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Hope in Jesus

This Advent, and this entire postulancy time, I have had one word in my mind that I have held onto. That word is HOPE. I cannot share with all of you my thoughts on this word and the reflections with them, as they are too personal.

I have learned so much, yet I have so far to go. So many things I have let go of, and yet there is so much more to do. A few things have landed in the “Give it to Jesus” box in my formator’s office. My life is not the same it was when I entered into formation. It is even not the same as when I got here in August, or even the beginning of Advent. I have changed, I have grown. Much of it may not even be in a way that is visible. HOPE carries me through. Going home soon, it will be hard to keep that. We have been told and I believe it. It is amazing to think of all that has happened in these past months. I am doing a couple of the hardest things I will ever do in my life, yet the most worthwhile. God is asking so much of me.

I live in HOPE of what Jesus’ birth gives us. I have HOPE for so much. It is HOPE that carries me through.

“Hope starts small and overtakes us.” – Jan Richardson

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Advent Conspirancy

Part one of videos used on the (mostly) 5th grade retreat.

Check out this webpage if you liked the video.

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Christmas Prayer

This prayer was given to us by one of the sisters in the community.  I strongly suggest you try it out with me!

Hail and blessed be the hour and the moment in which the Son of God was born of the most pure Virgin Mary at midnight, in Bethlehem, in piercing cold.  In the hour, O my God, hear my prayer and grant my desire, through the merits of our Savior, Jesus Christ and of His Blessed Mother.

(It is an aged-old custom in the church to say this prayer 15 times a day from Nov. 30 to Christmas and it is piously believed that whoever does so with love and devotion will receive special graces for Christmas.)

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Short List of the Adventure

Hello everyone!  I know that it has been a long time since I have posted on here and I just wanted to check in! 🙂  Right now, my brain is at partial function, so I am going to give you the run down of what happened in short version between the dates of December 17th and January 4th. 

I went for a home visit during this time span.

The first weekend I went back to Mary’s House for the third Advent Retreat.

My flight was a late flight, then it was later.

Christmas shopping last minute is always an interesting thing.

My gifts were great that I got, so thank you to everyone!

Three Christmas’ always wear you out.

I was home for New Years for the first time in a long time…that was interesting.

Shopping for things that I only got partially proved an adventure.

I got to see my friend Nicole, it was great!

I did not get to see Jocelyn…but we can skype I am sure.

Flying back was uneventful.

It is good to be back, but there is going to be a lot more for me to work on.

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