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Rise and Go my Friend!

“Awake from your slumber!  Arise from your sleep!”

How beautiful it is to arise from the death that I talked about previous to this!  Once we have died, we can not just go back to where we came from and lose sight of the goal.  Sure, it happens, but we must fight the good fight.  Rising sounds so easy, and it is at first when one is really excited about letting go and letting God take a hold of everything.  Once all that wears off, how do you deal with that?  Discover what feeds your faith and your relationship with the Trinity.

I must honestly say, I initially thought I knew what I was going to say to reflect on these three days that make up a TEC weekend, but I find myself at a lost of what to say.  Dying, rising, and going are things we do everyday and every second of our lives.  Die to what holds you back from the Lord, rise up and find what can feed your faith, and then for go share that with the world.  Every time we fail, we need to go through the whole process once again.  It is a constant learning and a constant metanoia.  When it gets hard, we need to remember we have people around us who care so much.

I leave you with that and the promise of more reflection worth reading.

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Just Die!

Dying, what do we often think of when we hear about death or the topic comes up?  There is a constant line of thought that tells us it is bad and life must be prolonged as much as possible.  What I know is much different.  How we possibly live without dying?  People think if we die, there is nothing left to live on earth.  This is not how it goes!  We must die everyday, every second of our life!  No, not physically die.  Sometimes yes, there is a physical dying that happens in reaction to the dying we do else-wise, but either way you come back stronger.

Faith is the most important thing in life.  Faith in Jesus, in God, in the Holy Spirit.  If you are holding a huge stack of weighted boxes, are you able to receive in your hands a rose?  Each and every time we fail to pray, skip out on mass, neglect others, and anything else that is not being a good Christian; we add another box to our arms.  We carry so much pain and hurt as well.  We hold grudges, we don’t let go of loss, we fail to take care of ourselves, and we deny God a way into our lives.  All that adds to the boxes being stacked.  How can we ever see what God has in store for us and receive the love of His rose with everything in our hands that blocks our views?

This is where we need to die to ourselves!  How do we do that?  With the love of Jesus in the sacrament of Reconciliation!  Of course, there are other ways to put down the boxes too.  Confessing to a priest who stands in for Jesus gives us that chance to tell Him directly that you are sorry.  All these things that we do to hold ourselves back from a life of true faith we need to get rid of.  We need to die so that we can live.  Society now accepts all the bad things as a way of life, as the way it is, an individualistic type of society.  Like I said, what I know is so much different and so much better!

So put down those boxes.  Die to yourself.  Let go and let God.  That way, you can receive the rose and the love of the Trinity.  Be a part of that community of love in which you can only being there when free of pain, grudge, deceit, and sorrow.  God and His son Jesus will be waiting for you with the Holy Spirit waiting to fill you up to the fullest!

Just Die.

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Lift It Up

This is a video that I find a lot of my friends would “sing” for given where I have been in life.  I find that this is what I would do for my friends just the same.  Here is “Prayer For A Friend” by Casting Crowns (greatest band in the world)

This song is what I hope my friends prayed for me when I was real down.  Sometimes we don’t know what to do to help out our friends, and all we can do is lift our friends to the Lord.  I find myself sitting here still wishing people would do this for me.  There has been a lot of times to reflect and know that I have headed down wrong paths before.  In that I realize that healing takes a long time and lifting myself up as well as my friends is important.  We are our friend as well, not just the others in our life.

Don’t take the world on your shoulders.  You can only bear so much weight before you fall.  When you add on what is going on in your friends’ lives, it can become unbearable.  Lift it all to the Lord, letting go and letting God take hold!  If you can do that, you can go through life happier and following the right path God has for you.


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You Love Me So!

I bring myself back to yesterday while on retreat at the center I work at.  In the afternoon after our free time, we had a reconciliation service, being given the chance to go to confession.  Sure, there are things I knew I could say, but I was not sure how comfortable or ready I was or if I had the words to say.  In the end, I went to confession; thank goodness for me there was another priest, other than the one that I see everyday, hearing confessions.  It was good to have gone and I loved the priest that heard my confession, he had good things to say to help and even a book suggestion to read.  The book is called “Becoming Who We” Are by James Martin.  When I came out and went back to listen to the music and reflect, I started writing a poem and declaration.  This is what came of it.

Over and over again

The same thing I sin

And You love me so

Time again I do run

As far as shines the sun

And You love me so

My mind in evil does stray

Who knows where each day

And You love me so

Satan fights to have me

Going places I shouldn’t be

And You love me so

When I have done wrong

You reach me in song

Because You love me so

Though far I can stray

You tell me it is okay

Because You love me so

When evil enters my mind

The good in me you find

Because You love me so

Though Satan does fight well

I am sent with you to travel

Because You love me so

With You I must be

Where sin doesn’t see

For You love me so

With You I must abide

Running thrown to the side

For You love me so

With You I must think

Evil won’t make me sink

For You love me so

With You I must enter

Satan will not be better

For You love me so

Truly I am loved and I can not allow myself to stray and sin, letting Satan take a hold of me.  The pain I have gone through has been as confusing as ever and it must be conquered however possible.  By other means must I live to fight all that holds me back from what God wants of me in this life.  In preparation to enter into formation for the religious life, I must give everything to the Lord.  He alone can free me and bring me to fully understand the happiness I will find in His plan.  For strength, wisdom, and love I do pray on this journey.

This weekend, as I  have said before, was wonderful for me.  The chance to not work and just be a part of the retreat was exactly what I needed at the moment.  When you live alone, you forget the value of community and just hanging out with people your age who are in some way dealing with something that is similar to you.  I was re-energized by talking to people about my desire to enter into formation (while yes…I still have to finish and turn in the app) with those who asked about my plans for the future.  I also conquer for a brief moment my fear of speaking in front of people about me.  Our presentation last night involved a rotating panel.  Basically, if you wanted to speak, you got up and sat in one of the four chairs in front.  There were four topics that built on each other, timed on each.  I pray that I am able remember the lessons learned this weekend, the good times that were had, and the new friends that I have made.

Fact: On July 16, 1908, the first four missionary Salesian Sisters arrived in New York City. They settled in Paterson, NJ, to begin their ministry with the children of Italian immigrants.

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Let Go and Let God: Letting the Spirit Move You

I want to start today by sharing with you a little poem that I received when I made my TEC retreat during my freshman year of college.  It has always given me much to think about each time I read through it.  Today I felt the urge to read it again and reflect once more upon the meaning.  It is called “Let Go and Let God.”  The author is unknown, as many people claim to have written it.

As Children bring their broken toys

with tears for us to mend,

I brought my broken dreams to God

because He was my friend.

But then, instead of leaving Him,

in peace, to work alone;

I hung around and tried to help,

with ways that were my own.

At last, I snatched them back and cried,

“How can you be so slow?”

“My child,” He said, “What could I do?

You never did let go.”

Letting go of things has been, and I am sure will be still, one of the hardest things to do.  It is not even just the good things that we seem to have a hard time letting go of; it is the bad things as well.  Why, in either case, can we not let go of things that hold us from what God really wants in our life.  For me, hard times came into my life and although I know not the complete source of them yet, but I was unable to fully give them to God.

It was not until that Riverbend TEC #224 that I hit a point where I could not handle it anymore and lost control of my emotions.  Die night when time for confession came and I was sitting staring at Jesus, the tears did come.  They flowed harder than they had in a long time needless to say, which led to some good conversations with a leader on my team.  In short, she asked me if I would like the team to pray over me the next morning, and I ended up agreeing to it.  As well that next morning, another leader of my team approached me (little did I know at the time that he was to be praying for me that weekend) and asked if I wanted to receive the sacrament of Anointing of the Sick.  After much debate, my heart said just do it.  My close friend was working on another team, but had known what was going on as I asked to see her.  She ended up coming the the anointing that day; more tears were shed as it happened and I was prayed over again.  Powerful as it was, I hit the draining of a lifetime.  I was completely exhausted and somehow made it through the work of the weekend in one piece.  The following story is my close friends recapturing the weekend.  It is quoted exactly from what she wrote.

Once Upon a Time…

There was a friend.
This girl longed to go outside. But she was trapped in a cage.
This girl wanted to run. But she lost energy.
This girl wanted to cry. But the tears had dried up.
This girl wanted many things. But she could not get to them.

Then there was me.
I didn’t want to go outside. But felt compelled to and did anyways.
I didn’t want to run. But I spent a long time on the swing-set anyways.
I didn’t want to cry. But it was uncontrollable and unstoppable.
I didn’t want any of these things. But I could get to them.

There is not a much stronger bond than that of friendship. The closer the friends, the stronger the bond. This story is true. The Spirit took time to move me into different places I would normally shy away from. I don’t quite understand what happened but after lining up time lines/actions/wants there is no other explanation. Like one of my favorite songs says, “God is great, People are crazy”.

I hope that others will learn when the Spirit calls, listen. Even if you don’t know why, or what it is asking. Follow. You never know what a difference it can make in someone else’s life. Or in your own life.

How is it that someone who can not see me feel what I could not feel or was not allowed to feel due to the work that I had to do?  The spirit moved in us and it was the only way I made it through without leaving, not to mention the amazing community that I was surrounded by.  What does any of these two things have to do with each other?  It was this experience that letting go and letting God take what was hurting in me was something I tried even harder to let myself do.  Sure, I still struggled and I do even now.  Things that affect your life so greatly stick with you, it is what you do with them that makes the difference

As I am preparing myself for entering into formation, I think often back on this time.  It was a point in my life where some things were starting to change.  Sure, I was about to spend more time than I had in four years at home, which for me can be hard at times with the differing views and thoughts on stuff.  Even with that, I felt more ready to battle things; despite how exhausted physically, mentally, and spiritually I was.

Given the place that I am in right now in life, I think about this often, as I had mentioned.  How does most recent TEC experience link back to my first TEC experience?  The difficulty I went through reminded me again of how I need to continuously let go and let God.  Holding on to those pains does not help me achieve God’s plan.  Preparing for formation, I often think about if these things of the past will come to affect me again, but then I realize that that thinking only hurts me.  You see, I need to constantly be giving everything and every moment of every day to God.  This was, He can take it all and return it to me in the form of love in what His plans for me are.  These are the thoughts of the day.  Remember to always let go and let God, be open to what the Spirit moves you to do, you never know what will happen in life.

Fact: The mission of the Salesian Sisters, Priests, and Brothers is to educate young people, especially the poor.


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One of Many Theme Songs for Life

This video was shown to me and I found it really to be perfect for my life at this moment.  It is “Walk on Water” by Britt Nicole.  Take a listen to it; the lyrics are on the video.

So what are you waiting for
What do you have to lose
Your insecurities
They try to hold to you
But you know you’re made for more
So don’t be afraid to move
Your faith is all it takes
And you can walk on the water too

Can I just say, so true!  This is now one of my all time favorite songs.  I struggle each day with insecurities, worries, and fears.  Trying to hold on to that smile is my hope, as well as visiting the sisters whenever I can given my schedule and the money.  Now, it is not easy, as I have mentioned before.  Stay at it and God will bring you through. Let’s now dig into the part of the song that says “don’t be afraid.”

[Jesus’] most common command emerges from the “fear not” genre.  The Gospels list some 125 Christ-issued imperatives.  Of these, 21 urge us to “not be afraid” or “not fear” or “have courage” or “take heart” or “be of good cheer.”  The second most common command, to love God and neighbor, appears on only eight occasions.  If quantity is any indicator, Jesus takes our fears seriously.  The one statement he made more than any other was this: don’t be afraid. (Fearless by Max Lucado – page 10)

Jesus does not want us to be afraid.  Why do you think that is?  He was sent here by the Father to die for our sins and take care of the fear we have had because that sin.  Don’t be afraid.  Sounds simple when said just like that, but we know different.  One of the phrases that we use on the TEC retreats is “Let go and let God.”  Give it to Him, and He will comfort you.

Everyday I think about my entering (yes…still need to finish the application) to be a sister.  Can I do it?  Somewhere deep inside, I know I can.  On the flip, I have that fear and insecurity of whether or not I am cut out for this calling in life.  I ask that you all continue to pray for me as I pray for you, and we shall be help to each other on our journeys.

Fact: The Salesian Sisters in the United States belong to two provinces, the East and the West. I would belong to the Eastern Province, known as St. Philip the Apostle Province.

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