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Short Thoughts on the Trinity

All of these little things I jotted down during a workshop on the Trinity.  Maybe they will be of some interest to you or someone you know!


If you can understand God, what you understand isn’t really God.

There was no Jesus at creation, only the Son.  Jesus was the Son incarnate.  Jesus ascends, the Son takes His body with Him.

The only things that humans made that goes to heaven are the wounds of Christ.

Jesus only appears to us as Himself, whereas Mary appears as those to whom she appears to.

Father, Son, and Spirit are all equal.  Three persons are equal in status and equally divine.

Whenever we refer to God, we are speaking of all three persons of the Trinity.


These are the ones that particularly struck me.  Maybe they will strike you.  I got a handout too, it is very good!

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Blessings of the Day

Today I was blessed with some wonderful moments between a mini-congress and a fiesta.  Here are the tidbits, then I shall be back to my new posting style! 😛


The first session I went to was about the Trinity.  There were so many amazing insights.  Many of the things I have heard and learned before.  The thing was, I was intrigued for a full hour and a half.


The second session I went to was Moving in God’s Grace.  It was about movement ministry.  We talked about all aspects of it and learned some movement to the Lord’s Prayer as well as “God Is” by Danielle Rose. 

The beauty of moving to “God Is” is that they only taught us the refrain and first verse.  The six of us attending were split in two groups.  My group got the second verse and the other group got the last.  Once we were done, we danced the entire song.  When is was the part that we did not do, we watched with are arms open.  At the end of the dance, I was shaking.  When my group did ours, one of the presenters was crying.  For those that know me, maybe I will do the dance for you sometime.

It is such a prayer, the movement ministry.  It is not dancers dancing in a show or trying to do something beyond their capabilities.  It is using the talent you have to add to a prayer moment.  If you are a more skilled dancer, there will be more involved.  If not, simplicity is just as well. 

During the session and when it was over, I was beaming.  Dancing is such a part of me that I cannot go with out.  It moves me, as does music.  I love it and pray I will always have it.


The third session was one that was media based.  There was more that could have been done with the use of media and talked about in that realm.  Despite that, we did a couple of scripture skits that reminded me of the retreats I have done in the past.  They we fun and funny. I enjoyed them.


At the fiesta, dancers from a studio performed.  None of the classes were beyond middle school age.  It was wonderful to see them, but sad because I miss dancing so much.  They did real well.


There was a first grader that I see every day at lunch, as I am with them when they eat, and her parents near where I was at one point during the festival.  The girl and I ended up dancing together.  It was so much fun and she was enjoying herself very much!  I must say I was enjoying it as well.  It was a good end to my night before coming back to the house.


These were many blessings that I was lucky to get today in a time when I think I really needed to have them.  Thank you Lord.  If you keep yourself open, you never know what can happen!

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Be Mine

This may have nothing to do with the rest of the post, or it may, but I want to share this first.  I got to spend some time with an amazing sister here at the convent.  I was able to share only a small handful of the writings that I have been inspired to write.  She provide some really good insight and observations that she found in my writing.  It was really good to hear and much-needed.

Last night we got to go to Catholic Underground in LA.  It is not huge like it is in New York, but either way, we got to go.  While there in adoration, these words came to my heart then to my pencil and paper. 


My friend, my brother, dear Jesus;

Is that you in my head?

Father, could you be calling;

That noise in my heart?

Spirit are you the breeze,

That wind that moves me?

Mother Mary, maybe it’s you,

The one that I hear inside.

One or all, why this call?

It penetrates me tonight;

Be mine, I hear, be mine!

How am I to do that,

This weak stumbling tired soul,

Unable to truly be myself.

Brother, how do I become like you?

Be mine you say over and over.

Father, What am I to do here?

Be mine you say over and over.

Spirit, how will I feel your presence?

Be mine you say over and over.

Mother, how can I trust them all?

Be mine you say over and over.

If that is all it takes,

Why is it so very hard?

Yet still the refrain repeats.

Be mine, dear sister, be mine.

Be mine, dear child, be mine.

Be mine, dear soul, be mine.

Be mine, dear daughter, be mine.

Be mine, I am yours.


Thank you for reading.  Remember where they came from and leave them here please.  I would appreciate it very much.

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Holy Spirit Moving Within

Today while at a workshop for the teachers, sisters, and is in formation; I was inspired with two poems.  Here they are, I hope you like them.


Spirit Blowing

Spirit blowing through my soul

In Christ please make me whole

As life to nature you do give

You moving in me how I live

Humble me spirit to my knees

Send to heaven my broken pleas

Never cease to blow throughout me

Giving from God who I am to be

Oh Spirit you catch me from falling

Yet allow me to crumble crying

From the Father and Son you come

Blowing through me in a simple hum

Spirit blowing through my soul

With you in me I am made full


Guide me Spirit

Another year does begin,

Will I know what is right?

Spirit will you be here,

To help me in the fight?

The struggles still come,

And challenges are more tough.

I need your varying breezes,

Smoothing this diamond in the rough.

When I lose track of who I am,

And wander from God far astray,

Spirit send your guiding wind,

To send me where I must stay.

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Long Awaited Update

It has been a while since I have posted, as those faithful readers may have noticed.  Life has been an abundance of things going on and emotions to peel through.  I would have these awesome thoughts that I would want to share with all of you then it a time would come where I could post them and the inspiration would disappear.  This is just a few things of the past days and days to come.

Camp ended great, though clean-up was interesting.  It was hard because I am so used to the way my old camp ran, which was always great.  I will miss some of those kids, but for me it was not the same.  I could not get into it as I could before.

We got to go to the evening prayer/ceremony for the postulants becoming novices.  It was so amazing to see the joy on their faces.  I got a chance to talk to a couple of people I wanted to talk to, which was great. 

Professions were beautiful.  I was a part of the instruments of the choir, the only blueberry doing that part.  It was kind of nice, though the instrument practice was a little frustrating at time.  It is what happen when musicians get together.  The sister who conducts is amazing and I absolutely love her.  The five who professed were radiant and glowing with the love of Christ.  One could not believe how happy they were unless they really knew what it meant to do what they are doing.  An old companion of mine and a very dear friend was able to come, so that was indeed a great blessing for me and for her too I would imagine.  The day was good and many blessing came that day.

Since then we have been busy in development helping out the sister in charge over there and her crew, as well as with tasks/projects around the house and school.  There have been there tensions, but also those good times.  Lessons are certainly still being learned, hopefully by all.

I am excited for next year and ready to move on (minus the lack of packing).  There are a good handful of things that I am nervous for, but most of them have to deal with things around me going on and relationships with some others.  This life is not easy and as I have been told many times. these things are normal going through formation.  With all the comings and goings, changes in people, and all sorts of stuff; it can send you into a spin.  Patience is needed, but hard sometimes.

Trust in the Lord.  I have been talking to Jesus more and making more of my journal entries as letters to HIm, laying everything down.  I still reflect on that past experience I had with Him during my spiritual direction.  I play my two songs inspired be the Holy Spirit often as they remind me of why I am here and what I must do. 

Sweet Jesus, brother and friend, transform each and every moment of my life.

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Soul of Dark and Light

Boom! Bang!

lost, afraid, running

which way to go, where to turn?

darkness, cold, not a single star

it is empty, completely empty

how did I get here?

someone get me out!

wait, a light over there

where did it come from?

bright, oh so very bright

it is warm too

closer, not feel so lost

what?  follow you?

you want me to give up my life?

No Way!  light, darkness

alone again, scared again

no, not doing it

who is that there, more light

happiness again, even joy

follow me it says.  why?

I gave my life, give yours

NO Way!  light, darkness

it is so cold.  chill.

lost, afraid, falling

whoosh —– light fast moving

inspiring goodness blowing

just follow and let go

let go of your life and follow

NO WAY!  gone light

all darkness, cold

oh it is so cold, lonely

crash, pain, dark

come back!  overcoming dark

swallowing me whole

Come Back!  lead me

take me with.  faded dark

light, warmth, joy

outstretched hand, whoosh —–

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Pentecost: Receive the Power!

Happy Feast of Pentecost!  Just to inspire you, I have a song for you to listen to.  It is one I hold in my heart as it is the theme song from World Youth Day 2008.  The title of the song is “Receive the Power.”

I could listen to it over and over again!  Isn’t  it amazing, how the Holy Spirit, pure love, comes into our lives?  God wants to be present to us always and this is how He does it.  He sends is Spirit of Love to be with us and inspire us to do great things, in His name and the name of His son Jesus.  Be sure to always be open to the Spirit working in you, but especially today on the Feast of Pentecost. 

To all those who read this, those who are in my life, and those I may never meet.  I pray that you are open to the workings of God Spirit of Love in your lives.  I pray that you feel the presence of the Spirit all around you.  May you be filled with strength through the Holy Spirit to do the work God has planned for you and that Jesus made possible for you to do.  Amen.


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Not Afraid Anymore

While waiting for Nicole to pick me up so we can hang out for the afternoon, I turned the television station to one that plays contemporary christian music.  One song had just ended and the next one began to play.

I said I belonged to you
But in a secret room
I kept a secret list
I said anything for you
Anything but this
Anything but this
You knew it all along
You knew it very well
You knew the sturdy walls I hid behind were nothing but a prison cell

I am not afraid any more
You have opened all the windows
Opened all the doors
I am not afraid any more
I fell the wind of freedom like I never did before
But I have spent the hours dancing on the floor
I am not afraid any more

 You have always been the same
I ran away from you
I ran away from you
Every time you called my name
I tried to hide the truth
I tried to hide the truth
You knew it all along
You knew it very well
You knew the more I covered up my heart
The more I didn’t know myself


No room for fear
No room
No room
No room for fear
perfect love is living here

(fade out)

 This song immediately as it started to play, sounded familiar.  I look at the screen then laughed a little.  I was told a while back that I needed to listen to this song by Marianne, one of my companions.  Right when the song started playing, I was getting lost in my head with all the fears.  God is very funny!  When I got to the car when my friend showed up, I was smiling and laughing about the song. 🙂

Really though, when I think about it a little more, I realize that I have to let go of some of those fears that I have.  If I do that, then I can be more open to the ways that God is working in my life, whether in the form of Father, Son, or Holy Spirit.  So much of this song at some point in my life has been true.  I really need to take the inspiration of the song in my heart.  God, help me not be afraid!

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Think About This

Just because there is pain and hurt, doesn’t mean one is not truly happy.

Even the rain can bring joy, not only the sun.

You will know when someone really cares, more than general caring.

Don’t try to understand everything, it never happens.

Some carry crosses that are much different from the others.

Everything is for God; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; even the darkness we must give.


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Many Short Thoughts

Missing people is rough sometimes.

Life is grand if you rely on God.  Grand doesn’t mean easy.  Life is hard too.

Just because you can feel deeply doesn’t mean others can too.

They really do like you even if you tell them to get to class every morning and other like things.

Rain is an amazing thing.  I wish I could stand in it, but I am supposed to be prudent.

Silence is good.  Sometimes it provides a chance to be noisy.

Don’t take for granted all that is around you.

Clean up after yourselves, it makes the world much more happy.

Don’t eat the noodle soup, it comes from a can and is salty, but I like it anyways.

There is goodness in everyone, even if it is impossible to see.

Sometimes they are right, sometimes they are wrong.  Act as if they are right no matter and deal with it later.

Swimming in the rain is so amazing.

Walk to New York often if a Sister will go, it is refreshing.

Tricky Tray is not a game, be ready to work.

If the internet is down, deal with it.  It will come back eventually.

Sleep when you can.  Don’t stay up till ten unless you have to for something important.

Call home every now and then.  While you may not mind the distance, someone else might.

Simplify everything.  Some people don’t here, it gets stressful.

Ask God for forgiveness the forgive yourself because He already has.

If it is windy and chilly, recess is outside.  If it is nice and warm, recess is inside.

If you want to cry, watch a movie with the sisters.  If you want to laugh, with the aspirants.

When you give up sweets as a house, you might have to sacrifice and eat cake.

If you are bored, you won’t be for long.

Friends are valuable, never give up on them.

Where is the snow?  Oh, right, weather changes and so do people.

Don’t think too hard while posting on a blog…things go on and on.

Even if you are sincere and honest, people may not believe you.  Stand up for yourself.

Be careful.  Know yourself.  Keep aware. 

Trust in God, our Creator and Father.

Give all to Jesus, our Savior and Brother.

Let the Holy Spirit move you, the Love that lives within.

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