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Be Mine

This may have nothing to do with the rest of the post, or it may, but I want to share this first.  I got to spend some time with an amazing sister here at the convent.  I was able to share only a small handful of the writings that I have been inspired to write.  She provide some really good insight and observations that she found in my writing.  It was really good to hear and much-needed.

Last night we got to go to Catholic Underground in LA.  It is not huge like it is in New York, but either way, we got to go.  While there in adoration, these words came to my heart then to my pencil and paper. 


My friend, my brother, dear Jesus;

Is that you in my head?

Father, could you be calling;

That noise in my heart?

Spirit are you the breeze,

That wind that moves me?

Mother Mary, maybe it’s you,

The one that I hear inside.

One or all, why this call?

It penetrates me tonight;

Be mine, I hear, be mine!

How am I to do that,

This weak stumbling tired soul,

Unable to truly be myself.

Brother, how do I become like you?

Be mine you say over and over.

Father, What am I to do here?

Be mine you say over and over.

Spirit, how will I feel your presence?

Be mine you say over and over.

Mother, how can I trust them all?

Be mine you say over and over.

If that is all it takes,

Why is it so very hard?

Yet still the refrain repeats.

Be mine, dear sister, be mine.

Be mine, dear child, be mine.

Be mine, dear soul, be mine.

Be mine, dear daughter, be mine.

Be mine, I am yours.


Thank you for reading.  Remember where they came from and leave them here please.  I would appreciate it very much.

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NYC – full of walking and life!

Oh what a glorious couple of days that I have had!  In addition to the wonderfulness that I spoke about having on Friday, yesterday (Saturday) was just as wonderful.  After mass and prayers in the morning we had breakfast and chores as per normal.  All morning I did some cleaning and some homework and some reading.  It was beautiful.  Following lunch, around 1:45pm, most of us aspirants headed out to NYC.  We parked near the church we were ending the day at then hike our way to the Great Lawn of Central Park.  There I was able to meet up with my friend Wessa (as we called her in college, being that ther were lots of people with her name).  The others seemed to enjoy her company, so that was great.  Dinner consisted of meeting up withteh other aspirants, and sisters, for chinese food.  From there, I bid farewell to my friend. 

When we were done eating, we head to Catholic Undeground.  Let me tell you, it was amazing!  The night consisted of music, adoration, night prayer, and fellowship.  We did not stay the entire time, but rather we left early.  That part was sad, but then we got to have ice cream.

So, while in prayers and adoration, I came up with three sets of lyrics.  I am going to post them in three seperate posts so that they are more open to comments.  There was something that I realized when I was in the church praying.  Outside there is a lot of hustle and bustle.  People are going, cars are speeding by, life is moving at warps speeds.  Then, you take a step into the church and everything stops, focusing on the one things that is truely important in our lives, Jesus present amoung us.  A retreat that is so powerful.  That is simply amazing.

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