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Silence for a Day!?

Contrary to what some may say, it is possible.  I did catch a couple whispering throughout and there were a couple of moments I found it completely necessary to speak.  That being said, Good Friday was a day were I went though so may different emotions.  As I look back at my journal, it is filled with an abundance of writings…and I don’t exaggerate on the word abundance.  From my journaling, I recall the day.

We did not have to be anywhere until nine in the morning.  It was a wonderful thing indeed!  After prayers and grabbing something to eat, one of the sisters and I headed up the hill to the cemetery.  You see, we are not allowed to go up there alone because of an apparent bear issue (that we have yet to hear about since the mention).  Our animator was kind in letting me go if someone came with.  Yay!

When we met to go up, this sister asked me if I would like to pray the rosary.  We made it through the second decade when we hit the cemetery.  Standing in the cemetery praying the third decade, we both glanced over all the names of the sisters resting in peace there.  It has been a little tradition of mine I started on my first visit there.  This time, I stopped and took a special look at Sr. Rose McShane’s stone on the wall.  This in honor of a special friend of mine who would visit her often.  Finishing the third decade, we turned to head back down to the house. 

The walk up there was wonderful and what I really needed at that moment.  There is complete peace up there and it leaves this beautiful feeling in me.  Walking along with the sister, I felt at home.  Admist that, my mind was all over pondering my vocation.  The walk to the cemetery was awesome.

During the silent retreat part of the day, I wrote in my journal and read.  That was about it with the exception of a nap.  My lunch was a wonderful roll and an apple.  It was very delicious. 

 For awhile now, I have been praying that Jesus would transform me (maybe two months or so) to how He wishes me to be.  When I went down the hill for the Good Friday Service, this was all I could pray as I reflected on my life, most especially since entering.  The service, as was the prior one, was good.  Again, I missed involvement with music.  At my parish as well, the choir I was involved with did the Good Friday mass.  Despite that, it was good to again be surrounded by the sisters.

We had the stations of the cross up the hill in our chapel with our community.  My prayer in that was simply to have Jesus bring me on His journey.  To have Him reach my heart and fill my soul with His love was what I had wanted.

That evening, we had a chance to go to a Tenebrae.  I am not sure I had gone to one before, though I have gone to something similar at Christmas.  One sister and a companion of mine were the only ones to go.  It was a good chance to reflect on the scriptures and through music. At the beginning we were all to take a nail.  When we went up to venerate the cross, we dropped the nail into a basket at the foot of the cross.  It was a powerful symbol to me.  So many things came across my mind in staring at that one nail. 

At the end of the day, I thanked Jesus over and over for all the opportunities I had to be with Him in special ways throughout the day.  Who ever knew a silent retreat could be so loudly fruitful?


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Holy Thursday and Good Friday – Majorly Abridged

These two days of holiness have been a mix of many things.  There is much that I wish to sahre with you, but I must wait.  Here is the brief thus far.

Holy Thursday

A half day of school ended with a prayer service.  There was reflection, adoration, skits, and a dance (which I was a part of)

Cleaning and decorating of chapels

Mass down the hill

Church Hopping

In my room a little after midnight

Good Friday

9am prayers

Silent retreat all day

Service down the hill


Finally talking at dinner!

Tenebrae in a parish

More to come eventually!


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Triduum Retreat

To preface, this was my first Triduum not at home.  First are my thoughts on the Holy Thursday experience I had.

When people arrived, it was a bit overwhelming.  My family left in the morning, so it was a bit weird having them go back home for Easter and me staying here away for the first time.  That being said, I was really excited for the retreat.

The thing that drew to me the most on Thursday was during the washing of the feet.  There were two boys on the retreat (age 11 and 13), and when it came around, one of them had to wash the feet of the other.  Whether or not they realized it, it seemed very meaningful to see them so that.

On Good Friday, I was particularly drawn to the Stations of the Cross that we did.  It was done from the point of view of Mary and her journey with Jesus.  I really loved doing them and being able read the part of Mary in my group.  There were some elements of the Passion reading and veneration that I missed about being in a parish, but the intimate setting was great too.

Holy Saturday was so relaxed with a lot of time of prep and also free time, as there is the whole retreat.  The Vigil service was great, again I missed the usual that I had done in all my years, but the intimate setting was great.  I am not sure I could explain how much it was a great service.

I loved the breakfast we had this morning!  It was really good, and I am stuffed.  Everyone left between 10:30 and 11:30.  This evening I went out to eat with the brothers.  It was a good experience.  Those guys are wonderful, that is for sure.  Now, I am off to play some cribbage!

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