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God is Wiser, God is Stronger

Yesterday I posted a song that appeared in my Facebook ads and really struck me.  It was not too long after that roaming around on Facebook through statuses and photos that I found something else that struck me just as much as that video.  What made it more interesting is who I found it from, but that I shall keep to my own.  Let’s just say it made me smile.  Anyways, I came across this and just all of a sudden stopped.  I could not stop reading it over and over.

“For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength.”  1 Corinthians 1:25

Something just really strikes me, hits me inside, about that phrase.  We can be as wise as ever and are strong as ever, but even then does God’s foolishness and weakness amount to more than our wisdom and strength.  It sure puts a spin on things, doesn’t it?  It doesn’t matter how on top of our game we are and how well off we are, God still is above us in His lowest point (not that God has many of those I would imagine).

So why does this strike me?  I can think I have things handled and sometimes even feel like I know what is best.  At times, I am doing really well and maybe I lose track of who is keeping me there.  This is a reminder of how important God should be in my life.  Sure, it reminds me of even more than that, but simply put…I can never outdo God or live without Him.  Why then, do I constantly try to do things without Him or think that doing what He would want me to do is not the best option?  Why do I try to run the show?  I have been learning the hard way that it only causes more pain and trouble than I may already have in my life.  Sometimes that is not enough to push me either, so then you bring in the friends who reinforce the point.

This bible passage is something I need to keep meditating on to put me back in check with what my life should really be about.  How about you?

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Grounded Bibles and Other Holy Things

I am curious as to what your thoughts are on this topic that popped up ever so briefly this morning.

A companion of mine in formation went to put her Bible on the ground after getting up from the chair to go get something she need before our shared meditation  (keep in mind there are no tables near).  As she went to put it down, she was told that she should not do that as it is a lack of respect for the Bible and the Word of God. 

What do you think of this?  I am coming at it form a Catholic background.  If it makes a difference, and it may or may not, it is good to know what background your stance is from.  Also, if you have thoughts on any other things in relation, I would love to hear thoughts!


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Verse From A Hero

“We are often troubled, but not crushed; sometimes in doubt, but never in despair; there are many enemies but we are never without a friend; and though badly hurt at times, we are not destroyed”

“For this reason we never become discouraged…For we fix our attention, not on things that are seen, but on thing that are unseen.”

2 Corinthians 4:7-9, 16a, 18a

This passage was given to me as you see it from Jessica, our program director at the retreat center, after a rough weekend emotionally.  Due to not wanting to make public completely my personal life, I can tell you just this.  Jessica and I ended up talking on Sunday after the teens left the retreat center from their retreat.  We talked for a bit over two hours, two hours!  The conversation revealed nearly everything about me.  With some insights given to me on link to the retreat center, I am stepping outside the box and doing what a lot of my friends wish me to do.  The time that Jessica gave me was one of the greatest things someone could have given me this weekend.  As the theme for this past retreat was “Unlikely Heroes,” I can surely say Jessica is on my hero list, even before the weekend.

This verse that she gave me, it is one of my new favorites now.  I highlighted it in my bible, though the translation she used is much better than the one that I have.  “Never without a friend” is a line that is different.  This passage gives me hope that we can all make it through whatever we encounter in life.  To me, it also continues to prove to us that life is not going to be easy.  We are going to encounter many hard and difficult things, but with God we will not be crushed.

“We are often troubled, but not crushed; sometimes in doubt, but never in despair; there are many enemies but we are never without a friend; and though badly hurt at times, we are not destroyed”

“For this reason we never become discouraged…For we fix our attention, not on things that are seen, but on thing that are unseen.”

2 Corinthians 4:7-9, 16a, 18a

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Having Life

Surfing blogs really can give you some inspiration on what to write about.  I came across this blog and decided I wanted to write on the bible verse in it.  As you noticed, the link is there to give credit to where I found inspiration.

“You search the scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; and it is they that testify on my behalf.  Yet you refuse to come to me to have life.”  John 5:39-40

So many people get so stuck in just the bible and forget that there is a personal relationship to be had with Jesus as well.  Don’t get me wrong, I think reading scripture is very important.  For me, I should read it more as I don’t really do it.  That is not the point though.  Read scripture or not, that is not the way to have life.  It did not take a bible verse for me to believe that; the bible verse just helps my point.  Again, don’t get me wrong.  Scripture is good too, just not the way to have life.

Where I want to go with this, I am not completely sure.  I do know that this quote really stood out to me.  Read scripture, that’s great.  Don’t forget to take time to pray and come to have life by going to Jesus.  He, with the Father and Holy Spirit, will guide you where you are to have fullness of life.  It is okay to question, people do doubt in the world sadly.  The human race is weak on their own.

Don’t let those who want to bash you over the head with a bible get the best of you.  Don’t let those who forget the bible lead you astray.  Have life in Jesus and read about Him.  Be true and keep on searching, the search never stops.  Be unlike the people Jesus is talking about in that bible passage, go to Him to have life.

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Reflection Time

I am on a journey.  No, I don’t know where I will end up.  Yeah, I know where I am now.  Do I believe that God is guiding me in all the steps I take in life?  Of course I do.  Are there hard times and periods of difficulty with questions of possible doubt?  Sadly, yes.  We are a human people who are are affected by the evil in the world.  When thinking about entering formation (God-willing), things have come to mind that I will have to let go of.  Of course that is going to be hard!  It doesn’t mean I not ready, or that I am not suited for the life.  It means that I am human, a deep thinker, and just trying to figure things out.  Aren’t we all trying to figure things out?

On of my favorite things to do is to take bible verses and see where they inspire me to go.  My range of verses that I know off the top of my head is small, but when I come across one, I like to look at it and see where it takes me.  Sometimes I reflect on it literally.  Other times it causes me to think a little deeper into myself.  I am going to bring up a couple of my favorites that I use often as I love going back and seeing what new places they take me.  Translations do vary, sure.  When we translate many things in the world, not just bible stuff, various responses do come up.  Each leads us to think about our life in a deeper way, or so we hope!  I found to be a progression in the verses, with my life, that I thought interesting.

“When you search for me, you will find me; if you seek me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13

Seek with all your heart!  Let it all go and seek him!  This, as I have mention many a post ago, was the verse for my TEC retreat.  It is amazing how we think we are putting everything we have into search for the Lord and what he has planned for us.  That was the case for me.  I thought that I was putting everything of me into searching.  This past year, it hit me that I really wasn’t.  I feel that after that moment, I have changed to put myself more fully into the search of God and his plan.  The search is constant, it never stops!  Of course I stray here and there, who can honestly say they never have?  My goal here is to never hold back from the Lord and put my all into the search.

“Do not be afraid” Luke 1:30

Did you know that of all the commands to people that Jesus gave, to not be afraid is the most common one by a long shot?  I do not have my book off hand, but this is the thing that struck me the most.  We are a people afraid, and always have been.  We don’t know what is going to happen.  We don’t know where God will reach us.  We don’t know if we will be ready.  We don’t know a lot of things.  The thing is, God does.  He knows what will happen, where he wants to reach us, and he will make sure we are ready.  We may slow the process down if we are not putting all our heart into the whole search!  As hard as it may be, especially at first, we must not be afraid.  We are taken care of when we trust and let our heart be God’s.

“O Lord, You have seduced me, and I have let myself be seduced.  Your word in my heart is like a consuming fire burning deep within my bones.” Jeremiah 20:7

When I first saw this verse, I was excited.  It puts into words some of what I feel when I get all excited about religious life.  We want the Lord to be in us.  We want to take that feeling of the Lord in us and share that with everyone.  To really know the Lord is wanting to know him more.  We can do that by putting are whole heart into the search, giving it to God.  Oh how afraid we are to let loose and let God take us where He wills!  When you figure something out and are drawn to it, you know it.

Like I have said, you may not know where you will go after the first move, but taking that first move is so vital.  If you go and try something that you think God wants you to do then am not filled with joy, God may change his mind or you need to look a little deeper.  There are lessons in every part of life.  For me, I am taking the step to enter formation.  From there, I hope I found the right path.  I could be a Salesian Sister!  If it is not right, God will tell me.  He may want me to experience it so I know what it is like, but then guide me elsewhere.  I just pray that I always search with all my heart, am not afraid, and will let the Lord burn deep in my bones!

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