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A Plugged In Society: Awareness of Surroundings

We are just that, a “plugged in” society.  Not even that, it is a cordless world where take our plugged in mentality wherever we roam.  As I watch the kids get off the bus and wander into school, you see a common thing.  Aside from the skirts hiked up and the lack of interest you are standing there greeting them, there are numerous students listening to there Ipods and mp3s, or talking on the phone. 

Now I do understand, in the morning, if you just don’t want to have that conversation with your parents on the way to school, but one could at least wait to step out of the car to plug in.  Move to lunch time.  You are at school with your friends and so our your other friends at other schools.  The phone has become such an attachment that one comes up with what is thought to be creative ways to hide the phone being snuck out of the locker.  This leads me to wonder if one day all communication with lack face to face time and the use of our voices.

On another note of similar yet different topic, the awareness that people today hold is starting to dwindle a bit from what it was.  We have become very good at pointing out that which is not good about a situation and each person and such like things.  Looking at the whole picture and what is the best is something I tend to find rare.  People have their thoughts and opinions and great ideas.  As a whole, many groups struggle to communicate and look at what is really going on around them in others.  Seeing things simply is something we all need to work on.  Listening fully to what people say without a quick fire response is also a lesson to be learned, one that can save much trouble.

So, these are just some thoughts of the morning that I have had.  Thanks for reading, as always!

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Affirming the Discerning

It has been a while since I have posted, as things have been staying quite busy.  Right now I have just one week left at the Marianist Family Retreat Center in Cape May Point, NJ (look it up!).  It is sad that my time is nearly to an end.  My last retreat is coming up and it may be a little emotional being I am hitting the road the day after it ends back to Minnesota.  God has done, is doing, and will do great things.

There are themed days on the week: welcoming, communication, forgiveness, affirmation, commitment, and commissioning.  On Commitment day, something really hit me.  During a part of the service, the families share their commitments to each other and to the world in front of all of us on the retreat.  The parents go first and share their commitments to each other, renewing what they had at marriage.  They they invite the kids up and continue.  While the couples were sharing, each time a couple came up, I thought it so beautiful their love for each other.  How wonderful to have that!  I was thinking how that is something I really want in my life and how wonderful it would be to have it like them.  Then, I also had this feeling of it is not for me as much as I could ever want it.  It was truly an affirmation that taking the step to go into formation with the Salesians is the right thing to do even if it does not work out that way. 

There is so much on my heart and in my mind right now, but I don’t want to overload with a long post, nor do I really have the words to express.  These next days, maybe weeks, and even possibly months, are going to be emotional ones and very energy draining.  I just pray for strength and wisdom through it all.  Peace.


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