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Guiding Lights

I wrote this poem a few days ago or so.  When I was writing it, I was in church for a SDB jubilee celebration thing.  This is the order in the pew starting on my left sitting down: my formator, my assistance, me, the “step-mother” (another sister who helps out with us sometimes).  It could definitely be also said of/to others as well.

To my left, to my right

You have given me light

It shines for me to see

Guide for what I want to be

Examples of great love and care

I too want to be there

Thank you for these souls

Who fill my empty holes

They help me on my way

As I grow each day

Each planted in me a seed

Please bless them indeed

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You Alone Are Holy

Jesus’ love…we need to focus on that.  Put everything in His and the Father’s care.  The Holy Spirit will be there with us in it all.  Why is this so hard for us to do?  If only we would give absolutely everything up to Him, then we could be set free.

Lord, you alone are holy.  Guide and protect us always.  Thank you for loving us.


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Guide Me Home

*While sitting in the corner chair by the window, a young person in discernment stares out the window.  In her heart there are many things.  Among those things is the darkness that tries to take her away from what God wills of her.  Here is the story of her heart in that moment on the chair, guitar in lap, creativity flowing.*


I walk through the valley

And darkness follows me through

I know not how to travel

With a burden so heavy


And I call out to you

Come and save me

I can’t do this alone

Guide me home

Guide me home


The darkness is so heavy

My heart seems to crumble

I yearn for the light

So that I may find peace


And I call out to you

Come and save me

I can’t do this alone

Guide me home

Guide me home

Guide me home


*There are chords and a melody to these lyrics.  At some point when I am confident enough to record, I will do so and post.  Thank you to all those who follow my blog and keep up with my writings.*


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Sweet Baby Kleist

Sweet Baby Kleist, little sibbling dear

How I miss not meeting you here

God must really need you up above

For you weren’t here for me to love

Sure, you might have bothered me a bit

I would have sent you away to sit

Even so, I would have loved you

No matter what you would really do

Instead, God took you to heaven

So I ask you something, if I can

Please guide me and protect me

Lead me to where I am supposed to be

So when I do leave this place

I can finally meet you face to face


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Mary, Be My Mother

Oh Mary, favored one most holy

Please be my mother and guide

For I need someone to talk to

Someone in whom I can confide

Hold me in your loving arms

I need to share all in my heart

It is overflowing with so much

Keep me close, never from you part

I pray for your intercession

Keep me safe under your wing

That I may fulfill my purpose

And with pure happiness, sing

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I Will Not Forget

How could we forget

What you did that day

To save us from sin

Dying upon the cross

How could we forget

The love flowing outpoured

From the Father through Son

Alive in the Holy Spirit

Lord I will not forget

You live deep in me

Guide my every move

So I may be like you

How could we forget

That our living each day

Going about our lives

Is a gift from you

How could we forget

The call you put in us

To be holy and true

Seeing you grace everywhere

Lord I will not forget

You live deep in me

Guide my every move

So I may be like you

Oh Lord, I will not forget

I will not forget again

I will not forget

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