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The Power of a Clothespin

Due to the day that was yesterday, I am late in post the poem that I wrote for yesterday.  Therefore, it has appeared now with the inspiration, enjoy!

I read this really cute story having to do with clothespin ministry and it inspired me to write a poem.  Here is the story posted on my facebook page.

Today our 3 year old shared her clothespin with a man sitting by himself in the waiting room. She walked up and said; “Here my friend, you are not alone.” He smiled and once he read the pin his eyes started to water and thanked her over and over. She patted his knee and said; “It’s okay, God is always gonna be with you.” and cheerfully walked away. We are so excited to make clothespins and continue this ministry! All because we saw a group passing a clothespin around at a concert. <><

Amazing, isn’t it?!  The girl is only three.  I find this story so inspiring.  After having read this, I got the inspiration for my next poem.  This is what I came up with.

Did you ever imagine

The power it could bring

A simple household item

And a message so true

Just pass it on and on

You will certainly see

A life can be changed

Just imagine one day

As you are feeling blue

Something cathes the eye

And you see it there

Such joy in surprise

This very simple thing

Someone cares for you

It must be passed on

So all may see it now

A message of love

Sent in a clothespin

Do you want to learn more and connect with others who are into this ministry?  Click here! Thanks for reading.  God Bless!

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Clothespin Ministry

This past weekend was a Christian Music Festival called Higher Ground.  It is one of the most awesome things ever, next to my love of TEC retreats.  The group I was with was pretty big, most of us actually from the RB TEC community.   It stormed heavily, sun blazed, mud everywhere, rain shower, lots of music, great community, many laughs, and so much more.  Before the weekend I had decided that I was going to do a special ministry.  Clothespin Ministry!

Basically, clothespin ministry is taking spring clothespins and writing messages of faith, hope, and love on them.  Then, you can write “pass it on” on it too.  Typically you write the message on one said and passing on the other.  Once you have your clothespins ready to go, you pin people with them.  The trick is being able to do it without that person being seen.  Let me tell you, it is amazing and exciting and I loved it!  During Higher Ground, I got out 50 clothespins.  There was something awesome about it, that is for sure.

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