12 Sep

A little while ago, we took a trip to the zoo.  When we were looking at the monkeys, I caught a glance of a quote on the wall.  I was so in awe of it that I had to jot it down, that is, jot in the sense of a modern person in the sense of typing it into my iPod.  Regardless, here is it in all its beauty.

“When one tugs on a single things in nature, he finds it connected to the rest of the world.” John Muir

WOW! Others may not see this as I do, but it makes no difference to me.  There is something beautiful in this line that draws me to dig deeper into its meaning.  Just the idea of a great connectedness makes my shiver.  I see this not only in the complexity of nature that I adore being immersed in so much, but in the faith that drives me through those hard things I  have been through and still am going through now.

Sometimes I just want to throw away and run away from the faith that has kept me all together.  Sometimes what is happening within me seems stronger than any faith could ever handle.  The thing is, all I need is one little something of faith.  Even the tiniest glimmer to hold on to is enough.  It is like the quote says.  All I need to do is tug on even the smallest bit of faith and it will connect me to so much love and hope and faith that will keep me moving.  If only it was as easy as it sounds.  The best thing is, all need is that little bit, the rest will come…even if it takes what seems like forever to get there.

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Posted by on September 12, 2012 in Inner Reflection


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