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T’was The Night Before Lent

T’was the night before Lent

All my strength hath been spent

Then came along this one desire

Do something else to light the fire

It is not but another Lenten year

And life still holds much fear

Who can say when I will go

How much knowledge I will know

This I hear ringing in my head

With Jesus I am to be fed

But then the clatter once again

My life is not something to bargain

So this night before Lent does start

What is my sacrifice from the heart

Pray I must now to heaven above

So I can show greater love

As I sit here tonight, which the complete intention of doing my homework, I can not help but let my mind drift off to thinking of what I am doing for Lent.  Yes, I always hold off to the last moment.  Sure, I am giving up all sweets on account of that is what we do here in the house.  There are so many things that one could do for Lent, but I want to do something that means a little more than giving up food or Facebook or such things.  I want to do more than adding just another rope prayer into my day.  The prayer and hope I have is that when meditation comes around, God will inspire me to what shall be for me this Lent.

Have you thought seriously enough about what God is calling you to do this Lent or have just picked something because it is challenging/easy or what everyone else is doing?

Who is Jesus to you and what is He worth in your life?


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How is it Possible?

Is it even possible

That this could be true

That there is happy ending

From all we do for you

How are we to know

In a world of deception

That some things are good

Not all is rejection

Is it worth the search

For what keeps together

That will sure one day

Bring us safely there

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Sweet Baby Kleist

Sweet Baby Kleist, little sibbling dear

How I miss not meeting you here

God must really need you up above

For you weren’t here for me to love

Sure, you might have bothered me a bit

I would have sent you away to sit

Even so, I would have loved you

No matter what you would really do

Instead, God took you to heaven

So I ask you something, if I can

Please guide me and protect me

Lead me to where I am supposed to be

So when I do leave this place

I can finally meet you face to face


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Fear and Trust

In my last post, I forgot one distinctly thought-provoking quote from the book I have been reading that really stuck out to me, so here it is.

Fear is useless; what is needed is trust.

Sound familiar at all?  Well, to all of those in formation together or someone who has heard from me already, it is very similar to the moto us aspirants came up with.  “Trust don’t overthink!”  Back to the quote at hand though.  We are a people who lives in constant fear.  Though it may not be shown outwardly, all live in internally.  What is fear but an entrance into ourselves for Satan?  Living in fear has gotten people no where but in a state of unsurity which can drive them to dark places.  That is not what God wants of us!  Fear takes us far from the ultimate goal in heaven, via Jesus Christ who died for us. 

So if fear is useless to us, then what is to replace that fear we constantly live in?  We need to trust.  With trust we can do so much more.  Trusting in God shows Him that we believe He knows what He is doing.  Trust means we will give ourselves over to God’s will for us in life.  What better place to be than in His loving arms through all of life so that we may join His son, Jesus Christ, in heaven.  Yes, trust is hard to accomplish, but it is so important.  Just trust in God and He will provide.

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The Battle to be Fought

The battle unending

The goal in our sight

How do we stand it

Stick with the fight

Satan yearns for us

We are left unsure

God wants us back

Jesus is the cure

Continue we must

The strive for heaven

With what energy there is

We do what we can

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Prayer reveals to souls the vanity of earthly goods and pleasures. It fills them with light, strength and consolation; and gives them a foretaste of the calm bliss of our heavenly home. — St. Rose of Viterbo

Is prayer a vital part of each moment of you life?

What are your experiences of prayer?

Praying always is another thing that I am really working on, being able to pray during all that I do.  Challenge yourself.  Spend some time each day in prayer.  During the day pray as you do daily tasks.  The more you pray, the more you can become at ease, the more strength you have to stand up for your faith, the more God’s plan is revealed, and the more ready you are to accept what you must do in this life to make it to Heaven.

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Reach High For The Heavens

When the world seems to be closing in

And you are not even sure where to begin

There are people running all around

And your feet are not steady on the ground

Tears are rolling down your stain-streaked face

And all you want is get out of this place


Reach high for the heavens

Reach high for the heavens

God will be there

Holding out His hand

So reach high for the heavens


 When the road has been laid out just for you

And you think it is something you can’t do

The fear of the unknown fills you up

And you are not sure you can drink that cup

Being lost is all you have ever known

And the seeds of confusion have been sown


Reach high for the heavens

Reach high for the heavens

God will be there

Holding out His hand

So reach high for the heavens


When you see your life as it should be

And the potential there you do see

The chance is there for some change to come

And you may see the good you’re from

Smiles have the chance your face to appear

And what was confused can now be clear


Reach high for the heavens

Reach high for the heavens

God will be there

Holding out His hand

So reach high for the heavens

– Yours Truly

Fact: When you type in “Salesian Sisters of St. John Bosco” into a google search, you get about 15,300 hits.

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