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Live the Dream

Here is a video that I think all of you should see!  It puts such hope and yearning in one’s soul, among other things as well!

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Hold Me Close

Tuesday night I had wanted to go swimming, but I guess that God had another plan for me.  He sent lightning and thunder to put an end to that idea.  Instead, I went to the chapel with my guitar for just under an hour and a half (though I did not realize that I was in there that long).  In the end of it, I wrote a second song.  I guess one could say I have a collection now.  Here are the words; I am still practicing the melody and chords (as well as the first one I wrote).  Please enjoy and reflect on them, just don’t take them away from me.


Many times I run from you, but in the end I run back

Peace is what I long for, in your arms I know it’s there

Hold me close to you, in your loving embrace


And it’s you whose calling me, to follow you

And it’s me who has to answer you, saying I’ll come


The road is not easy, many challenges I will face

Others may come along, to try and lead me astray

I will hold fast to you, listening for your voice


Cause it’s you whose calling me, to follow you

And it’s me who is answering me you, here I come


No matter what’s in front of me, I will turn to you

You have brought me this far, so why would I leave

I give you my whole life, to love and protect


For you have called me, to follow you

And I have answered you, here I am

Here I am, here I am

Hold me close, hold me close

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Laughter by the Gallons

Last night Ana and I had the best of laughs singing and playing guitar.  I was trying to practice my song, which I have been doing over and over and most likely driving some people crazy.  She was doing stuff on the computer and then decided to mess with me by playing as well.  Between the crashing chords, “In the Jungle,” and all other crazy wild singing, we were laughing none stop!  I was so happy and excited about my song and I was enjoying time with a companion.  What could be better?

It is nights like those and moments like those that keep me on track with God’s plan for me.  It’s those things that I hold onto when the times are harder with everything that goes on around the house.  It is the laughter that comes by the gallons that I spread across my life of love of God.  You should try it sometime.

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Why are you Smiling?

Having arrived back to New Jersey, I find that I am overwhelmed with so many things.  Yet in my appearance, not many would even know so.  Maybe this could be due to the way I am dealing with those things that do overwhelm me in some way, shape, or form.  I am certainly most excited to be back here, there is no doubt about that.  One of the girls asked me today, ” why are you smiling all the time?”  Of course I responded with, “Why not?”  It was not enough of an answer and I knew it, but I wanted to see what she would come up with next for me.  “But really?”  To that I did respond, “Because I am where I am supposed to be and I am happy.”  It rolled right off my tonge and it felt good to say that. 

That statement is such a relief in many ways, even though I am not sure how long before I will need another relief.  Many things are sitting in me.  There is tension, worry, fear, frustration.  The thing to remember and work on is handing it all over.  I may not see eye to eye with those I live with.  I may be fighting a losing battle trying to make amends.  I may do things in a different way and not always be understood.  I may have a lot of other things like that in my life as well, but who is to say that I should let it get in my way.  I see a lot of walls, hurdles, fences, pools, trees, wild animals, and so much more in my path that I travel.  That cannot stop me from what I am striving to do, which is whatever God has willed for me in this life on earth.  Yes, I am scared out of my mind sometimes and so very unsure when something gets in my way.  What is key is placing it before the Father, the Son, the Spirit, Mary, and all the saints to whom I may implore.

I thought this year was tough, but next year may be just as tough for me.  Formation is not supposed to be easy, it challenges a person and pushes them to fulfill something greater in them.  The feeling of that greatness is in me, I can feel it.  Getting there is so hard and there are many doubts along the way.  Is this the right path?  If so, why all these unneeded difficulties?  I am here to discern through God’s will for me.  Friends are good to make along the way, but sisters are what we really gain.  This is a lesson I have learned a lot this past year.  Friendships that blossom and friendships that fade away.  Sisters though, are there no matter what.  Whether they are the best friends of sisters or the ones that never talk, they are sisters and they are there just the same.  Have I learned more?  Yes, sure I have.  Do I see myself very different from the rest?  Yes, of course so.  This is tough, this life is not easy but it is joyful.  By golly, it makes me smile all the time even amidst the struggles.

So yes, I am excited to be back.  It is not without its pains and fear, frustrations and trials.  Even so, you will find that I am often joyful at this call though it all.  You can’t hesitate at what you know is God’s will for you, even if you don’t think you can handle it.

So why then, in the end of it all, am I smiling all the time like an idiot?  God must have me right where He wants me in life and I am enjoying as much of it as I can!

Mary, help me.  Father, protect me.  Jesus, transform me.  Spirit, move me.


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Issues with Clothes?

As usual I woke up this morning and showered, went to mass, and came back to change into sweats.  It was a pleasant morning, especially with the addition of adoration this morning.  As time went by, I decided that I wanted to eat lunch.  Dad suggested that we go out to eat for lunch.  Here is where the interesting part came in.

I went downstairs to change into something other than scrubs.  All that I have been wearing outside of my uniform and pajamas has been shorts and a basic tee-shirt you get with anything you are involved with.  I thought maybe, even though we just went to a malt shop, I would not look like a high school kid or a college student.  (If you don’t know it, we are under no obligation to wear our uniform as aspirants going for a home visit)  In my closest hangs some of the skirts I love to wear.  I could pair them with a cute shirt, or one of my tee-shirts.  Then, I got confused and wondered if maybe I should just stick with the shorts and tee-shirt.  In the end, it was my jean shorts as usual and my green Don Bosco shirt.

Does this mean anything in my discernment process?  Most likely not.  It may just be the tricks I play on myself.  I could view it as a good thing that I was able to feel the weirdness of wearing something nicer, being used to wearing a uniform.  I am okay wearing normal clothes while home.

So why is this something I feel like sharing.  I have been trying to really imagine my life in a habit.  The path I feel God is calling me on right now means wearing a habit for the rest of my life.  It is very interesting to try to picture oneself and what you would be wearing in the future.  That really shouldn’t be something to worry about.  In the end, if we are doing what God wants us to do, then what else matters?


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Blessings to Help with Difficulties

It is the blessings that one must remember throughout all the difficult times.  Those are what will hold you together when something comes your way that you are not really sure you will be able to handle. 

One of the more recent blessings in my life has been the chance to go back to Cape May Point to Mary’s House with Jen.  It had been a while since we were able to hang out with each other…fooling around, playing games, praying, talking, and all that awesome stuff.  Jen and I got pretty close over the year with some of our similarities.  God granted us a chance to hang out and enjoy each others’ company.

Last night I got to walk around Centennial Lakes with Nicole.  We had been trying to talk and catch up for the past couple weeks or so, since she tried to get a hold of me.  It is amazing how the distance between us never changes how close we are and how much we trust each other.  She is someone I will never lose in my life.

Blessings, I could go through a whole list of them.  All my friends that helped me through those hard times and continue to help me now with my struggles.  They are the biggest blessings.  There are so many moments that God has given me to help me on my way.

So why am I afraid?  What is missing within me that makes my journey a little harder than some people who I know?  Will it make me all the stronger in then end?  Do the difficulties and struggles mean I am not worthy enough to do this great work for God that I am aiming for?  No.  It means there is something different and unique about me.  It means I need to remember even more those blessings in my life.  God has a plan in my life, and I will follow it to the best of my abilities.


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Words Of Few

The words to express are few and only these

I am not even sure I can fall to my knees

Instead I might crumble to the cold hard floor

But I will dare not walk out that convent door

God wants me here, I feel it deep in my heart

This love of kids and this life, I cannot part

How can it be that this is what God does intend

And I am left with these hard things to fend

There is no way my being here is a mistake

My genuineness to follow this call is not fake

So what do I do, how do I continue this journey

Not losing the call within or falling far from Thee

If others get in my way or from You distract

Please don’t let me lose my mind and pack

God’s plan I am determined to fully follow

To not let my faith in Him run out hollow

So as I crumble to the hard floor in tears

Know that I am just fighting through the fears

It is harder than one may outwardly perceive

I just hope from this life graces I do receive

Thank you God for the gifts to me given

For You I keep trying to live to get to heaven


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