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Courageous Casting Crowns

As most people know, I am a HUGE (might be an understatement) fan of Casting Crowns.  I got in my e-mail the information for the pre-order today and I just have to decide who I am doing it through.  The album comes out on October 18th.  One of the songs for the album is the title track for a movie that comes out September 30th, “Courageous” (title of song and of movie).  Here is a sneak peek!

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Just a Good Song

This is a song that I discovered a while back and thought of it recently.  Therefore, I want to share it with all of you.  It really gives a person something to think about.  Besides, it is just good music.

Wonder what can be so bad
That it makes you want to die
I wonder what could be so tragic
Makes you want to take your life
You have your Savior on the cross
While you sit on the throne
Put yourself up on that cross
Put your Savior on the throne

And I know it’s hard to take what’s happening
And I know life is tough sometimes
And I know it seems like there’s no hope for you
And I know your life is worth more than you can see

It’s hard to see beyond your pain
When you feel so dead inside
It’s hard to see what you’ve been given
It’s hard to find the hope in life

And I know it’s hard to take what’s happening
And I know life is tough sometimes
And I know it seems like there’s no hope for you
And I know your life is worth more than you can see

And I say look at Jesus’ hands
Those scars are there for you
You know He understands
What you’re going through

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TobyMac’s “Get Back Up”

Upon finding this video, I found so many different things to reflect that I am not even sure what to say.  Here is the song, “Get Back Up,” by TobyMac.  Take from it what you can.

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The Depths of the Heart

Today is another day.  I walk from place to place looking around at my surroundings and all that fills the space of this place.  How did I land where I am in life?  What is it out there that is calling me deep in my heart and soul?  Life has always just happened kind in a flow with out much need for thought, although I have always given it more thought that anyone ever could.  Going to Saint Mary’s feel upon me in peer conversation of the decision.  Heading to work with the Marianist was a discovering of Google searching.  Desiring to explore the Salesians started with a meeting in a bathroom.  Everything seems to fall into line with I need more rope to walk across the desert on.

As I laid in my bed last night listening to my Christian music, something was pulling at me inside.  It was trying to go past my mind/thoughts, past the struggles I hold at home, past the frustrations that pop up around here.  It was calling me deep inside to something more.  So when I walk that place to place I try to picture life here, always.  Am I not letting the greatness happen by spending much time in pondering on it?  For my heart sang and danced for joy when the muisc played into my head.  Everything of my mind says all of this is not possible, not even faith.  Everything of my heart, soul, and being says this is it, God is there and he is watching out for me.  So what is it that I feel called to that is so much greater than this world and how can I describe it to anyone else in such a way that they could fully understand?  There are people here at the Salesians that I could surely voice this too or one of my two closest friends, no doubt there, but in what capacity?  Would I be underminding what God has in mind for me?

This part of me feel like that of which is greatly planned for me is hindered constantly by surroundings that cause me to doubt and think of myself otherwise.  I know that Satan will work through whatever means he can to get to those who are getting too close to God.  Here is a quote from a book called Unbound: A Practical Guide to Deliverance by Neal Lozano. 

[Satan] often walks through other people – those God intended to represent Him, such as parents and other caregivers.  Those with primary responsibility of presenting the character of God to the next generation are Satan’s targets and prime agents. (34)

How true that is!  Satan works in anyone that could cause you doubt, frustrations, and what have you; that could send you astray from God and what He wants for your life.  So then, it could be possible that even in the best of people, like those that I live with now, Satan can be using them to bring me to doubt the vocation that God wants me in.  Tell me so, isn’t that frustrating to be pushed out fromteh inside of what is so good and holy!?  With this in mind, the fight now becomes staying on my feet admist everything that life throws me, wherever it is from.  Then, how shall I discern what is of God and what is of Satan in what I am to do with my life.  All the same at moments in the day can be my feelings of leaving or staying, both giving me satisfaction but also both putting me in disaray. 

There is this other quote that hit me from the same book.

Lord Jesus, come and get me.  Capture my heart with Your love.  I do not have the strength of Jacob; give me the courage to ask  for the freedom and blessings that are mine in Christ.  Show me who I am and Your plan for my life, my identity and my destiny.  Bless me so that I may be a blessing to others. (29)

The part that sticks out to me in all the turmoil that is within is the first line.  “Lord Jesus, come and get me.”  I need to pray that He will come and capture my heart.  It is about all I can do.  Pray pray pray.  I ask once again, as always, that you will pray for me.  In turn, I will pray for all of you who follow and read my blog.  Peace and prayers.  Trust, don’t overthink.

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Clothespin Ministry

This past weekend was a Christian Music Festival called Higher Ground.  It is one of the most awesome things ever, next to my love of TEC retreats.  The group I was with was pretty big, most of us actually from the RB TEC community.   It stormed heavily, sun blazed, mud everywhere, rain shower, lots of music, great community, many laughs, and so much more.  Before the weekend I had decided that I was going to do a special ministry.  Clothespin Ministry!

Basically, clothespin ministry is taking spring clothespins and writing messages of faith, hope, and love on them.  Then, you can write “pass it on” on it too.  Typically you write the message on one said and passing on the other.  Once you have your clothespins ready to go, you pin people with them.  The trick is being able to do it without that person being seen.  Let me tell you, it is amazing and exciting and I loved it!  During Higher Ground, I got out 50 clothespins.  There was something awesome about it, that is for sure.

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Deep Within The Heart

Do you know what is beating deep within my heart?

It sends strings of these chills through my entire being

The chills knock down the pain that tries to abide in me

And I am overcome with the Spirit guiding me in life

Where I am going to go, this I can not possibly know

This I do say of what is moving my life in ways amazing

My heart longs for dance and music that awakens all

Music that tells a story, moves the soul, that keeps me alive

It is the Spirit in me, guiding me in ways never imagined

My faith will remain strong, to give me to God as He wants

With that I survive through this life moving where called

My heart wants nothing more than to do God’s will for me

Do you know what is beating deep within your heart?

Cause I know the Spirit is in me moving me where God wills

Let the Spirit in you too and you will be amazed at life

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A Song that Strikes at the Core

This weekend I am able to be participating in a retreat rather than having to work them.  It is the Young Adult Retreat and the theme is based on Discipleship.  While I do not have much to say now at this point, I wanted to share this song with you.  It is not a part of the retreat but it is very close to what I feel when I am telling people about entering into formation with the Salesians.  Also, I just really love this song.  Have a listen!

Last night I was telling one person in particular about next  year and she was asking me a handful of questions.  I realized once again the smile that crawls across my face as I am sharing this deep part of me.  It is a total reminder to myself that this is really what I need to be trying out next year.  God does amazing things in amazing ways!

Fact: Distinct characteristics of the Salesian spirituality are the three devotions that have been part of their prayers since the beginning.  This is one of them: “Dedication to the Church, seen especially in the person of the Pope. Pope John Paul II, who himself attended a Salesian parish, and his great love for the young, bring to life Don Bosco’s words, “Young people must know you, love them.” “


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