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As time has gone on, I have taken more time with my writings before posting them.  A lot of myself goes into everything I write, at least in terms of poems and reflections and such.  With that being as it is, I have told myself I need to sit with each things I write for a while and pray with it, especially so before I post it for all to see.  That being said, I am now sharing a poem I wrote while meditating before going to the midnight Christmas mass (at 11pm…perhaps the closest I have gotten, but hey, consecration was at midnight).  It is entitled “Hope” and as I said, it is written by yours truly.  I find it more as a prayer than a reflection, or perhaps it is both, and maybe even more.  Thank you for your honest reading and sharing in my journey. 


My hope is in you my God

Whose guiding strong hand

Whose living walking presence

Whose flowing steady breath

Leads me where I must go

My hope is in you my God

For you have stayed with me

You have reached me many times

In many ways, all three forms

My God you hold me close

Your embrace is tight, warm

It catches me when I fall

My tears are precious to you

The movement I make is yours

My hope is in you my God

Where else is there to turn

God, you do great things for me

My thanks goes on forever

I must always reach for you

My hope is in you my God

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Consecration and Promise

Tonight it adoration with the sisters, I was inspired again to write.  This time it was in the form of poems.  There are two of them.  Enjoy!

Consecration to Jesus

Pierce my heart penetrate my soul

Come to me Jesus and make me whole

Take from this little one all fear and sin

Enter my being to forever dwell within

For to you alone do I completely belong

And my heart doth sing a unique song

Jesus my big brother and dear friend

My life is all yours until the very end


Jesus’ Promise

Love of my life dear sister

I’ve called you to me

Be not afraid dear sister

I’m always there

I will carry you

I will hold you close to my heart

Dear sister my friend

We will always be together

Because I love you

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