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Continuing the Journey

Hello once again!  I have decided that while I value and hold close the journey I have shared here on this blog (which I started eactly three years ago…three, holy number, that’s right), I have started a new blog to continue to sare in my journey.  I beg you, please come and join me over there to keep sharing in the journey of life.  Thank you for all the comments and support you have given me thus far in my life!  There is still so much to learn, so I will see you all later and more often once again!


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Coming Back

For those who follow me more often, you may have noticed I dissapeared for a while.  The journey that I have traveled since I have come back to my parents house from living in religious formation has been one that is taking over my life.  While there have been some ups, I have lived in mostly downs.  The thing I have realized is that I do have a couple great people to help me stay on track.

All this being said, I am trying to jump back into the blogging world.  I am not sure what will be posted, though I do have some ideas.  Part of the plan may include restarting a new blog to just start over, though I am not so sure yet.  Just be on the look out!  There is another blog that I am a part of that I may try to get running again.  Please stick around and join me once again on this journey of faith.  Tomorrow I start up once more!


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