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You Alone Are Holy

Jesus’ love…we need to focus on that.  Put everything in His and the Father’s care.  The Holy Spirit will be there with us in it all.  Why is this so hard for us to do?  If only we would give absolutely everything up to Him, then we could be set free.

Lord, you alone are holy.  Guide and protect us always.  Thank you for loving us.


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Grounded Bibles and Other Holy Things

I am curious as to what your thoughts are on this topic that popped up ever so briefly this morning.

A companion of mine in formation went to put her Bible on the ground after getting up from the chair to go get something she need before our shared meditation  (keep in mind there are no tables near).  As she went to put it down, she was told that she should not do that as it is a lack of respect for the Bible and the Word of God. 

What do you think of this?  I am coming at it form a Catholic background.  If it makes a difference, and it may or may not, it is good to know what background your stance is from.  Also, if you have thoughts on any other things in relation, I would love to hear thoughts!


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I Will Not Forget

How could we forget

What you did that day

To save us from sin

Dying upon the cross

How could we forget

The love flowing outpoured

From the Father through Son

Alive in the Holy Spirit

Lord I will not forget

You live deep in me

Guide my every move

So I may be like you

How could we forget

That our living each day

Going about our lives

Is a gift from you

How could we forget

The call you put in us

To be holy and true

Seeing you grace everywhere

Lord I will not forget

You live deep in me

Guide my every move

So I may be like you

Oh Lord, I will not forget

I will not forget again

I will not forget

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Love of God

While doing spiritual reading today, I came across this statement made in the book.  It is “Unbound” by Neal Lozano

God sees something in you that you do not see.

Reading that caused me to stop completely and think upon that statement.  God, he sees something about me and in me that I am not seeing in myself.  Could this be were my overwhelmed feeling is coming from?  The idea that God sees something I do not, so I am not understanding yet why I am here…maybe.  This is a thought that has occured to me before, but reading it as I did, it hit me harder and more different than other times past.

Here are some song lyrics that I love and having been singing over and over in my head the past couple of days.

You alone are holy,
You alone are Lord.
You alone are worthy to be honored and adored.
Mercy You have given,
kindness You have shown.
Love is you alone.

Isn’t that beautiful?  I love the song like crazy.  It is simple, reflective, and beautiful.  Give it some thought and reflection asn see what comes to your mind.  If you know it, sing it.  There are some great things to be heard in there. 

This is all I leave you with for now, for there is much on my mind and it is not sorted enough to share with you all. Peace and prayers.


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God and the Devil are Fighting

God and the devil are fighting… and the battlefield is the heart of man.

– Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Wow, is this ever a true statement for me.  Inside of me there does feel like there is a constant battle going on.  It is amazing all the things that can go on inside of us!  God wants us and he has a place by His side for us doing wonderfully marvelous stuff.  On the flip side, the Devil has taken his stabs at our hearts hoping to take control.  For me this is a huge issue that I am battling.

This weekend at the Women’s retreat, that I was able to participate in, I let myself break down Saturday night with all the worry and stress that I have been feeling lately.  It was such a blessing to have some amazing people on the retreat that stood/sat by my side and let me feel what I needed to feel.  While my closest friends are the most amazing things to me, these friends that I have found are great to me. 

Our theme was surrounded around finding our light amidst the darkness as well as recognizing the darkness as a holy darkness.  Throughout the whole weekend I had the quote I presented to you in my head.  Darkness tend to be associated most with the devil and times of difficulty.  Light tends to be associated most with God and the good things that Jesus has made possible for us to achieve. 

The thing is, when that darkness comes we need to lift it up to God and reach for his light.  So many people, me definitely included, get so caught up in the dark and do not see beyond it to the light that is left on for us from God.  That light can come straight from the big man Himself, friends, family, your surroundings, the great outdoors and many different things.  Holding onto that and giving everything to the light, to God, will make the darkness holy. 

How can darkness be Holy one may ask?  Well, when you give that pain and suffering to God you are shoving all the efforts of the devil back in his face.  The devil wants so much to take you over and win you soul for himself.  God wants equally the same and will wait there with the light on for you to come.  Giving your dark to God to be made into light turns the darkness into holy darkness.  We can learn from our dark moments; the lessons perhaps are the most meaningful to many people who suffer deep dark moments.  Sure, there are things we wish never were or we wish that we had never done, but there are some lessons to be had.  All this as long as we turn around and give our darkness to God to be turned to light. 

Of course I am telling all of you this and not relating at all, so how in the world could I know anything on this topic?  In my life, as has been mentioned before, I have hit some low points that I am not proud of.  I have thought about things one should never think about in their lives.  I have cried so many tears you would think I should be a shriveled up wrinkled ball of mess (yes it is okay to laugh, it is a funny image).  All in the same, I have had many lights in my life that have shown me out of the dark moments in time.  My friends are perhaps my greatest blessing in this world.  God truly shines through them.  They have pulled me through many things and given me back the light of God.  Holy Darkness.  Lessons were surely had and taken deep into my heart. 

So when the battlefield is in your heart with a fight between God and the Devil, remember to take the darkness you maybe feeling no matter how dark and give it all to God.  That way, he will turn it to lessons and light, winning the battle for your heart.  It is hard, I am not going to say otherwise, but it is so worth it when you make it through and there is true joy in your heart.  The true joy of finding God and being where He wants you to be.  Will your heart be the broken battlefield won by the Devil or will God reign with His light in your entire being?  Be the light of the world to each other and darkness will be Holy and we will live in joy! 

“You are the light of the world” Matthew 5:14


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What Do I Know Of Holy

This is Addison Road’s “What Do I Know of Holy.”  I like this version since it has just the lyrics, therefore you are allowed to think of your own images in you mind.

Do we really know what Holy is?

Can Holy even be defined as one specific thing?

God who spoke us into motion could be the only one who shows us this, defines Holy for us all.  When we talk and neglect to just listen to the Lord, we miss out on the Holy things He has for us.  Sure, we can hear all the stories and pass them on to others, but they are only words until we really see You and feel the Holiness you have for us.

Are we listening to God and being open to His Holiness?

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