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All I Want to Do

Upon leaving the formation program with the sisters, most of my life had this feeling of falling apart.  Deep down I still have that draw to only live my life for God.  I was given a list of things I need to do while away from the sisters, for I am able to return one day when I reach a certain goals put out for me.  When having to live my life doing things my heart is not in, it becomes difficult to stay standing and do what I must do.  In the end of the day I just need to remember and hold close to the fact that all I want to do is live my life for God.  What will I do to make sure that it keeps happening, that I don’t forget what is most important and that I hold on to what God wants of me?


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Yesterday evening I went to an evening retreat to kick off the Year of Faith with Regnum Christi.  I was invited by someone who saw me going to mass everyday and happened to walk out of mass at the same time as me.  There was a speaker, Lucy Honner, who I found very interesting as she spoke about faith and what the Holy Father says about it.  I even got some notes from it!  She took the word ‘faith’ and broke it to five different sections on what faith must be.  I will share with you what I came back with.  The notes were chicken scratch…perhaps they will make sense to you!

F – Firm Foundation

Faith the rock of my life.

Faith my guiding principle.

Don’t just know and believe in Jesus, believe in His message.

Read Hebrews 11.

Actions of faith must be done with more intent.

Be and sustain.

Faith must become firmer and stronger.

A – Alive and Active

Faith is not passive and for ourselves only.

Gift from God, share and proclaim.

Faith evolves and grows, we must maintain it.

Keep the faith real.

Must leave an impression to others of my witness of faith.

I – Informed

Need exact knowledge of the faith.

Don’t be satisfied with limited information.

Pay attention to the content of our faith.

Remain up to date with realities of faith.

It is hard work, it costs, but opens outr minds.

receive and integrate.

T – Tested and Trialed

Faith is a gift to us, but we will be tested.

Can’t just make faith happen with good intent and good deeds.

Acceptance of ordinary things.

Embracing persecutions.

Read James 1.

Letting go, open to grace.

H – Heroic

Must be a hero of the faith.

World needs witnesses.

Be unafraid to stand up and stand out.

Risk and sacrifice own life knowing God’s presence and that He has a plan.

Faith is assurance of things hoped for.

Often times can be uncomfortable.

Be heroic in the way we pray.

Be heroic in ordinary ways.

Be heroic in relationships with others.

Be heroic in humility.

Be heroic in forgiveness.

Be heroic in the way we are called to serve.

Our creed is a summons and a charge to us.  It is like a national anthem

I hope you can find something that strikes your being in these notes.  I know they are not the best, but it is more than I usually get.  For reading on the Year of Faith, check out the Pope’s Apostolic Letter on the Year of Faith.  It will be good reading I am sure!

So, is your faith as strong and informed as it could be?  What will you do in this year of faith to strengthen yourself in our Lord?

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A Day for Mary

Many times yesterday, reminders of todays feast of the Solemnity of The Assumption of Mary came across my way.  I guess when I got up this morning in a rush to change and get out the door to mas on time, I forgot.  Best part was showing in only capris, a t-shirt from a Casting Crowns concert, and old shoes.  This while everyone else looks at least a bit more decent than I did in my unshowered just woke up looking self.  At first, I felt very ackward looking as I did although I have been coming to mass like that on a normal weekday.  Some people looked at me like I was way out of place, even though I come more often than most.  That does not tell a person how much faith they have, I know.  After going to receive communion, I did not pay attention to the fact I was not looking the best.

I am one who likes to be dressed up and look my best for Jesus, most especially on bigger feast days and definitely on days celebrating Mary.  Perhaps this is because of the past two years of my life and how my faith has grown.  In the end, today is a ay all about Mary and I feel very blessed to be able to go to mass today.  I could have sworn that when we sang, I heard other voices more beautiful than I have heard in a long time.  This seemed to be more when just the cantor was singing, the random people who knew what was being sung, and no one else.  It sounded like a full choir in my heart.  It was very beautiful.

Upon leaving mass, I had a brilliant thought.  Donuts!  I went to the grocery store and brough home donuts for us to eat, even though I was the only one who really celebrated the day.  My sisters greatly delighted in the fact they got donuts.   I guess that is good enough for me.

Mary, please be with me.  I need to you more than I have ever needed you before.


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Riddle of Prayer Asking

There are moments in life where one really does not want to ask for the prayers of another not matter what, but those happen to be the moments when one needs them the most.  Even when one asks, one can still feel very alone and very gone.  Then one has to think, one would feel that way if one did not ask for prayers instead.  In the end, it can’t hurt for one to ask another for prayers, even if one technically did not ask but merely implied.

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Missing Mass

Living in a convent, one goes to mass and receives Jesus every single day.  It is one of the greatest blessings in the world.  Now that I am out of the convent, I still try to go to mass every single day.  Recently, I must admit, it has not happened a few times.  I know, three times in the last two weeks to miss is not a big deal…nor is only going to mass only 5 times in 3 weeks when in Italy.  This would be, of course, to the common person.  To me, it was kind of odd.  I got used to not going daily while in Italy, but I saw enough churches to satisfy me.

At home though, I missed Sunday and Monday of last weekend, and today (Sunday).  Last weekend, it almost didn’t bother me.  When I went to bed Monday night, I didn;t even set an alarm so that perhaps I would oversleep and miss mass.  God, of course, woke me up in enough time just get dressed and run out the door.  The reading (whatever it was) spoke to me that day.  Today missing again didn’t really phase me, but inside somewhere I felt it.

The Eucharist is the source and summit of my Catholic faith.  It is beautiful and blessed.  I have never understood why I was drawn to Jesus and why I believe in what the Catholic Church claims as true, but I do.  It is what I am pulled toward and think about.

How is something I find so important, so hard to hold onto as a backbone in these difficult times when I need my faith more than I perhaps have ever before?

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Misunderstood and Different

Ever say or do something that was completely interpreted the wrong way?  Ever was not able to make yourself clear and understood?  Ever not even understand yourself?  Ever been told you are wrong without a second thought?  Ever felt like you were smashed to the ground, perhaps for being different in some way, shape, or form?  This is where I find myself quite often these days.  It is amazing how the sight of one can be so far off the sght of another.  There are times where incidents like these happen by sheer accident.  There are times where incidents like these happen for lack of even trying.  There are times where incidents like these happen because the other must be right and on top.  Of course, there are many other reasons that things like this can happen.  Do others see this happening in the world?

What are the effects of this on a person?  It tends to be more than one usually thinks it is.  Like I said in the last post, our language (verbal and non-verbal) have such powerful influence on the people around us.  We lack the ability to listen.  Then, not only if we listen, but then do we take in and consider what is being said to us?

How does someone respond to something like this in their life?

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Only Sounds

One thing that has always amazed me is language.  This has especially hit me on my trip to Italy.  I had the advantage of having studied italian while with the sisters in formation, therefore I was able to understand a decent amount though I struggled to speak.  The thing is, that did not stop me from understanding the other.

I spent so much time in my travels, including the airport, listening to the sounds that people make creating words.  How is it that we came to speak as we did in all the different ways that we do?  It was so beautiful to just marvel at the languages that I heard.

When people do not understand fully the other, the non-verbal interactions came out strong.  Just the simple smile and other gestures make all communication possible.  Again, it was beautiful.  As I traveled and saw the sights of Italy that I did see, I also looked at people and how they responded to the holy places and gorgeous places that we saw.  There is just something different in that which I really love.

Sometimes it is not really the sounds we make out of our mouths that make the difference and truly touch another, but we can’t disredit the words as well.  How we speak, verbally and no-verbally, makes a difference in the lives of those around us.  Seeing the beauty of language in many forms while traveling to holy places inspires me to be aware of how I am as well.  It also gives me a deeper respect for thedifferent languages, verbal and non-verbal.  What power we hold.  What do we do with it?

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The Perfect Quote

It has been quite a while since I have posted here on my blog and there is so many things that I could share with all of you.  In brief, this is what is new.  I am not with the sisters but plan on going back if God really wants me there; there are many things I need to work on and bars I need to reach.  I have gone to Italy for three weeks to stay with my aunt.  Actually, only two really big things.  It is hard for me to be living with my parents as I am ready to be out and doing God’s will for me, but it is the step I need to take to move on.  Also known as, I am looking for a job.  In the middle of all of this, there is a lot of reflection and prayer trying to figure out where my life is going in this moment.

Okay, so I was looking around for a quote to post as my status and I came across this one. It actually is so very perfect for this blog, the title of it, and in all essence of it…me.  Here it is.

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”
— Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Amazing, huh?  I thought so.  Sometimes it is very hard ot believe, but it is true if I step back and look at everything in my life.  I am trying to find myself out of the depths in the midst of keeping myself from falling further.  It is perfect and what I need to remind myself of the good things to come.

With that, be asured that there will be more postings and reflections stemming from since I have been home (May 16th) and elsewise.  God bless you all.  I am happy to be back in this realm. 🙂

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