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Jesus and Religion

 In case you have not heard, there was a particular video that made its surface not long ago and got millions of hits in just one day.  It is talking about how Jesus is great, but religion is not.  The creator of the video calls it “Why I Hate Religion, but Love Jesus || Spoken Word.”  There has been much discussion and many conversations on this.  Some of our Salesian Novices created a video in response to this, almost immediately after they heard and saw.  They called it, “Why I Love Religion, and Love Jesus || Spoken Word (Response Video).”  I would strongly recommend that you watch the response video.  It is extremely well done and addresses the topics of the original one that was put out.  If you have not seen what all the fuss is about, watch the first one as well to gain some background.  I advocate what the second one is about, the one done by the Salesians, just so everyone knows.  Let me know what you think.

Why I Hate Religion, but Love Jesus || Spoken Word

Why I Love Religion, and Love Jesus || Spoken Word (Response Video)

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Finding Solitude

Upon signing into my facebook account, I saw this as the status from one of the sisters in the east who works in the provincial house.  It struck me profoundly and connected with other things in my life recently that have been topics to think about.  I hope you find something interesting and thought-provoking here.

All human beings are alone. No other person will completely feel like we do, think like we do, act like we do. Each of us is unique, and our aloneness is the other side of our uniqueness. The question is whether we let our aloneness become loneliness or whether we allow it to lead us into solitude. Loneliness is painful; solitude is peaceful. Loneliness makes us cling to others in desperation; solitude allows us to respect others in their uniqueness and create community.

Letting our aloneness grow into solitude and not into loneliness is a lifelong struggle. It requires conscious choices about whom to be with, what to study, how to pray, and when to ask for counsel. But wise choices will help us to find the solitude where our hearts can grow in love.

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Random Questions…Or Are They?

How do you make lemonade?

Is there a rainbow with the rain?

How do you dig the weeds up?

Which shoes should you wear?

Is there something in the brownies?

What color crayon is the best to take?

How do you know which door to open?

Which note is the most tuned?

Does each dance movement make a difference?

Is there more than one way eat an oreo?

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Lord, I Want To Be With You

The day before I started this blog, this was the final final push by Sister Colleen to get me to start one!  I was cracking her up with my lack of starting one.  Needless to say, it was a good idea.  Anyways, here are some lyrics I wrote.  This song to be is entitled “Lord, I Want To Be With You.”

Today I saw you walking in the street
Today you glanced in my direction
Today my hand was put into yours
Today words of wisdom were spoken

I am falling on my knees
Begging you Lord, please
Guide me in all that I do
Lord, I want to be with you

How did I not see you there before
Trying to guide me on your path
How could I have been so blind
You finally have reached into me

I am falling on my knees
Begging you Lord, please
Guide me in all that I do
Lord, I want to be with you

Take my hand and lead me on
Never let me stray from your side
Remind that I’m worth your time
Send me out worshiping and praising

I am falling on my knees
Begging you Lord, please
Guide me in all that I do
Lord, I want to be with you

With you, oh-oh-oh Lord, with you
Give me the strength and courage
It is only you I long to follow
So leave me here in prayer

I am falling on my knees
Begging you Lord, please
Guide me in all that I do
Lord, I want to be with you

Lord, I want to be with you
So take me into your will

Today I do not leave anything for you to reflect on, take as you wish.  Look at it in my life’s perspective or your own.  Share your thoughts if you wish!

Fact: “SALESIAN” – The title was chosen by St. John Bosco because of the esteem he had for St. Frances de Sales, and his desire that his Sisters, Priests, and Brothers imitate the kind and gentle ways of this saint.

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Weekend of Wonders

When I went to bed Friday night, I knew it was coming in all its glory.  Being a Minnesota native in Cape May Point, New Jersey, I was one of few who gladly awaited its coming.   The snow had already started to dust the ground around 4pm, and I knew it was going to be great.  The reports made people frightened.  They talked of power outages, how the grocery stores were becoming bare, and boots along with shovels where exiting the stores faster than one can imagine.  Bedtime came after a viewing of the movie Twister (one of my favorites by the way).  Around that time, the winds start gusting and the storm had arrived at 11pm!  I woke at what must have been early in the morning.  Laying there, I imagined what the ground must look like, but I was too cozy to look  out the window.  Suddenly (dun dun dun!) my phone went off.  It was Sister Colleen and I responded to her, causing myself to look at the phone and see it was 7:15am, crazy time for being able to sleep in.

The next realization was that the power was out and it was going to get gradually colder in my room.  The awesome thing is that I was able to go within a few yards to the house that the Marianist Brothers and Priest live.  There living room and TV room and stove top are gas (yay!).  It was a day to just sit and think.  I spent a lot of time looking out the window at the snow with teh wind gusting it all around.  We play some cribbage, I read, we had a delicious dinner together, and built a fire in the fireplace.  Falling asleep Saturday night on the chair in their living room, I felt a warmth of community and a comfort knowing they would take me in from my cold room!  Staring into the fire I looked into myself and the fire that has been burning in me.  It was a great moment for contemplation.

Sunday, we woke up and had mass at 8:30am in the living room.  It was a very interesting moment.  There are things I miss of mass with friends in a small group like that, but it was still pretty cool.  After breakfast, the real work began.  Shoveling all day.  I shall spare you from all the stories.  I will say that at 3:45 when everyone was done workign for the day, I decided that I was going to dig my car out and head to see the Salesians (FMA).  Let me say this, I had plenty of chances to do it earlier in the day giving me an earlier departure.  Needless to say, grand total of time spent on getting my car out (including the little I did in the morn to get my sunglasses) one and a half hours.  That is what you call darn good Minnesota smarts on how to properly get out a car.

Skipping many things, my visit to the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians was so much needed.  I was actually going crazy not being able to spend some time up there.  The biggest part of my weekend was that within 20 minutes of showing up Sister Collleen had me set up with my interview with Sister Phyllis at 7:30 Monday morning after prayers, mass, and breakfast.  I was not so much worried about the actual interview as I was worried that I was having to have the interview!  It turned out to be awesome and apparently I had the biggest grin on my face.  My visit only proved to be awesome with them.  The sad part was the part when I had to leave.

Other people I love there (I love everyone…but these have stories kind of) are Sister Ramona and Sister Rosalie.  My first visit, I was with Jen (met in bathroom, gave me a medal) and Sister Ramona setting up Christmas decorations.  Sister Ramona is sweet and fun and she always seems to make me smile!  Sister Rosalie is so lovely and I find inspiration in her.  I had the pleasure of walking in from prayer a couple times with Sister Rosalie, as well as helping clean up some things after dinner.  That lady will make me smile always as well!

For continuous readers, my absence was due to the sad weather.  I hope to be posting each day again, if not twice when there is a creative spirit in me.  For those one time readers, I urge you to read into the words I share.  There is much wisdom to be found for different people in one singular creative burst.  Peace!

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Become an FMA…Really God?

I met the Salesian Sisters at NCYC 2009, in the bathroom.  The east provincial house  is in New Jersey.  How is it possible that I could learn about something that could be my future in another odd way, and only three hours from where I am this year?  When the vocation director, Sister Colleen (amazing person I must say), figured out I was from Minnesota and not going home the next weekend for thanksgiving, I was invited/talked into coming to stay at the convent the second half of Thanksgiving break.  That week between NCYC and going to see them was so busy that I had no time to even think about what was going to be going on.  I pulled up at the convent and felt this rush of all of a sudden stopping in my tracks.  Things slowed down and I was filled with questions.  What was I doing here?  How did this happen?  Why was I standing outside a convent hugging the vocation director?  Where did the time go?  When did I let myself decide I was comfortable visiting sisters at a convent?  The funny thing was after I was used to things, I was comfortable being there.  There was still some awkward moments with the sisters, not sure what to say.  They were pretty cool people, though, I must say.

When I got back to the retreat house I live at and work at, I called a friend or two.  I could not stop talking about the sisters and how I might be called to that but could I really do that, then one question and thought after another came pouring out of my mouth.  The person on the other end of the line did not have time to say anything!  It was overwhelming and confusing.  All those things I have talked about in past post about the moments religious life came up; I was going back in time and remembering those things.  Then, at the same time, the what if questions flowed from me as well.  I have not stopped thinking about this and trying to figure it out since NCYC, then that first visit over Thanksgiving the next weekend.  Of course, I should be leaving it all to God and praying that He will show me my path.  Then again, has He been already and I am not paying enough attention and letting Him do His work?

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How in the World?

There are a lot of people in the world who figure out where they are going next in a normal obvious way.  They apply to a place they have known about or heard of, get a response and boom they are in.  They have an “in” to some location that gets them where they want to go with little look at their actual abilities.  They know what the want to do and there are actually options out there.  Whatever have you, they can do it.  Me on the other hand, it goes another way.  It is in the odd unusual ways that I have figured my path in life.  Some of this semi-quick storyline you have heard, the end you have not.

(work with me here…imagine sarcastic, fast paced, funny, yet serious).  So I am trying to pick my school right?  There was no way I was coming to any darn conclusion, takes a friend to be like, dude, you know where you are going!  Now I am at Saint Mary’s with the strange idea that biology was what I am going to studying.  Next thing you know, I am smacked over the head with an F in the first basic course.  I am left with a theology minor that because of having the head of the theology department as my advisor, it has become a Pastoral and Youth Ministry major (PYM).  Sounds good, right? Well…I don’t want to work in a parish setting, and am struggling in classes; I lean towards retreat work.  This is based off my love of TEC.  Let me tell you, resources for volunteers wanting to work in retreat work is limited.  Google saves the day!  Type in “long-term volunteering Catholic retreat house.”  Search for 11 pages, and little did I know that the link I looked at on that page would send me from the midwest to the east.  Needless to say, it was unusual for the volunteer intern to be someone who has never been to the retreat center before.  Next, now that I am out in lovely Jersey missing my Minnesota weather, we go to NCYC.  During the course of that trip, religious life came up three times, but perhaps the second time came unexpected.  I met two aspirants from the Salesian Sisters of Saint John Bosco, formally called Daughters of Mary Help of Christians (FMA), in the bathroom! The bathroom mind you.

Before you know it, I have visited them twice, been visited once by the vocations director, I have an application half filled out, my immediate and extended family know, and my life seems to be following the track of religious life.  As well, here I sit having de ja vu as I type this.  It is a crazy thing, of which I will tell more about when I have more time!

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