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Sweet Baby Kleist

Sweet Baby Kleist, little sibbling dear

How I miss not meeting you here

God must really need you up above

For you weren’t here for me to love

Sure, you might have bothered me a bit

I would have sent you away to sit

Even so, I would have loved you

No matter what you would really do

Instead, God took you to heaven

So I ask you something, if I can

Please guide me and protect me

Lead me to where I am supposed to be

So when I do leave this place

I can finally meet you face to face


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The Baby Boy Who Came For Us

This morning has brought some good reflection and creativity to my mind.  While in meditation this morning, I wrote another poem.  It has been a while since I have done this.  Here it is!

As I gaze upon the baby boy in the manger

My ever-changing world is filled with hope

A Savior has come down to earth as one of us

To walk with us, as living in sin we do cope

This baby boy grew to be a man of faith

To be God among us, to save us from despair

Who knew but Him, that for us he would die

God who came as man, who for us does care

So gazing at Him in a manger so meek and lowly

A smile goes across this soul’s broken face

If Jesus came as a baby and die for us all

What can I do in return, for this human race

The readings today were so beautiful I must say!  I wish I could reflect on them all, but alas, I shall just talk about the one that we did in meditation.  It is from Matthew 6:45-52, the walking on water.  I was draw to two different things in this reading.

In the course of this story, there are many transitions.  Jesus was with the people, then He dismissed them and went alone to pray, then as He was walking on the water He had only intended to pass the disciples by, then He went in the boat with them.  How similar this is to life sometimes.  For me, I live in a community of people who I am around almost all the time all day every day.  It is always nice to be able to step aside and take time for myself to pray and re-gather myself.  Whenever I come back from that moment aside to myself, I tend to have the feeling of staying in my serenity, in my calm.  The thing is, we need to come back to community, we cannot just stay in our little place but rather be in the community and share our moments with each other.  My action for the week is taking what I gain in my individual time of prayer back to the community.  This could be in words or deeds or my actions.

The other thing that was pointed out from another aspirant.  The phrase “take courage” stood out to her.  In my translation is says “take heart.”  She is going to try to remember that phrase whenever there is a tough decision, or of the like, to be made.  For me, having her point out the difference in translation, I wondered where the courage could be taken from.  Courage comes from the heart and soul where God should abide to flow throughout our entire being. 

This all sounds good to me! 🙂


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A walk in the woods

Breeze blowing around you

Sounds that make music

Wonder and awe miraculous


The softness of a baby

A curious mind to a new place

The comfort  from rocking baby

A unique connection made


Art that hangs on the wall

Sculptures that bring to life

Masterpieces drawing out tears

Pieces of work with a story


The way God made the world

Saving Grace in the Son

Holy Spirit guiding our ways

One of a kind plan for all


You always you created  you

The one who hears this message

You the one God created to live

Meant to do so much you are


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