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Live the Dream

Here is a video that I think all of you should see!  It puts such hope and yearning in one’s soul, among other things as well!

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One Thing Remains

I heard this song for what I think was the first time this past Saturday.  It struck something very deep in me and I have finally decided to share it.  It is called “One Thing Remains,” by Jeremy Riddle.

“Your love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me.”  How beautiful is that!?  It never ceases to amaze me when somethign stricks me like this.  Who else could put that passion and love in me other than God?  Sigh…things like this are wonderful reminders of the purpose of my life and who I am to turn to at all times.

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Psalm 23

This video was shown to us in scripture class today.

It really struck something deep in me when I was watching and listening.  I am not really sure that I could put words to what I was feeling, but I love this so much.  The pictures of nature, the words pf prayer, the music…it is all so very beautiful.

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Saints full of Fervor

Last night brought joy to my life.  During the goodnight, Sr. Sandra used a song that we had used during our ICF class that day.  It fits along the lines of All Saints Day.  The title is “The Saint that is just Me” and it is by Danielle Rose.

Following the good night, we sat around the table talking and singing and listening to music from Sr. Sandra’s computer.  During chores, the music continued and the joy permeated from us all.  There was such spirit in the house like you could never imagine.  I felt so at home in those moments.  These words do not even do any of it justice. 

This morning we got to have prayer a little later due to the school mass.  When we sat down to eat breakfast, Sr. Sandra asked if we could sense the fervor in the room.  I could tell there was something different things morning and special.  The morning continued beautifully with a wonderful school mass.  It is amazing what the Lord will do when we all trust in Him

We are all saints, don’t you forget it.  Make sure you live your life worthy of the title of saint at all times.

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Loaves and Fishes

This video was used for the opening prayer at our ICF class today.  It really struck me and think many of you would enjoy it.  It is a really good one for retreats and reflections. 

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I know that I post a lot of music on my blog, which is odd for one who does a lot of writing herself.  Sometimes though, the words of music are enough to move me and can reach me in a unique way.  There was something about this song, like most of the ones that I post.  Please enjoy and don’t be afraid to comment!

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Holding On

This song is titled “Hold On” and it is by the band Abandon.  Reflection to follow.

How many people do you think we encounter in the day that need someone to tell them to hold on and that they will pray for them?  It could be someone you know who is very close to you or someone you have never met.  Think about it as you go about your day.  It is the simplest things that could turn someone away and into further darkness, or it the simplest things that could guide someone back to the light with hope.  Maybe this is you reaching out for something or someone to hold on to.  I’ll pray for you, and I am sure someone else will too without you even knowing it.  Just hold on, and you can make it through or help someone to make it through.

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