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A Taste of My Life at SMU

The following is a video that was created to promote Hiawatha Valley TEC #61 during the spring semester 2009 at Saint Mary’s University.  This was during my senior year, which was this past school year.  First sleeping person is the campus minister.   Second sleeping person is the secretary (she is amazing).  Third sleeping person is the assistant campus minister.  Those on the couch are friends of mine.  The one terrorizing the place is a good friend of mine, we were in the same department.  The voice over is a friend too, we both studied Pastoral and Youth Ministry.  Enjoy!

I love TEC, it is a wonderful thing!  To learn more and find one in you area, click here.  This program was and still is a huge part of helping me become who I am to be in God’s eyes!  It makes me smile!

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In God’s Eyes

Here is a wonderful little poem that I composed October of 2006.  I had been sitting around in my dorm room, playing a game online with a close friend.  The urge had come over me to start writing.  This is what became of that.  At the time, I felt it had nothing to do with me.  All it was, was a beautiful piece of work

There is a glow on her face

One like never seen before

Shinning shimmering smile

Grows ever more beautiful

This young woman bows

Saying a soft prayer as she goes

A faith that was once lost

Grows every more beautiful

Looking around at a world

Where once she saw only bad

The view from God given to her

Grows ever more beautiful

Once brushing away from the needy

Now she gently kneels before them

Seeing in them the strength that

Grows ever more beautiful

Pain she once felt deep inside

Once hidden and hurt she felt

She now is told that she

Grows ever more beautiful

In Gods eyes



Wow…there are so many storied in that.  Back then, I did not see me in that at all.  My world did not seem so beautiful, but now as I read this again, it takes on a new life.  It now defines me in my discernment of my vocation.

The first part, a smile that spreads across the face.  It is what I now feel when talking about a religious life for me.  The second part, saying a soft prayer, a faith that was lost.  Even though the struggle is there, the faith is more sure that it once was.  The third part, seeing the world as bad, but really there is good too.  The world seems so bad to me, but yet take the time, and there are pleasant surprises.  The fourth part, ignoring the needy, but to what form of needy to I refer?  The needy of the poor, the ones who appear to lack nothing and appear to not care.  Look again at some, they have a faith that is stronger that ours.  Lastly, pain and hurt had filled me, not believing in the beauty within.  Now, I see the beauty through God’s eyes, the wondrous plans that He has for me, His child.  I now must live a life that is worthy in God’s Eyes.

Isn’t it amazing how something we can once brush off as nothing, can in the future be a look into what we did not realize?

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