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Mary, I need you…

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Cape May Point Part Four

Yes, this post it a little late, but it has finally come. Last night was busy, so I did not have time. Here is what we have been up to.

Our rosary walk Saturday night was as it we had been doing.  We strolled about the streets of the point saying our rosary with as much Italian as we could manage by memory.

When we got back, it was as things tended to be at night, playing scrabble.  It was good.

The next morning, well…not any different.  Waking at some odd hour not wanting to look at the clock and getting into the shower just before seven.  Again, we helped with the mass Sunday morning as we did Saturday morning.  I thought it was fun.  Hopefully Jen enjoyed it too. 

From mass, we did the usual clean-up of the house.  I was assigned to the women’s bathroom.  After all that time only doing the supervisig of whateer floor, it was finally payback time.  I enjoyed it, no worries.

There was also a breakfast cooked that morning.  We had some egg bake and fruit and such.  The sad part was that there was no corn bread with applesauce and syrup.  I survived and all, don’t worry.

We decided that we would walk down to the little Catholic Church on the circle.  Ironically, we did not take a picture of it.  It was closed, so we could not go into it.  Despite how I already have these pictures, I took them again anyways.

Oh yes, we did something else.  We went to CVS so get cash.  I also walked across the street to the bakery.  Sad part there was that there were no croissants to purchase to put in my mouth.  I survived and we drove back to Mary’s Point.

We finally discovered another game to play…Skipbo!  You have to admit, that photo is pretty darn adorable and wonderful!  We are cute.  After the whole weekend we discovered this game in a drawer in the main hallway of the main house.  At least we had time to play it!  We play all the way up to dinner.

Carol invited the Marianists sisters as well as Jen and me to join her for dinner.  She got these sandwich things from a store somewhere then we pulled out some leftovers too.  There was also a salad or two.  With dinner, we had a little wine.  After dinner, ice cream and pudding!  Jen and I did the clean up of the dirty dishes since we did no preparation.  It was good to had a sit down meal with just a few people.

After dinner, Jen and I went up and half changed so that we could do our rosary walk.  Sunday night the walk took us to the beach.  It was like I was working out while trying to say the rosary.  I liked it though.  The sight was beautiful and wonderful and I could stand there and admire it forever.

When we got back, we asked one of the Marianist sisters, Sr. Nicole, to play a game with us.  We played a whole game of Skipbo!  It was wonderful.  Of course, by time we finished, it was late and there was no time to post.  I did, of course, go and print the boarding pass that is vital to having less troubles going through the airport.

Bedtime.  You know what that meant?  Scrabble!  We like playing scrabble. 

Monday morning.  Only just this morning.  We had our usual morning.  Mass was at eight.  We ate breakfast real quick and headed off to the airport.  It was a decent drive.  We hit a little traffic at the beginning, but survived.  Getting out of the car, I hugged Jen and headed off as she drove away. 

The flight was good, I arrived home early, I got picked up, sat at home a bit, went out to eat with the family at TGIF, and have been sitting around here at the house.

Wait, wait…I played scrabble with Jen!

Twas a good vacation beginning.


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Cape May Point Part Three

So, I know what you are all thinking.  What happened after the stubbed toe and such?  It was actually some very prayerful things, mostly.  Jen went to the Blessed Sacrament Chapel while I played some guitar on the porch.  As I was starting to play, someone came out and asked if I minded that he sit there and read.  I said as long as you don’t mind me singing a little off-key.  It was good and calming to play and he did not mind. 

The next adventure involved going on our rosary walk.  It was wonderful as usual.  We did the Hail Mary’s in Italian as usual and attempted the Glory Be’s.  I think we are still missing some parts, but it sounds decent enough and  God would understand.  When we finished, Jen thought it a good idea to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.  I agreed and thus we did so.  It was very good.

What was very kind was the offer to go with the group that came from Philly to have some ice cream out with them.  We declined, but it was a very gracious offer.  I think it was the guy that brought the group last year.  Maybe he is the one who brings them every year. 

So Jen and I learned something.  Our Ipods have bluetooth.  This means we can play scrabble against each other on our own Ipods.  Wonderful!  Thus we played some games before crashing to bed.  She won…of course.

This morning, we were up early as usual.  There is no surprise there.  Mass was at 8:30 for anyone who wanted to come and participate.  Beforehand Jen and I prayed the office in the Bl. Sac. Chapel.  I was asked to read for mass, aside from page turning and singing, which involved some words I am not quite sure I said right.  Either way, it was good.  I did get a little page turning happy on one song.  It was funny. 

What can I say?  I love the blue fire engine trucks.  Who wouldn’t?  I may have said before, but I am not sure.  Brother Al is the mastermind behind these.  Back when he was the Fire Chief, this was a choice he made.  I am certainly a fan.  Thus we took a picture next to one and of them.

This morning was the pancake breakfast at the firehouse.  As you can see, we ate the food faster than the thought to take a creative picture of it.  It was very good.

When we got back from that delicious food, we played some cards outside again.  This is on the wall of the side of the building.  It is the Marianist symbol that you commonly see.

This would be me laying down on my bed while we were playing scrabble with each other on our own Ipods again.  Jen won, as usual.

Being that we are eating oddly this weekend on retreat, we were all of a sudden a little more hungry.  That being how it was, we went down and found some apples.  Yum!

With the apples nearly gone, Jen and I headed out towards Cape May Point State Park.  We walk the 1.3 mile loop that could pop you out the beach if you wanted it to.  The part of the beach that we came out on was where the bunker was.  From there, we walked down the shore to the entrance/exit we use at Mary’s House.  It as a good long walk down in flip-flops then barefoot.  We got a little red in the face.  No mom, I did not use sunscreen.  We kind of forgot that one.  Don’t worry, it is not that bad this time, only some red in the face.

Haha.  Is it possible to avoid work?  Earlier in the morning, pretty much right after mass or right after eating, Fooch had me on the second floor porch hanging the flags for Memorial Day Weekend.  When we got back from our hike/walk, we were put to work cutting things out for the summer retreat.  It was not hard.  It just made me laugh!  I had offered myself for work.

We like to play games.  We play some more cards and more scrabble.  It is great.  Not to mention, all day eating chocolate and sweets.  That is bad for the mouth, I brushed my teeth an extra time. 

After that, Jen went to have some Jesus time and I hung out with my Marianist family.  It was a good time.  Dinner approached and it was the usual barbecue and drinks.  Delicious!  Guess what?  Jen and I signed up for helping to clean up.  Guess what we signed up for?  POTS!  😀  I know some people who are laughing.

After dinner, Jen went to finish some Jesus time and I played a game of cribbage with Brother Tom.  It was wonderful, even though he did surely beat me.  Jen came in around the time that we ended.  The three of us talked for a little while and then parted our ways.

Evening prayer was in the Bl. Sac. Chapel.  It was nice.  We sang the opening Hymn and the Magnificat by Lori True (has latin as the refrain).  🙂  It was good.

Now, you will find me sitting here posting.  We are planning to go for another rosary walk tonight as soon as I am done.  Thank you God for this wonderful time at the point.  Thank you for allowing me to spend it with Jen.  Peace to you all!

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Cape May Point Part Two

The last I left you was when I was heading off to Fooch’s house for dinner and some TV.  Jen decided that she would just let me go and have some retreat time to herself.  I agreed and headed off with her car.  We had chinese food and watched “So You Think You Can Dance.”  As was usual, I left around nine to head back to Mary’s House.  It was a good evening.  When I returned, Jen and I just hung out in the room talking and eating chocolate.

This morning, I had a small conversation with the girl from the last post.  We had both went to the bathroom at similar times and found ourselves washing our hands at the same time.  She asked me what time I got up this morning.  I told her I was not sure, but I knew it was early as always.  She said that she usually sets her alarm for 6am, but always wakes up at 5am. Crazy…anyone?

We ate breakfast with the groups this morning, kind of.  We more so sat outside and brought our stuff in to be cleaned.  After breakfast we went to the beach to pray morning prayer.  It was really nice to do I must say, sitting on the blanket with our prayer books looking out at the ocean.  🙂

Following, I wanted to change into uniform before going into town for mass at 11am.  On the way back downstairs to sit outside and games, I had another moment with the girl from the group here.  She commented about how she liked my necklace (my medal).  I told here it was the medal to show I was studying to be a sister.  She said cool and smiled, and we parted our ways.  🙂

Once out on the porch, Jen and I hung out playing more games of “idiot.”  It is not a bad card game, but rather quite fun.  I have heard people call versions of it “palace.”  Anyways, that is what we did, sit and play cards until we left.  Mass was pretty good, we were the youngest as would be normal for people like us. 

After mass we thought we would go for our second visit to the Fudge Kitchen.  It was a good idea.  The lady that served us yesterday was like, “were you here yesterday, I remember you.”  We bought more candies!  From there, we went to eat at one of my favorite places.

Dry dock definitely has some good fries and the burgers are yummy.  Jen and I split a pop (aka soda) as we used to do.  It was good, besides, neither of us needed a whole one on this warm day.

When we got back, we once again went to playing cards. This time we played garbage and idiot and spit (again, not as bad as it sounds).  It was a good long time we sat there in the parlor doing so.  We decided we wanted to go visit Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel.  As we were heading up, it was just before 3pm.  I had forgotten that we did an Easter stations when I was here.  It is something they do every year.  Therefore, we joined those who were doing it.  It was really nice.  After, we did our own little prayer.

At one point in the reflection, there were questions that led me to reflect on the words “Peace I leave you, my peace I give to you.”  I was thinking about how my time as an intern at Mary’s House really prepared me for my entering as a Salesian aspirant.  It was such a blessing, still is a blessing. 

After praying, we joined Brother Tom for a little music practice.  It was good.  I hope and pray that Jen really doesn’t mind playing with us.  He has a faster strum, so it was a little harder to follow him, but it will be a lot of fun!

After that, I changed and we headed out.  Of course, with more people around, it took a little to get ourselves out of the house.  Fooch’s family came, so they wanted to say hi and such.  Finally, we got ourselves to go for another walk.

On this beautiful walk to Sunset Beach and back, there were many things that we did/encountered.  We saw birds and crabs and drank smoothies for dinner.  There were definitely some beautiful opportunities for pictures of the ocean, not that I don’t have enough already.  On the way back I encountered a big rock…like the ones I love to climb on.  The rock won.  I used a receipt as a make-shift band-aid till it stopped bleeding, then I got one that is more appropriate.  Yes, I feel like sharing that with you.  It was a wonderful journey.

When we got back, we went up to our room, and then decided to update our blogs and stuff.  So, here I am now.  Oh yeah, and throughout the whole day we have been eating chocolate.  It is a wonderful thing, I must tell you.  Now, I leave you again until tomorrow evening!  Peace!

Oh yeah, do not forget to do this thing.  I do it every time I am at mass and sometimes at other times.  Ask Jesus to transform you.  It does not mean to change who you are, who God created you to be.  It means something beyond that.  Think about it.

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Cape May Point Part One

So, Jen came to pick me up from the convent to take us down to the point to Mary’s House, where I spent ten months of my life.  These pictures kind of capture what some of our time has been like.

These are from last night.  There is something about the beauty of staring into the sunset on the ocean.

Before retiring to bed, we decided that we should take a rosary walk and stroll around the point.  It was very peaceful to wander the streets at night.  Don’t worry, it is perfectly safe here.  People tend not to lock things, we never have the house locked.  It is safe.  Anyways, we did the Hail Mary’s in Italian.  The rest was in english due to our lack of memory in the other prayers.  It was a good walk.

 This morning, I was questioned by one of the girls in a group at the retreat center.  She asked me if we were up at the crack of dawn this morning.  I replied with how I typically get up at 4:45 every morning.  She then proceeded to ask me if I was becoming a nun (I wore my uniform yesterday, did not today).  I said yes.  she told me she wants to be one of them!  I told her to never forget that, there are amazing people who are out there as nuns.  We then parted.

I had a dream.  It involved shooting water in the house, the boys who are staying below us, Sr. Ramona cleaning up, me jumping through a hole in the floor down to their room, and other crazy things.  It was weird.

The giggle one reminds me of Marianne, the other one I like.

These were while in a couple of the stores.  First one: That is for all the laughing we do.  I thought of Marianne there too.  Second one:  I can think of a few people for that one.  Third one:  That is just very true.

This was our special project.  Jen and I got some postcards and a piece of driftwood to send off.  I wonder who will enjoy that loving treat in their mailbox?

In general, it has been really good to just hang out and talk and be ourselves.  This place is really another home for me and it has been wonderful to be here, as well as to share it with a good friend of mine.  Tonight we head over to the director’s house for dinner and TV.  It is a thing I miss last year.  Thursday’s were invite the intern over day.  I am glad we were welcomed over.  🙂  More later!

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The Resurrection

In class today, there was a reflective moment at the end.  It started with a song.

Afterward we were presented with a collage of pictures popping up one by one.  I had to take a picture of the projection, so bear with me on the quality.

Then we were posed these two questions for reflection. 

What photo stands out to you the most?  What about it makes it stand out?  Why does it stand out?

If Jesus were to appear to you today, what would that meeting be like?

Being that I am someone who can not always pick out one thing that stands out for me, I went with a more general approach. Also, if you know my way of reflecting, you know I love to write poetry.  Here is what came of my reflection.

Image after image before my eyes appear,

But not one in my heart lands so clear.

He who has died and risen from the dead,

I sit with at table, He reclines at the head.

We walk together this complicated journey,

Many different ways does He accompany me.

In sickness and poor, sorrow and strife;

Just as much, He comes in the best of life.

But then, do I always see Him there;

Arms open wide, ready to embrace in care?

How much, how little, do I trust in Him,

Each part of me, even the smallest limb?

Say He were to come my very way,

I wonder, to spend time with me that day.

Who really knows how it would go,

but who He is, would I be able to know?

Truly I tell you, He is always around;

He is really wanting in this to be found.

No one picture stand out, touches the heart,

But shows itself a collage, deep in my heart.


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Light the Fire of Love Flowing Within our Blood

Today was a day of many lessons, or more so the same couple of lessons, tossed my way.  With the situation of the sprained ankle, I have had to step back quite a bit to take care of it, against my own will of wanting to be a part of everything in the usual way that I am. 

Side note: I just got back from being outside for the second time because of fire alarms with no fire.  I must say…it is annoying and gives one a headache.  I had a profound thought to give you all, and it is gone. End side note.

During the afternoon, it was our once a month half day retreat.  Being as I was restricted to what I should do with a bum ankle, I spent it all in the community room with it elevated, icing on and off.

The first thing I did was sort through saint cards in this box (for those of you from RB TEC, the ones you put on the TECite tables for them to sift through).  They were all out of order, so I put them in the right order so it would be easier to find the ones you would want to look at.  As I was doing this little task, it dawned on me once again how that there are so many people that we as Catholics have to look up too and who are interceding for us.  I said a simple prayer that all the saints may intercede for me these days, one special intention for the healing of my ankle, as well as one for my vocation.

After some readjusting and changing of ice packs, I settled down to some paper, crayons, and a pencil.  This is what happened with that.  I will explain the picture after I show it.  Please make you own interpretations of it before reading on.  Because I took a photo of the picture, you may not see all aspects.  Following is the poem I wrote after having drawn the picture.

This is what I was thinking of this as I was drawing it, take is for what it is worth given the artist who has done it (that would be me).

The above images are the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Below are the different people of the world, different represented by the different colors.  The red of the cross is shown in every other image.  You can not see it so much in the people being as they are so small in the image.  There is indeed the red color, blood, in each of the symbols there. 

Blood is the Color of Love

Blood is the color of love

It dwells withing us each

Beating in the dark depths

It shows itself the same

For we are all love as one

Agape, source of being

Gift of love in our hearts

Flowing blood visibly seen

Freely given from ultimate love

That happy gloomy day

Upon the cross did love die

So that we might always live

Rush of blood to keep alive

Sacrifice of life to love

For in the Trinity blest

Blood is the color of love

With this as my closing, I hope that you have taken something from me that can lead you into prayer and reflection in your own way on what love truly is.  Sometimes we do not see it when it is even right in front of us clear as day.  Peace and prayers to you all.


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NJ to MN: The Final Day

Getting up this morning was the usual getting up of course.  The sad thing was when we went to eat the complimentary breakfast, there was no waffle maker.  The show must go on!  Anyways, we headed out for our first destination, Hannibal, MO.

In Hannibal was the birthplace of Samuel Clements (aka Mark Twain) and some places from his childhood that inspired his writings.  It was interesting to see.  We did not do any guided tours, but just looked around the place.  Here are some pictures from the town.

On our drive, we ended up going along the Mississippi and had to stop and take a couple awesome photos.  The first time we stopped to try and take photos, there was an infestation of these flying bug things.  We then moved on and stopped at the next chance provided to us.

Our final stop of visiting somewhere was in Nauvoo, IL.  Here we stopped at the Joseph Smith Historic site.  Here is a bit from the brochure.

In 1839, early members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — called “Mormons” — established this place of peace and beauty on a great bend in the Mississippi.  And then they were forced to leave.

Today Nauvoo is one of America’s premier historic communities.  It has been designated a National Historic Landmark District.  Many of the early homes, shops and public buildings have been restored or rebuilt and are open for guided tours.

Leaving there, we headed out for about a 6-7 hour drive to get from there to home in Richfield.  We stopped for gas and such as one would have to do.  Needing a pee break, we stopped at a rest stop place just before leaving Iowa into Minnesota.  Here is what it looked like.

The journey was long but good.  We saw a lot of things and did some cool things.  This ends my travel log for this journey, but of course the posting will go on as things happen in life.  🙂  Stayed tuned for videos, poems, random posts and more!  Thanks for following.  Peace!

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NJ to MN: Day 6

Today our destination took us to our first stop in St. Louis, MO.  Our time getting up this morning was in the Eastern Time Zone, but within 20 minutes of leaving, we had switched into Central Time Zone therefore we gained another hour.  Morning went as it has been, which is good for being tired when waking up!

We first stopped at the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis.  It was an amazing piece of art, made of all mosaics.  It is one of the largest collections of mosaics in the world, created by 20 different artists and covering 83,000 square feet. Here are some of the pictures from inside!

Now of course, we have to have pictures of the outside as well.  🙂

Leaving the Cathedral Basilica, we headed towards the Gateway Arch.  The line to going there was a wait, but in the end it was well worth it.  There are little words to describe the experience, so pictures will be my main communication today as you may have noticed.

That was really cool to do, that is for sure!  Would I do it again?  Sure.  🙂  When we were done with that, we hit the road again and drove until we landed where we are now.  We are staying in a Holiday Inn Express in Hannibal, MO for the night.  Tomorrow our adventure takes us to learn about Mark Twain.  It shall be fun!

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NJ to MN: Day 5

Wow…this day again consisted of a lot of driving.  We made one combination of stops today.  The morning ran as usual, heading out on the road not long until we hit our stop around Dresden, Ohio.  We first went to the welcome center and walked around town some.

We then went on to the Longaberger Homestead.  Mom was definately sure that we had to go to this, and I decided to go with it as well.  When we first walked into the Homestead, we of course had ot take a picture in a baskt, then one down either side.

Of course, you have to get a close up of the basket of apples because it looks pretty sweet

We headed to a small building to make a flower from teh wood used in making the baskets.  It was pretty cool and I am quite a fan of my flower.  Here we are making our flowers and with them when we were done.

When were done making the flowers, we headed over the factory and warehouse.  There we took a tour of the plant, even seeing things we were not supposed to see like baskets coming out at Christmas (it was a cool looking one!) and the sliver of a peek to a room where they design baskets (though you could not see in).  The tour was neat and it was only five dollars a person.  After the tour we wandered the shopping area in the factory before we did the awesome thing of the day.  We made our own baskets!  🙂  Of course, we had a little help and such.  Here are some pictures of us making them and with them afterwards.

I was back and forth on making a basket because I was not sure what I could use it for.  The start of the day was me looking at small ones to use, but I waited to see what was to come.  I ended up convincing mom that see should do it, which in turn meant convincing myself to do one.  It was well worth it and I like my basket.  When we left there, we headed out.  On our way out and back on the road again, we stopped at the headquarters for the Longaberger Baskets.

From then, we drove straight until we hit the hotel.  On the drive it was raining a good amount.  The funny part was that to the left of us was a lot of rain.  To the right of us you saw this.

So, right before we got the where we planned to stop, a little light came on my dashboard.  You want to know what they light was? It was the gas empty light!  Ha, well…my car made it a few miles until we hit the next exit and we went straight to the closest gas station.  After filling up and scolding ourselves for not realizing the gas meter, we headed out for about twenty minutes to our distination.  Tonight we have landed ourselves at a Best Western in Terre Haute, Indiana.  Today is Thurday, or at least for about 40 more minutes.  Tomorrow after a very short time, maybe even ten minutes, we switch back into central time zone, which will be weird for me.  The plan is to arrive home late on Saturday.  I do have a meeting to go to, which means I should start working on the talk/meditation…yay!  More tomorrow!

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