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Camp: Day 2 of Week 2

Right, so I am not going to do the long post like I did last time. Today was good and I got to have some more interaction withthe kids.  One group came in and there were more kids than computers.  That was certainly fun to deal with.  They had to share.  It was fine, I just hope I don’t have to do that often at all.  I am done on wordpress for the day, goodbye.

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Camp: Day 1 of Week 1

(This was meant to be posted yesterday…I found out it wasn’t so here it is now instead.  Pretend you are reading this yesterday.)

Hello World!  Today was the first day of camp at MHCA.  I must say, it had a very interesting start to the whole day.

This morning I had to get the passwords for the computer and the internet, then set everything up for my program.  My big worry came when I realized that the internet worked on none of the computers.  I called the guy back up who did the work on the computers to see if he could solve the problem.  Lone behold, God provided and I had internet.  I did not know though, how time-consuming it was to set up for all of this, double log-in on each computer and dumping the internet sites on each.  Sigh…it got done.  The sad part of it all was that I missed the morning assembly in the gym.  Tomorrow I hope to make it.

During the first activity period I was supposed to have a group, except they never showed up to the program.  What a beginning!  I just made sure everything was set up and that I was organized.  Whatever their reasons, I will leave to God and the directors.  For me, I keep moving on and making sure all goes well.

During the snack time, I talked and hung out with the other program leaders (Marianne and Rachel).  It is always good to get to know some of the other staff.  Rachel has been coming here and working here for years. 

My second activity period went well.  They were a little late coming in, but it was the oldest girls that were here.  I knew many of them because they were middle school aged.  My little “stalker” was not there though, maybe she will be coming later in the summer as she told me she would see me here.  In that group I added three websites to my list.  It was good and easy group, although slow-moving on the way out of the room

There was no one for the third activity period for me.  Marianne and just both cleaned up in our rooms a little, talked some, then headed down to help set up lunch.  Lunch was hot dogs and tater tots, they were good.  I didn’t sit with any of the kids, but I really just wanted to get the flow.  We were told if there is no room for us, then don;t add a chair, sit elsewhere or something.  I observed.

For my fourth activity spot, I did have a group in.  During that program session, I added four more sites to my list.  Now I just need to get them all onto the word document…each computer individually.  Such is the way it goes.  They were a good group.  Sarah came in giving a tour to a family who wanted to see the campus and the camp.  Their two boys may come starting next week. 

After cleaning up and closing down shop, I headed over to canteen to make sure that everything was set up for when the kids come to buy their snacks.  There was a blank space of time that there was no one coming as it was not yet time, so I just kind od chilled not sure of if there was something else I should be doing.  Canteen ran smoothly, thank goodness.  When the girls went through and then the boys, we followed up with restocking everything.

Our next task was to head up to the Rec Hall to clean that up.  It was not too bad at all.  There were some icee pop remnants chilling out in places they should not be, it was dirty with stuff prior to camp start, dust and web everywhere, and we had a vacuum that may have spit out just as much if not more that it was taking in.  It was grand!  Overall, it did not take long for us to do the job and head back down to the cafeteria for helping with dismissal.  On the way down, we were walking with a group of six-year-old girls.  I saw one help another out on the way down with something and it was so cute!

I was not exactly sure of what we’re supposed to do.  I ended up playing some games with some of the kids, talking to others, and picking up the games and toys left behind by those who had to get up to leave.  We also stood outside once it got down to just a few kids to be picked up.  I think when we come we are supposed to help listen for names and escort the kids out.  I am told it was a little more crazy than usual. 

All in all when I left and popped into the chapel halfway through the rosary, it was a good day.  I won’t hide it, it was hard for me to be in the computer program area of camp and not out with an older group of girls.  Though, there are the benefits of not being tied to a particular group.  It this setting I think I would rather do something program like.  In a resident camp setting like that of which I have done, I would rather be a cabin counselor.  In the end, it was good and I look forward to the rest of the week.

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Camp Auxilium’s 50th Anniversary!

Today I got to spend time at Camp Auxilium.  Granted it was to set up for their 50th anniversary tomorrow, but it was still there.  Sr. Mary asked me this morning if I would come with them to help set up and instantly I said yes.  The two other of my companions who were back were both out or going out, so it was just me joining Sr. Mary and her staff.  What a blessing it was indeed!  Her niece and niece’s daughter were there too, she is so adorable. 

Working with the sisters and the development staff was wonderful.  I am pretty sure that most of the time there, I had a smile on my face.  I did catch myself in a few tears as I talked about Camp Greenwood with a couple of people.  Nothing with compare to that camp, yet many new adventures are surely coming my way.

Just the same as I had been thinking and smiling about my days at the camp I grew up with and worked at for many years, those of Camp Auxilium’s history will be gather tomorrow to celebrate and remember together the memories and the laughter.  No, I am not able to go.  It was enough to see some of the camp in action today and her some of the stories told as we set up.  As I was talking about Camp Greenwood, one of the development staff or one of the sisters said, “so you would love to be assigned here someday.”  I smiled because in my heart, I think there was a yes to that question.  Whether or not God hears me, only time will tell.  It is a beautiful place indeed.

Be sure as you go through life, no matter the choices that you make, you remember those good things in life.  Don’t hold to them with a grip that never lets you see and do greater things.  Just hold onto them because I am sure they shaped you in some way or form.  It is the same for more situations than just camp life, like life in general.  This especially when make such huge decisions in your life. 

For me, in having chosen to enter formation for the religious life, I am not forgetting my past experiences.  I am building on them and continuing my story here on earth.  It is such a beautiful thing.  This day was beautiful. 

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A Salesian Vocation: A Very Abridged Version

The diocese of Paterson wants to have a mini autobiography of us in formation, so I have decided to share the paragraph I typed up just to give a very brief glimpse of my vocation story thus far.  The story can be expanded many pages I am sure, but this is the space we had to work with.  Read and enjoy!

Did you know that God can find you in the bathroom?  I always figured that God could do whatever He wanted to get a hold of whomever He wanted.  You see, I had never actively searched out religious life in such a way that I was sure it was my call in life.  My sophomore year of college was when I started to be open to whatever God wanted me to do in terms of vocation: married life, single life or religious life. This began from seeing a sister wearing a habit and developing a curiosity of what it would be like to live that life.  Over the years, my interest and curiosity stuck with me though I never did much about it, except the rare occasion that I would talk with my friends.  Graduation from college came along and I moved myself the following year to New Jersey from Minnesota to do something I love.  I was the volunteer intern at a retreat center that I discovered, via God, on the eleventh page of a Google search.  It turned out to be the perfect place for me!   When November came along, the director and I with four youth headed out for the National Catholic Youth Conference.  During my time there that weekend, I had my encounter with God in another very odd place.  While on my way out of the bathroom, I started to talk with two young women.  We stood in the bathroom sharing things about our lives.  As I was very quick to discover, they were a part of the Salesian Sisters.  When they first mentioned their apostolate to the youth, my mind and heart were spinning.  It was exactly what my life was filled with already.  I worked at a camp many summers, was currently working at a family retreat center and loved my faith immensely.  All I could think was “no, no, no, no, no!”  It was real and it made me excited, yet scared.  I tend to say that it took many visits to the convent, only two and half hours from where I was working, and a lot of encouragement from friends to make my decision to enter.   The truth be told after I look back on the experience, it was at that moment of first meeting the Salesians in the bathroom that my heart knew this was something I needed to try.  I guess I could still say that God worked through my surroundings to keep me on the path He wanted even though deep down he hooked me right away.  My prayer each day is that, God-willing, I am where I am supposed to be.  What else can anyone do but live each day to its fullest for the glory of God?

Inspired?  I am still inspired by my own story when I read it again! 🙂


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A Simple Glorious Day

Yesterday was a wonderful day of ease and rest and amazing-ness.  Here is how it was.

The day started with a natural rising.  Basically it never happens and it means we wake as our bodies allow us.  I did set my alarm for 11 because I wanted to get up for lunch.  Needless to say, being used to getting up at an earlier time, I wole many times finally arising from the bed around 9:45am.  It was great and I was well rested.

The morning consisted of some organizing and reading, allowing for time to relax or get moving on work that needs to be done.  I personally did a little reading and organizing.  Slow paced and quiet was the morning for us. 

The afternoon was a easy lunch and a meeting to discuss the weekend.  Very simple, which I liked.  We pack up our sack lunches to go for the evening on the road.  When the meeting was done, I headed up to take a shower so that I felt a little more alive for the mass and seeing Don Bosco.

We boarded the bus, sisters and novices and us, to head out around 4pm.  Eating dinner on the bus, we were preparing for the viewing of Don Bosco.  Once we got there, the bus parked, bathroom stops made, and into the Cathedral…you will never guess where we were sitting!  Two rows from the relic of Don Bosco, right there in front of us for the whole mass.  Megan and I were next to each other and just beaming smiles the entire time.  She had Ana’s camera and took a few pictures, which I loved!  We touched our medals to the glass and it was wonderful.

On the way out, we had to be creative in our exits.  The provincial had to climb over soemthing in order to get out, as did I.  It was priceless! 

Leaving the mass and heading out full of energy, I ran into someone on the corner.  Britany/Polka, who I worked with at camp in 2008!  She spotted me, and I was like, no way!  🙂  It was so amazing, esspecially since I was talking about and thinking about camp the whole bus ride there.  I loved seeing here, even if only for a short while.

On the ride home, many of us were singing songs, nearly the whole ride.  Loved it.  Let me tell you, it is a day we will never forget!

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Learning Patience

“The time is coming quickly, and what I show you will come true.  It may be slow in coming, but wait for it; it will certainly take place, and it will not be delayed.”  Habakkuk 2:3

Patience is something that I have learned to have through the course of my life.  It is amazing how many forms and levels of patience do exist that we must be aware of and strive to attain.  Patience with people, with things, and most of all with God.  Patience in jobs, in the family, in the community, and in yourself.

The first time I encountered patience is with my family.  I have very different ideas at times on how to go about things and approach situations.  It seemed that meeting at an equal ground was very hard.  While we did argue a bunch, there was an underlying patience that all parties had to discover.  It is an ongoing adventure this one, but one that hopefully continues to move in the right direction.  It will be difficult as I never saw myself to close to my family, but alas, they are my family.

Another place where patience was encountered in a big way for me was my summers on staff at a Girl Scout camp.  There are staff that come from other countries as well as the domestic camp.  Growing up going to camp and having a particular connection to the camp, it was difficult at time to work with those hwo may have not understood the deep profound affect that a camp can have on a child.  You also have to consider the 30 or so women living together; as one can imagine, this could cause a lot of tensions.  Working with people who would do things differently than me or not understand was difficult.  When things were the other way around as well, provided to be just as difficult.  It is in those times that I learned patience.  As well, with the girls that would come to camp, you had to portray a good deal of patience balanced with a cross between I am you friend adn you must follow these rules.

In university is where I learned the  most patience with myself, as well as developing my patience with other people.   I struggled, as I have mentioned in a previous post, with my school work.  I found myslef getting frustrated with myself only to be remending that patience with ones own way of accomplishing things is needed.

Where I am now is another place of patience learning that I have.  As difficult as it may be at times, I learn much from the people here as well as patience in working with others.  Though there may be few of us, our ways of doing things and thoughts on how things should be done vary greatly.  It has been a great challenge, but rewarding when tackled with patience.

The biggest thing I am learning in terms of patience is what lies ahead for my future.  Entering with the Salesians this coming August has me scattered all over the place.  While I may hav enot finished the application and turned it in, it has been made clear to me that I am pretty much set once all that is done.  The way I feel about things as shifted gears and I am anticipating the moment of entrance.  It was also presented to me what could be a chance for me to go live with my aunt in Italy (orgins of this particular order) so that I may learn some Italian, travel and see some churches there, and work in ministry.  It sounds simply amazing, but I need to remember my job here.  There is this urge in my to be back visiting with the sisters and to be joining them.  There is a great deal of time before that happens.  In God’s time things will happen.  I was sent to the point of Jersey for a reason, and now I must finish my stay here before I move on.  Let us travel back to that bible quote.

“The time is coming quickly, and what I show you will come true.  It may be slow in coming, but wait for it; it will certainly take place, and it will not be delayed.”  Habakkuk 2:3

God has shown my the Salesian Sisters, and it is to be.  There is much time before that happens and I must wait until the alloted time of entering.  I need to remember that it will happen, and not be delay any longer from the time is must occur.  Patience is what needs to exist until that point.  Patience with God that He indeed knows what he is doing.

Fact: St. Mary Mazzarello (1837-1881) worked with St. John Bosco (also known as Don Bosco) and found the Salesian Sisters in 1872.


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Those Dreadful High School Years

Yes, dreadful is the word I chose.  Maybe not all of it was dreadful, but think about it.  Who ever really wants to relive the years spent in high school after having lived through greater and better things.  Granted, there were a few things that I would say had to be exciting.  There was the thrill of competition in sports, passing notes in class (come on, who didnt?), hanging out in the music wing right up until dinner, interesting school lunches (tray art was fun…), and let us not forget the ever so long hot days of marching band!  Even with all those amazing things, I found myself to be the outsider, the observer, the one who did not want trouble admist all the friends.  My safe places were going camp and my time spent at church, aside from mass.  Volunteering at church did not stop once I was confirmed in tenth grade, but rather it continued on.  I became the main catechist for Religious Education classes, I sang in the church choir (despite the interesting sounds that came out of my mouth), and help out on Sunday nights with the youth group.  It was never made clear to me why I did these things, but I did them anyways.

What really made my faith appear to be more important than I thought was the day when a close friend of my asked me to be her confirmation sponsor.  We had been joking around some about how it would be kind of cool if I was her sponsor, but I never thought I would actually be good to fill the spot.  Could a really good friend really be a sponsor?  As we talked more about the struggles of picking someone, and figuring out who she trusted, less and less people became options.  (I hope I get this story at least party right!)  My friend walked up to me in school one day and said she had talked the whole thing out with her parents and they thought it would be a good idea and would I sponsor her in confirmation.  Well, of course I said yes!  It was my senior year in school, and I had been thinking long and hard about my faith, trying to figure out the importance it had to me.  The journey we continued together was so valuable to both of us.  It showed me again what I had professed myself not long ago.  What a great way to end my years at high school.  What struck me though, was that moving onto college would be much different than I thought.  Let me tell you…if took me a long time to choose where to go.  People waited and waited for me to finally decide…

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