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Holding On

This song is titled “Hold On” and it is by the band Abandon.  Reflection to follow.

How many people do you think we encounter in the day that need someone to tell them to hold on and that they will pray for them?  It could be someone you know who is very close to you or someone you have never met.  Think about it as you go about your day.  It is the simplest things that could turn someone away and into further darkness, or it the simplest things that could guide someone back to the light with hope.  Maybe this is you reaching out for something or someone to hold on to.  I’ll pray for you, and I am sure someone else will too without you even knowing it.  Just hold on, and you can make it through or help someone to make it through.

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Love of God

While doing spiritual reading today, I came across this statement made in the book.  It is “Unbound” by Neal Lozano

God sees something in you that you do not see.

Reading that caused me to stop completely and think upon that statement.  God, he sees something about me and in me that I am not seeing in myself.  Could this be were my overwhelmed feeling is coming from?  The idea that God sees something I do not, so I am not understanding yet why I am here…maybe.  This is a thought that has occured to me before, but reading it as I did, it hit me harder and more different than other times past.

Here are some song lyrics that I love and having been singing over and over in my head the past couple of days.

You alone are holy,
You alone are Lord.
You alone are worthy to be honored and adored.
Mercy You have given,
kindness You have shown.
Love is you alone.

Isn’t that beautiful?  I love the song like crazy.  It is simple, reflective, and beautiful.  Give it some thought and reflection asn see what comes to your mind.  If you know it, sing it.  There are some great things to be heard in there. 

This is all I leave you with for now, for there is much on my mind and it is not sorted enough to share with you all. Peace and prayers.


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