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God’s Word

Reflection on God’s Word is a HUGE part of living in a Salesian convent, as I have learned in my time there.  It is something I really miss, sharing what the Holy Spirit inspires in me and hearing what comes from the reflections of others.  A dear friends of mine who has also tasted Salesian life has come up with a brilliant plan.  She and I are now in charge of a new blog together.  You can click here to check it out.

We post the Sunday readings, and perhaps more things once we get moving on it, and then you the reader comes and shares in reflection with us.  Community in this aspect is so nurturing to one’s faith life.  Please come and check us out!  We would love to have you.

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5th Grade Retreat

This evening I was very struck by some amazing young people at the school here.  From about 2pm until 8pm there was a retreat for the (mostly) 5th graders.  I helped out from 5pm and on.  It was amazing the things that some of these kids shared with the others.  They reflected on Advent and Christmas, the true meanings of the seasons.  At the end they made commitments.  To close they all shared something they learned or the commitments that they made.  Earlier they shared their reflections and prayer intentions before dinner.  The faith of some of these kids amazes me.  The moments I had with them reminds me of the passion that I have for youth and retreat work.  I pray that this is something that is in my future as a hopefully to be nun!

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Some Thoughts on Community

Community is the greatest joy and the greatest challenge.

People are healed and saved in the context of community (most of the time).

We don’t have to do everything, the Lord is already there.

Not everyone has the capacity of community.

A community can never become life-giving without solving conflict.

Communication can cause miracles.

To be successful in faith-sharing, there has to be enough faith and trust.

Community is a carefully orchestrated dance.

We cannot have people substituting what belongs to Jesus Christ.

When each person working on growing, the whole community grows.

You can’t say hello until you learn to say goodbye.


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Saints full of Fervor

Last night brought joy to my life.  During the goodnight, Sr. Sandra used a song that we had used during our ICF class that day.  It fits along the lines of All Saints Day.  The title is “The Saint that is just Me” and it is by Danielle Rose.

Following the good night, we sat around the table talking and singing and listening to music from Sr. Sandra’s computer.  During chores, the music continued and the joy permeated from us all.  There was such spirit in the house like you could never imagine.  I felt so at home in those moments.  These words do not even do any of it justice. 

This morning we got to have prayer a little later due to the school mass.  When we sat down to eat breakfast, Sr. Sandra asked if we could sense the fervor in the room.  I could tell there was something different things morning and special.  The morning continued beautifully with a wonderful school mass.  It is amazing what the Lord will do when we all trust in Him

We are all saints, don’t you forget it.  Make sure you live your life worthy of the title of saint at all times.

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Short Thoughts on Community

Community is the place where we grow in holiness, where we experience the healing power of Jesus, where we are challenged to live our vocation as holy women.

Every community has the potential to be life-giving or life-draining.

The common good is the most important in community life.

You cannot persevere in this life without good friends.

God calls us to live in community.

Community fulfills the deepest desire of our hearts.


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Changes in Living

This morning we had our first little meeting with our animator/formator.  From what I can see, this year we are buckling down a bit more than last year.  I am excited, and it will be real good. 

As with last year, talking is not allowed in the morning until after mass.  Granted since we go to the parish for mass, there may be a moment where it is more rude to not say anything.

In the evening it is quiet in the house at nine, vacate the study and go to our rooms to ready for bed at nine-thirty, and lights out at ten.  It is a bit different from last year.  I want to inquire to whether this pertains to the weekend or not, especially Saturday night when Sunday morning is a later morning. 

Phone usage is weekends only unless there is a specific reason to be calling someone during the weekday.

As far as I know, internet usage is whenever an appropriate time is found.

I am excited for the year and cannot wait until we get our schedules for the semester/year!

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Spring is Coming

This is what I would like to hope is happening in my life.  I want to believe deeply that spring is coming, even though it may be moving really slow right now.  This song really drew my attention for a few different reasons.  You may know them, you may not.  That does not matter much.  We are all in a journey.

I guess the first verse really hit me the most, maybe because it is the first.  The whole progression sung about throughout the song is something I have seen come through my life many times.  Sometimes it is in short spurts, other times with works out over a very long period of time.  Best thing, we have people to travel with!

I hope you enjoy this song, some more will be coming in the next days I hope.  Peace!


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