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Tourist on Earth

I am not sure that this planet is home.  Do you ever have the feeling you’re a tourist on earth?  You’ll be walking down the street and suddenly it’s like a moving postcard around you…I’m a tourist on earth… They have funny customs here, but I am fond of the place.  When I remind myself I am tourist, when I do that, I can almost recall what it’s like where I came from.  There’s a magnet that’s pulling us, pulling us against the fence of this world’s limits.  I have this strange feeling that we come from the other side of the fence.  (Richard Bach)

Wow.  The first time I read that statement, like other times before, I had to pause a moment and read it again.  It is an interesting way to look at things.  I am quite a fan of the analogy.  Even so, I will not pick it apart so much, as in that you can allow yourselves to really look at it as well. 

I find that this speaks to me in a couple of ways.  Perhaps what stuck out to me the most is the feeling I have deep down that there is definitely something more for me in this life beyond what I am doing at this moment.  There is a draw towards something and that something has to come from that place that I came from.

That is all I will leave you with.  Hopefully this gives you something to think about.

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Posted by on May 20, 2011 in Inner Reflection


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