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Entering into Communion with Christ Through Mary

Tonight was our medal ceremony, it was amazing!  We sang and it was great.  Here are some poems to express what is in me.


The butterflies were fluttering everywhere

Pacing were our feet this way and that

Preperations of last minute to be done

Prayers that prayer is to go smooth sailing

Time finally arrived that which was here

A moment of which we have waited for

Before we know it all became a blur of time

Songs were sung with such great gusto

Readings read with passion deep within

Symbol of our devotion blessed indeed

Hang now around our necks proudly

Moment passes by and hugs are passed

Smiles now shine brightly from our faces

And the butterflies fly free once again


In all those moments past

Move on I have now done

Mary hangs around my neck

Blessed that she always is

Joy runs through my blood

Smile beams across my face

Heart pounds out of my chest

I want to dance for the Lord

Sing out with all my being

Oh what love could beat this

That which God has given

Shared passion with the world

Tears of happiness fall

Feelings of greatness fill me

Stay is will I pray it so

This life to live all the days

With a future that is bright

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There are those very special moments

The ones that connect people together

They are the times of friendship

Then the bond that lasts forever and ever

What is it that draws people as one

Where in time does that connection start

Why does it hurt to be so far away

When will the day come and not be apart

It is in everything seen that reminds me

Is this how life is always going to be

If the tears do not stop rolling down my face

In all these years can them I not see

My friends are a part of who I am

It is friends that have guided me all my life

Part of me is missing when friends are not near

Friends need to be near for the joy and the strife

So what do I do when I need them here

And my heart sinks in one swift sigh

Not being able to share in person my soul

Makes the times plainly go right on by

Never in the world this I have felt

To be so connected to friends in this way

That the tears run down my face

When I can not be near with words to say

Hear this plea for comfort and hugs

Wishing I could feel their endless love

Give me strength for making it through

And prayers to come down from above

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