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In Veneration of the Holy Dance

It has now been four days since the mini-congress where I participated in a session called “Moving in God’s Grace.”  I still am dancing and moving to the song that we did in the session.  Even more than I used to do, I am seeing possibilities of movements for many songs that I hear! 

There is a prayer that we read at the end of the session that I wanted to share with you before when I posted, but did not.  Therefore, I will share it with you now.  I really love this one and will be holding onto it for a long time.  It seems to suit me very well and has given me much to think about.  The one change I would make is to say “the Father,” instead of “God.”

In Veneration of the Holy Dance

How beautiful are the dancer’s feet that dance to the music of God.

How lovely the dancer’s hands that move to the direction of Christ.

How delightful the dancer’s body, when it moves to the choreography of the Spirit.

Each leap of faith, each flight of hope, each fall in love, Intensifies the splendor of the Holy Dance.

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Questions on Faith

Back in September of 2008, these questions were posed to me by a priest friend of mine. I have recently found them and thought that maybe they would stir up some reflection for you as they do for me.

When it comes to faith…

…what is your desire?

…where is Christ in your life?

…where is Christ in your prayers?

…is there only joy in the fun upbeat worship?

…is there an area of blockage that has occurred in the prayer life?

…what is a prayer life right now?

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Silence for a Day!?

Contrary to what some may say, it is possible.  I did catch a couple whispering throughout and there were a couple of moments I found it completely necessary to speak.  That being said, Good Friday was a day were I went though so may different emotions.  As I look back at my journal, it is filled with an abundance of writings…and I don’t exaggerate on the word abundance.  From my journaling, I recall the day.

We did not have to be anywhere until nine in the morning.  It was a wonderful thing indeed!  After prayers and grabbing something to eat, one of the sisters and I headed up the hill to the cemetery.  You see, we are not allowed to go up there alone because of an apparent bear issue (that we have yet to hear about since the mention).  Our animator was kind in letting me go if someone came with.  Yay!

When we met to go up, this sister asked me if I would like to pray the rosary.  We made it through the second decade when we hit the cemetery.  Standing in the cemetery praying the third decade, we both glanced over all the names of the sisters resting in peace there.  It has been a little tradition of mine I started on my first visit there.  This time, I stopped and took a special look at Sr. Rose McShane’s stone on the wall.  This in honor of a special friend of mine who would visit her often.  Finishing the third decade, we turned to head back down to the house. 

The walk up there was wonderful and what I really needed at that moment.  There is complete peace up there and it leaves this beautiful feeling in me.  Walking along with the sister, I felt at home.  Admist that, my mind was all over pondering my vocation.  The walk to the cemetery was awesome.

During the silent retreat part of the day, I wrote in my journal and read.  That was about it with the exception of a nap.  My lunch was a wonderful roll and an apple.  It was very delicious. 

 For awhile now, I have been praying that Jesus would transform me (maybe two months or so) to how He wishes me to be.  When I went down the hill for the Good Friday Service, this was all I could pray as I reflected on my life, most especially since entering.  The service, as was the prior one, was good.  Again, I missed involvement with music.  At my parish as well, the choir I was involved with did the Good Friday mass.  Despite that, it was good to again be surrounded by the sisters.

We had the stations of the cross up the hill in our chapel with our community.  My prayer in that was simply to have Jesus bring me on His journey.  To have Him reach my heart and fill my soul with His love was what I had wanted.

That evening, we had a chance to go to a Tenebrae.  I am not sure I had gone to one before, though I have gone to something similar at Christmas.  One sister and a companion of mine were the only ones to go.  It was a good chance to reflect on the scriptures and through music. At the beginning we were all to take a nail.  When we went up to venerate the cross, we dropped the nail into a basket at the foot of the cross.  It was a powerful symbol to me.  So many things came across my mind in staring at that one nail. 

At the end of the day, I thanked Jesus over and over for all the opportunities I had to be with Him in special ways throughout the day.  Who ever knew a silent retreat could be so loudly fruitful?


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Church Hopping

I know that I am traveling a little ways back, but life has finally granted me a moment to catch up with everything I wanted to blog about, at least some of it.  So, here is some of that I wanted to share.  Some of it is taken directly from my journal, some is written now reflecting back.  I do apologize for the longer than normal post, please still read it!

To start off Holy Thursday festivities, the school had a prayer service before the half day dismissal.  As a part of it, there was a dance at the end to “Footprints in the Sand,” by Leona Lewis.  We danced to the first two and a half minutes or so.  It was really good to dance again, and it was not just easy stuff.  I was with two sophomores, one of which choreographed the dance.  Dancing for God was wonderful.  While I was not even close to perfect, I did the best I could.  Here is the song.  Remember, we only went to about two and a half minutes in the dance, but the rest of the song is good too!

That evening we went down the hill to the Provincial House for the Holy Thursday services.  It was odd not being a part of the music in some way or the other.  I blame anyone.  I know there was a better chance of a [former] companion of mine was there.  Let me say though, I say with all that I had with her voice in the back of my head.  I did enjoy being surrounded by the sisters, it was a wonderful family to be with then. 

I have some quotes from the priest who presided over the mass.  They stuck out to me as her was giving the homily.  I wish I would have caught more of it on paper.

We were called not because we were ready, but because we are willing.

We know we are not perfect, but we are willing.

You know what devil, get lost.

After the service, a handful of us climbed into the seven passenger van around eight pm to start the church hopping adventure.  For those of you who don’t know the tradition (and I just learned, so my explanation is a little meh), this is what I am able to explain.  In order to stay awake with Jesus, unlike the disciples who fell asleep and did not keep watch, you travel from church to church visiting Jesus in all the chapels before He is reposed to a special place until the Easter Vigil.  We went to a total of eight stops between leaving at eight and arriving at the last just before midnight.  It was just after midnight when we got back home.  The following in italics is from my journal, written that night.

Stop 1: Oh Jesus, bring me to my knees in adoration of you.  I love you.  Here I wish to pray for Jen and all her intentions.  She is very precious to me.  Be with her.  Oh Jesus, transform me.

Stop 2: Oh Jesus, give me humility in adoration of you.  I love you.  This stop is for my parents.  Watch over them, keep them close.  Be with them.  Oh Jesus, transform me.

Stop 3: Oh Jesus, give me prudence in adoration of you.  I love you.  I pray for Renate wherever she may be.  Bring her back to you and keep her safe.  Oh Jesus, transform me.

Stop 4:  Oh Jesus, give me wisdom in adoration of you.  I love you.  Watch over Matthew, Molly, and Abby.  Help them to never stray from you and to have a stong relationship with you.  Oh Jesus, transform me.

Stop 5: Oh Jesus, grant me courage in adoration of you.  I love you.  I pray for my Marianist Family, that they are always faithful to their charism.  Keep them in my heart.  Oh Jesus, transform me.

Stop 6: Oh Jesus, bring my to understanding in adoration of you.  I love you.  Shower your love on Priyanka as she grows up.  Show her your love and care that she may follow you.  Oh Jesus, transform me.

Stop 7: Oh Jesus, help me to love fully in adoration of you.  I love you.  Protect all my close friends.  Keep them close to you.  Let them know all the good they have done, especially for me.  Oh Jesus, transform me.

Stop 8: Oh Jesus, give me patience in adoration of you.  I love you.  I pray for me grandparents.  Let them know how much they are blessings in this world.  Grant them everlasting peace.  Oh Jesus, transform me.

“silently, peacefully, we will rest in you, Lord.”

Home/Bed: Thank you Lord, for the time spent with you.  I pray that these words of mine make it up to you.  All this I do and ask for the sake of my vocation.  It is in you and your Father that I must put all my trust.  What else could there even possibly be?  Jesus allow me to sit at your table so that I continue to learn from you in the way you are with your disciples.  Keep in my heart the experience tonight.  Thank you for everything you have done in my life.

It was amazing to see Jesus in all the different churches in the area.  I am blessed to be here and I cannot wait to share this experience.  Peace.


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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

First, I want to post a part of the Saint Patrick’s Breastplate Prayer for you to read and reflect with.  It may be different from what you know, but it is the one on my holy card.

Christ, be with me,

Christ before me, 

Christ behind me

Christ in me,

Christ beneath me,

Christ above me,

Christ on my right,

Christ on my left,

Christ where I lie,

Christ where I sit,

Christ where I arise,

Christ in the heart of every man who thinks of me,

Christ in the mouth of every man who speaks of me,

Christ in every eye that sees me,

Christ in every ear that hears me.

This is the part that stands out to me the most.  Perhaps it is one that might stand out for many of you as well.  Here is my little reflection on that section of the prayer.

“Christ, be with me.”  Jesus, come to my assistance and never leave me alone in this life.  I find so much of life we are wanting someone to be with us in everything that we do.  Quite often we have no one who we can relate to or have with us on the journey.  Ask for Jesus to come and be with you.  It is so peaceful if you ‘just are’ with Jesus.

“Christ before me.”  Jesus, when I am lost and unsure of where to go, guide me in Your pathways on the path I must follow.  Do you get lost?  I certainly do, and not just lost in the physical sense, but also in the spiritual sense and in your inner being.  There are so many times in life that I lose track of where I am going and I go to Jesus hoping that He will come before me and guide me on my way.

“Christ behind me.”  Jesus, every time that I run from you or turn my back to you, please follow me and stay with me in everything.  Ever catch yourself running from Jesus, from all God wants of you?  Every find yourself hopeless not wanting to see anything of faith?  Pray that Jesus is behind you to catch you when you fall and chase you when you run away from Him.  He will save you.

“Christ in me.”  Jesus I ask you, help me to remember and to act as Your living temple here on earth.  Every time we receive Jesus in the Eucharist, we are giving ourselves to Him to live within us.  How beautiful is that?!  Receive Jesus often.  Not only in the Eucharist, but in your surroundings as well.  He is everywhere, allow Him to enter into you.  As you receive Jesus in you, shine with His love no matter what.

“Christ beneath me.”  Jesus, please hold me up in the times that I want to sink to the ground; keep me up ion my feet.  There are times when we question our faith and that is healthy.  Then there are times when we begin to turn to doubt and become hopeless; that is not healthy.  We must never forget, even when we are trying to, that we can turn to Jesus to grab us and hold us up from falling to the dark side of life.  Jesus is in our footsteps on the ground keeping us from going downward.  Ask often that He keep you afloat.

“Christ above me.”  Watch over me Jesus, as I go about my day; keep me with the goal of heaven in mind but don’t allow me to think too highly of myself.  I find two different meanings in this phrase.  Jesus is wanting to guide us upward towards heaven, and we should always be facing that direction.  At the same time, Jesus is up there keeping us level so that we are not so full of ourselves that we think we are so much better than others.  While it is true in some aspects we may be better than another at something, we should not be high in the clouds over it.  As you go about your day, pray Jesus has your gaze fixed upward on Him with a longing to join Him.

“Christ on my right.”  In all the good things I do, take note of it Jesus; please let me know I am doing good and acknowledge it so I don’t despair.  We all want recognition for something that we have done that is right and good.  Where do you look for that recognition?  When we get it from those around us, it is always uplifting.  What we really need to do, though, is look that Jesus is happy with what we have done because He is the one guiding our goodness here on earth.

“Christ on my left.”  Every time I am tempted to do something that is not good, Jesus be there to stop me and bring me back to peace in You.  So, the right hand is typically associated with good, therefore the left hand associated with bad.  We can deny it, but we all have that bad thing or two that we are tempted to lean for and go to.  Just as Jesus is there to see the good, He is there to try and stop you from doing things you shouldn’t, or forgiving you when you come to Him repentant.  Ask for forgiveness, pray that Jesus keep you from temptation; He knows what it is like.

“Christ where I lie.”  In my sleep, I am vulnerable Jesus; keep me safe as I rest.  In our laying down and sleep, we find ourselves very vulnerable to what ever may try to penetrate our being.  Praying for Christ to be with you where you lie is so important.  Having a crucifix in your room, by your bed, or wherever you are when you sleep is something worth while.  He will protect you as you are resting to do His will.

“Christ where I sit.”  As I sit and contemplate you through prayer and work, keep my focus on You and help me not to be anxious in my waiting.  So many times when we sit, we can get tired and lose track of the point and focus of the prayer or work or game we are playing.  Let us always pray that in all we do while still, it is still for the love of Jesus.

“Christ where I arise.”  As I get up to do Your will, guide me oh Jesus in everything I do.  As I move about everything that I do in every day, I constantly remind myself that it all must be with Jesus in mind.  He is the one who gives me the strength to rise up and do His will.

“Christ in the heart of every man who thinks of me.”  When I share my heart, let it be filled with Your love Jesus.  Our heart should be so conformed to His that when are heart meets the hearts of others, Jesus’ love enters into their heart and therefore their minds. 

“Christ in the mouth of every man who speaks of me.”  When other speak of me Jesus, let it be that You are in the words they say of me.  Every time that you speak, others should speak of you as if you have Jesus in your life, which you do.  They should be caught in His love in which even more would hear when they speak of me within the realm of His love..

“Christ in every eye that sees me.”  As I move about my day, Jesus I pray that all my actions are a reflection of You and Your love.  Many say actions speak louder than words.  If this is true, all that others see of me should surpass the greatness of the love of my words so that they may be drawn to see what I am doing.  Your love must radiate from the way that I act.  Many people can read body language better than words.  Pray that others see Jesus in you.

“Christ in every ear that hears me.”  When I speak my words, let they be like Your words Jesus.  As others are hearing me in everything I am for Jesus, they should be able to hear Him speaking from me.  Are people hearing Jesus in what you say?  Pray that Jesus speaks through you for others to hear.

These are my reflections, take them as they are and for whatever they may be worth to you.  Have any reflections of your own?  Please feel free to share them here with all of us!  Peace.

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Move On In God’s Grace

What is done is done they say

You got to move on not matter anyway

So what if it was oh so very great

Or very bad and full of such hate

God’s grace has pulled you through

You now need to do what He says too

Sure somedays maybe so difficult

In this world there is lots of fault

But pick yourself up off the ground

And live in the love you have found

When you look into Christ’s loving face

To see the grace that keeps you in place

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Oh Christ, I Adore You

These lyrics were inspired from a night of adoration and worship.  Please enjoy!

I lay all that I am

At your feet in adoration

Only because of you

I have something to live for

Oh Christ, I adore you


Christ, you alone understand

The makings of my entire being

As I gaze upon you tonight

Fill me with all the grace I need

My inner being dances for joy


I lay all that I am

At your feet in adoration

Only because of you

I have something to live for

Oh Christ, I adore you


Christ, I could never express

All the gratitude I have for you

So with you in your presence

I give myself to your own will

Lead me to share the joy with all

So everything I am becomes yours


I lay all that I am

At your feet in adoration

Only because of you

I have something to live for

Oh Christ, I adore you

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