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Beautiful Thought

It is not often I look in the mirror.  Only when doing something involving the need for one do I look.  Today while washing my hands, I glanced in the mirror.  Something different came to my mind.

For a brief moment during a glance in the mirror, I saw something beautiful.


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I Want to Fall in Love with You

In searching around my facebook page, I came across this video that someone I know put together for his youth group.  I really liked it, so I decided to share it with you.

So, before you listen to it again I have a question.  What part of the Preventive System was mentioned specifically (in words that you could read) in this video?  Take a guess.  If you are not positive, watch it again then see if you can find it.  When you respond in this post, be honest and don’t scroll down to see what others put.  I want to know if you found it or not!  If you were wrong, write that, but then write what it is when you find it!

Now, the words.  I was so drawn to one phrase in this.  “I want to fall in love with You.”  How beautiful and how wonderful!  That is exactly what I want to do here with the Salesians.  I want to fall in love with God in all forms, most especially with Jesus my brother who was sent to save us.  Hearing this song and reading through the lyrics is a good reminder of that passion that is in me to be here pursuing what I hear God calling me to do with my life.  It is so beautiful!

Dear God all around, I want to fall in love with You.  Be with me in all I do, in all I say, in all I think, in all I feel, in all that I am.  Guide me in your pathways and help me to fall even more in love with You.  Amen.


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Not To Us

So many times in the world today, we expect acknowledgment for the things that we do.  It is a culture where personal achievement is important.  This is of course, a very broad observation of society; there are always exceptions.  We do things because they are good for us, which is not necessarily bad.  The motivation behind them and what we do with those achievements in life is what is important.

All the same, so we take advantage of everything we are given in the world.  So much is out there for us.  For me, taking in the nature and beauty put on the earth is so important.  For lots of people, these types of things are taken for granted.

Where are we giving all the glory and praise?  Do we appreciate that which is given to us? 

The cross before me the world behind
No turning back, raise the banner high
It’s not for me, it’s all for You

Let the heavens shake and split the sky
Let the people clap their hands and cry
It’s not for us, it’s all for You

Not to us, but to Your Name be the glory
Not to us, but to Your Name be the glory

Our hearts unfold before Your throne
The only place for those who know
It’s not for us, It’s all for You

Send Your holy fire on this offering
Let our worship burn for the world to see
It’s not for us, It’s all for You


The earth is shaking, the mountains shouting
It’s all for You
The waves are crashing, the sun is raging
It’s all for You
The universe spinning and singing
It’s all for You
The children dancing, dancing, dancing
It’s all for You, It’s all for You

My all for You
Not to us, but to Your Name be the glory
My all for You
Not to us, but to Your Name be the glory
My all for You
Not to us, but to Your Name be the glory

To God’s name be the glory.  We tend to forget that in everything, we need to lift all to God.  Everything, absolutely everything for God.  Why?  You see, one little thing…He created everything.  God is the reason we are here.  Therefore, we need to give all back to Him.

Dear God, this is your child here.  Thank you for all you have done for me, for the loving protection that you have given me.  This whole world that you provided for us is so beautiful.  Help us to keep it beautiful.  May we all thank you and give you glory at all times.  May we give you that glory and praise even when we are not acknowledged for great things that we do.  Even more especially when we are acknowledged.  You are everything we need in life.  Thank you God, for your love.  Please continue to watch over me and those dear to me.  Place in our hearts a deep love and care.  Not to us, but to You be the glory.  Amen.


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You Are Beautiful

As I was searching through blogs that I follow, I came across someone who posted a song that hit me kind of hard and reminded me of a time my freshman year of college.

I wrote a poem on my mission trip my freshman year.  It was all about how I never heard the words “you are beautiful” or of the like from anyone.  The group I was traveling with was not getting along all the best all the time, so it kind of provoke the poem along.  This poem I never showed anyone.  Ash Wednesday was about a couple of weeks after we got back from the mission trip.  A couple of friends saw me crying that day.  One the next night insisted we talked.  After a long conversation of her sharing with me to make me more open to talking to her, it ended in a way that caught me off guard.  She said three things to me, then made me repeat them about myself.  The first of which was “you are beautiful.”  When I got back to my dorm, I could not believe it.  God answered a prayer that was not really prayed, but still in my heart.  The other things she told me were “your are wonderful” and “your are loved beyond comparison.”  I still say each of those each night, as well as the other prayers I say in the evening. 

Having shared that, this is what was going through my mind as I listened to this song.  It is also why I got really excited when I realized I have it on my iPod.  I hope you enjoy this song and find some important meaning in it for you.


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Walking in Reflection with the Lord

For all my life, I have known that being outside is very good for my heart and soul, not to mention the body (as being outside usually means exercise).  Since I have arrived with the Salesians, that ability to get up and go outside kind of slipped.  During the long days when everything seemed overly busy and the tensions were high, I just kept on going…inside.  Recently I have rediscovered that taking those walks in the middle of the day, even when there is something else I should most likely be doing, is what keeps me focused on the here and now.  Doing that helps me to thimk clearly about where I am in life.

I have now gone on these walks a couple times.  Currently, I have just got back from one only moments ago.  There is a semi-rountine that I have developed (only semi- because it is good to have variation) for doing a walking rosary, or even just going on a walk.  I go out the front, through a little passage area, up a trail, up the road, all the way to the cemetary.  The turning back, I cut acroos the field with some trees, catching back up to the road and seeing a statue area, then back down the road and down the trail.  There are various stops that I like to make here and there.  When I am up at teh cemetary, I like to go in and glance over each Sister’s name, praying for them and also praying that they intercede for me what ever request I may have at that moment.  Today I walked that. 

Following it, I recalled the prayer promise I made for today for TEC to do a Divine Mercy Chaplet at my three’o’clock or their three’o’clock.  It ended up being inbetween.  I did that one walking through the bushes to the island and around that, then around the provinicial circle, then back around the island, then in the leaves and trees outside our community room sitting until I finished.

There was something simply amazing about walking around the property praying, especially in the beautiful cool weather with wonderful colors.  I am able to reflect and be at peace.  In everything going on in community with the sisters and aspirants as well as within me, I need to remember to take the time to be outside and walk.  If I am short on time, make the walk a little shorter, but still take it.  It may be my saving grace!

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Receive the Power

I was just thinking of my World Youth Day experience in 2008 in Australia then decided to look up the song on YouTubethat was our theme.  It was called “Recieve the Power.”

Every nation, every tribe,
come together to worship You.
In Your presence we delight:
we will follow
to the ends of the earth.

Alleluia, Alleluia!
Receive the power, from the Holy Spirit!
Alleluia, Alleluia!
Receive the power to be a light unto the world.

As Your Spirit calls to rise
we will answer and do Your will.
We’ll forever testify
of Your mercy and unfailing love.


Lamb of God, we worship you.
Holy one, we worship you.
Bread of Life, we worship you.
Emmanuel, we worship you.
Lamb of God, we worship you.
Holy one, we worship you.
Bread of life, we worship you.
Emmanuel, we will sing forever:


Isn’t this song so beautiful?  I loved hearing it so much as we walked all over the place in Syndey.  Listening to it again as I sit her thinking of what to write about brings back so many memories.  If I remember correctly, it was the first time anyone I knew had appraoched me about the religious life.  Sure, I may have been open to all vocations before that, but never really had someone asked me about it. 

In general this song brings it all back to the core of things.  Everyone coming together to worship the Lord and follow Him for as long as we live.  When we hear the call from God because Jesus died for us, through the Holy Spirit…we must rise and do the will that we are called to do. 

So pertaining that to religious life, it is possible and very much there.  Of course this song would take on different meaning for different people.  For me it is a reminder of the constant prayer, praise, worship, and sacrifice that must be made in the name of the Lord.  That does come in some reason, that is.  No one has to understand me and believe me.  That would be a great help if I were allowed to share my side, which I am not, but that is another story.  Anyways, it just resonates with me and where I am now as a reminder of what life is all about.

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The Words I Would Say: A Way to Live Life

“The Words I Would Say” by Sidewalk Prophets

There are many theme songs in my life, but I would say that this one has been on the more recent end of my favorites.  This past year while serving at Mary’s House this song had been ringing in my mind in a special way.  It was on the radio often and we had used it for one or two retreats in the year.  Given the things I have gone through in my own life, as well as the stuff in my life currently, it is such an appropriate song.  There are also some friends that I would dedicate this song to as well!  This past weekend on RB TEC 231, this was the theme song for the weekend.  When I found out, I nearly cried because of how God works in life.  This song which meant so much to me, was now a part of this weekend.  You never know where little signs and God experiences will pop up.

Be strong in the Lord and never give up hope.  Ho much easier our lives would be if we would only do just as that.  The Lord is always there.  Sometimes we may not get answers to the prayers, but don’t lose hope because He works in unique ways in His time.  You are going to do great things, I already know.  How do I know?  God has so many things planned for all of us if we keep that hope in Him and go where our hearts are guided.  God’s got His hand on you so don’t life life in fear.  Fear draws us away from that which we are called to.  Yes, it is hard to know God’s hand is in your life sometimes, but we have to stay open.  Forgive and forget, but don’t forget why you’re here.  Never forget why you are here, God put you here.  Take your time and pray.  Even though you may not hear back from the big man Himself, pray pray pray.  Things will happen, believe me, I know.  God met me in the bathroom of all places.  We must remember we are beautiful, we are wonderful, we are loved beyond comparison.  These are the words I would say.


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