  You my strength when I am weak and discouraged.  You are the precious jewel that will help me take my sin, my shame, all of my cross and rise up giving it all to you who is my all.  You are always by my side with your hand holding me even in those times I struggle.  You love me so much that I can even run to you in the dead of the night it I am falling or just need to call on you.  The holiness that you are reigns forever.  I can call on you in so many ways, and you are worthy of them all.  Oh Lord, Prince of Peace, I want to live my life for you.  I need your saving grace because as I have said before, I struggle.  I am completely lost without you, so take my joy and fear.  I pray every day and every night.  Please guide my way with your love from heaven.  I will never stop doing your work as long as you keep me from getting lost.  I need you, transform and protect me.  Thank you, Lord.  Amen.

It seems like a powerful prayer as I now read it after having written it.  Inspired, for sure it was as I did not think too much about it when writing it down.  I hope it strikes a good chord with you too.  Don’t forget, can you name all the songs in order through the whole prayer?

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Do Not Be Afraid, Let Go!

Have you ever let go?  You know, drop all the chains that bind you.  Is there a moment that you light a candle before the Lord and lay down all you are?  Oh, the joy of the release amidst the tears.  How beautiful the intimacy of the love of the Lord.  Do you know what it is like to be the true you?  No, not just deep inside.  Do you do it, do you know how it feels?  To be your true self, created be the Lord, shown on the outside.  So do you let go, fully?  Are you able to drop those chains in the darkness and find the Lord’s light?  Oh the joy it would bring!  Such a fire would burn inside of you that all would see the Lord’s love glowing from you.

Are you afraid?  Do you fear something?  What is holding you back?  Take your light to the Lord.  Prayer for loving protection.  With the Lord’s loving protection, what could go wrong?  Do not be afraid?  You can let go.  Drop the chains that bind you.  Run from the darkness and light your fire.  Did you know that someone is waiting to receive the Lord’s love and protection from you?  Be your true self designed by the Lord.  Do not be afraid of who you are.  No one else is qualified.  What are you waiting for?

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Church Hopping

I know that I am traveling a little ways back, but life has finally granted me a moment to catch up with everything I wanted to blog about, at least some of it.  So, here is some of that I wanted to share.  Some of it is taken directly from my journal, some is written now reflecting back.  I do apologize for the longer than normal post, please still read it!

To start off Holy Thursday festivities, the school had a prayer service before the half day dismissal.  As a part of it, there was a dance at the end to “Footprints in the Sand,” by Leona Lewis.  We danced to the first two and a half minutes or so.  It was really good to dance again, and it was not just easy stuff.  I was with two sophomores, one of which choreographed the dance.  Dancing for God was wonderful.  While I was not even close to perfect, I did the best I could.  Here is the song.  Remember, we only went to about two and a half minutes in the dance, but the rest of the song is good too!

That evening we went down the hill to the Provincial House for the Holy Thursday services.  It was odd not being a part of the music in some way or the other.  I blame anyone.  I know there was a better chance of a [former] companion of mine was there.  Let me say though, I say with all that I had with her voice in the back of my head.  I did enjoy being surrounded by the sisters, it was a wonderful family to be with then. 

I have some quotes from the priest who presided over the mass.  They stuck out to me as her was giving the homily.  I wish I would have caught more of it on paper.

We were called not because we were ready, but because we are willing.

We know we are not perfect, but we are willing.

You know what devil, get lost.

After the service, a handful of us climbed into the seven passenger van around eight pm to start the church hopping adventure.  For those of you who don’t know the tradition (and I just learned, so my explanation is a little meh), this is what I am able to explain.  In order to stay awake with Jesus, unlike the disciples who fell asleep and did not keep watch, you travel from church to church visiting Jesus in all the chapels before He is reposed to a special place until the Easter Vigil.  We went to a total of eight stops between leaving at eight and arriving at the last just before midnight.  It was just after midnight when we got back home.  The following in italics is from my journal, written that night.

Stop 1: Oh Jesus, bring me to my knees in adoration of you.  I love you.  Here I wish to pray for Jen and all her intentions.  She is very precious to me.  Be with her.  Oh Jesus, transform me.

Stop 2: Oh Jesus, give me humility in adoration of you.  I love you.  This stop is for my parents.  Watch over them, keep them close.  Be with them.  Oh Jesus, transform me.

Stop 3: Oh Jesus, give me prudence in adoration of you.  I love you.  I pray for Renate wherever she may be.  Bring her back to you and keep her safe.  Oh Jesus, transform me.

Stop 4:  Oh Jesus, give me wisdom in adoration of you.  I love you.  Watch over Matthew, Molly, and Abby.  Help them to never stray from you and to have a stong relationship with you.  Oh Jesus, transform me.

Stop 5: Oh Jesus, grant me courage in adoration of you.  I love you.  I pray for my Marianist Family, that they are always faithful to their charism.  Keep them in my heart.  Oh Jesus, transform me.

Stop 6: Oh Jesus, bring my to understanding in adoration of you.  I love you.  Shower your love on Priyanka as she grows up.  Show her your love and care that she may follow you.  Oh Jesus, transform me.

Stop 7: Oh Jesus, help me to love fully in adoration of you.  I love you.  Protect all my close friends.  Keep them close to you.  Let them know all the good they have done, especially for me.  Oh Jesus, transform me.

Stop 8: Oh Jesus, give me patience in adoration of you.  I love you.  I pray for me grandparents.  Let them know how much they are blessings in this world.  Grant them everlasting peace.  Oh Jesus, transform me.

“silently, peacefully, we will rest in you, Lord.”

Home/Bed: Thank you Lord, for the time spent with you.  I pray that these words of mine make it up to you.  All this I do and ask for the sake of my vocation.  It is in you and your Father that I must put all my trust.  What else could there even possibly be?  Jesus allow me to sit at your table so that I continue to learn from you in the way you are with your disciples.  Keep in my heart the experience tonight.  Thank you for everything you have done in my life.

It was amazing to see Jesus in all the different churches in the area.  I am blessed to be here and I cannot wait to share this experience.  Peace.


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Teach Me In Your Wisdom

In your wisdom oh Lord, teach me your ways


Like peanut butter and jelly

I wish to be connected to you

In harmony of love

Putting together in peace


In your wisdom oh Lord, teach me your ways


Like a pad of paper and pencil

One cannot scribe without the other

This I must be with you

Your will written on my heart


In your wisdom oh Lord, teach me your ways


Like socks and shoes on feet

They provide such a comfort and ease

A feeling you give me

To help me through my life


In your wisdom oh Lord, teach me your ways

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Song In My Heart

In my heart there is a song

Longing to be sung

But who will listen to my words

Stories to be told


In my heart there is more

Than the eye can see

But Jesus, my Lord

Knows it all


I have seen so many things

From sadness to joy

Yet I have shared it with few

Some things still not said


In my heart there is more

Than the eye can see

But Jesus, my Lord

Knows it all



Life is moving on and on

More songs to be sung

Pray I will not lose myself

In all the chaos


In my heart there is more

Than the eye can see

But Jesus, my Lord

Knows it all


There is more

Than can be seen

Oh Jesus, this story

You know it all

You know my song, Jesus

Sing my song with me

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Adoration Amazingness

This past Sunday, we had adoration as per usual.  It was the first time in a some weeks I have been able to just be there.  The prior time I had led, the one before that was cancelled, the one before that I led, and something was weird with the one before that.  No matter my involvement, the experience is most often a good one.  Even so, it was most definitely good to experience it just as is (after setting up the stuff…of course).  I want to share with you some of the music and a poem that I wrote during the evening in prayer.

This is the first song that was play at adoration.  It was for the exposition.

The poem below, entitled “Lord, Love Me So,” was written during the silent adoration.

In my heart oh Lord

You are calling me

Lead me deeper

Your love is what I want

Cast out the devil

For he controls me not

I am all Yours

Your will is my life

There is nothing else

Only Your great richness

Use me in Your plan

Reaching out to others

For You are amazing

None are like You

Let prayer be on my lip

All the day long

You on my mind

You in my soul

You Lord, fill me up

That I may never stray

That I can share You

In unique ways

For this is my purpose

To serve You alone

My heart does leap

And sings joyously

Dancing to Your song

Oh how I smile

At Your goodness

Grant me Your wisdom

Let me work for you

Doing great things

Oh to be a saint

If it is your will

Protect me, guide me

And I will be Yours

You are the Lord

Who loves me so

This next song was used for the reposition at the end of prayer and adoration.

There is something amazing in that song and I love it so much.  It is what I feel in my heart a lot of times, along with other amazing things too. 

The hard part is holding onto that wonderful feeling when all seems to get hard.  So the prayer then is to live each moment as if in the presence of God, which we are truly always in.  Peace!


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